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Higher gas prices have drivers shopping around

READ MORE: Higher gas prices have drivers shopping around

AAA says more drivers and higher fuel standards are responsible for the increase in summer gas prices, but don't expect the cost to come close to last year's record high.

“It seems like every holiday, gas prices just start sky rocketing,” said Mack Walker.

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, it's no different this year. Across the country, the cost of gas is up 25 cents per gallon since May first; the national average has hit $2.31.

In North Carolina and Wilmington the average is a little lower at $2.27. AAA Carolinas says the price increase is a matter of more cars on the road.

“A lot of it is just the demand, and then we'll tend to see right after memorial weekend the prices will drop a little bit.” A 25-cent increase per gallon at the pump means it will cost you about $3.75 more each time you fill up a 15-gallon tank.

While drivers say it hasn't affected their daily routine, it has meant they've cut back on their travel. “Vacation wise, you know we used to go from here to Florida, that's not been the case lately,” said Jackie Calvery.

Still with gas prices expected to top out around $2.50 per gallon this summer, AAA expects more drivers to hit the highways. With prices up and the economy already struggling, people are more willing to shop around for cheap gas prices.

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This is nothing new

Gasoline prices ALWAYS rise at this time of year, as refiners are switching from Winter to Summer blends. This requires short-term shutdowns at refineries, but that is enough to cause spot shortages that increase prices across the board. There are over seventy distinct blends that vary by region, state, and time of year. Instead of blaming the oil companies, try placing the blame where it belongs - on the governmental agencies that require refiners to jump through hoops.


we all know the reason fuel prices are going up. For heavens sake, admit it..tourist season is right around the corner and you want to take advantage of them. Heck...fine, do it but do it honestly. At least it isn't $4 a gallon...sorry POS.

Not only do I shop around

Not only do I shop around for cheaper gas prices, I also do most of my shopping online. I understand this may hurt the local businesses some, but I've got to do what is best for me.

Stop Trading

Its time for our government to stop the trading of of fuel and power in the stock markets. This is the real reason for the increases of price. The countries selling the fuel have not increased there prices. It costs about $2 to $3 dollars for a barrel to get it out of the ground. They retail it at around $40. Check this Sixty Minute article. Its all about stock futures.

Karl? Is that you?

Your idea was tried in the Soviet Union. China tried it and abandoned it. The only people who still believe in it are North Korea and Cuba. The actual cost to get a barrel out of the ground varies by company. A few years ago it cost Exxon $4, it cost Amerada Hess $14. Production cost, however, is independent of sale value....because if YOU own the oil, you sell it for whatever the market will bear. I then have a right to "pre-purchase that oil" from you, and sell that contract when the price has climbed sufficiently for me to make a profit. It's called free enterprise...

Change We Can Believe In...

Higher gas prices with no outside influence, other than OPEC wanting to raise prices, Washington spending billions with no regard as to how the money will ever get re-paid, North Carolina cutting teacher's pay, forcing mandatory days off with no pay, without taking a paycut themselves, every regulatory agency raisng prices, and/or premmiums for their services, businesses clsoing down, jobs by the thousands being lost...WOW!!!! It is definitly change, just not sure about the "...we can believe in" part!!!!!