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Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated at Bradley Creek Elementary

READ MORE: Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated at Bradley Creek Elementary
It is the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month, and one local elementary school is recognizing the increasing Hispanic population by embracing it. The Spanish language is just a small part of what Bradley Creek Elementary school students learned during Hispanic Heritage Month. They also learned to celebrate the Spanish culture. The students participated in a Hispanic heritage parade featuring different Hispanic nations that they've spent the month learning about. This awareness is important as the Hispanic population continues to boom. According to Yanet Diaz, a member of the UNCW center for diversity, in the past 10 years the Hispanic population has increased 600 percent in North Carolina. There are 10,000 Hispanics living in Wilmington alone. "There definitely is the language barrier which I think seems to be the major issue," Diaz said. "It's very difficult if you get stopped by a cop and he only speaks English and you're a Hispanic who only speaks Spanish." "If you're an immigrant whether it be work permit or work visa to permanent residency you have that issue that you cannot impact which candidate is elected. You may have concerns over your immigration status but you don't have that right to vote however whoever is elected does have a great deal of influence that will impact your immigration status. The opportunity to travel to their country freely to be able to import and export goods from their countries, immigration laws," stated Diaz This change in the area's fabric means challenges and possible changes. Vote in next elections, not being able to vote, and legal status are all important issues. So as the future of many Hispanics lies in the future, awareness of the needs and Heritage of the population continues to rise.

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How Could

Hispanic Heritage Month overlook a significant side issue of Hispanics in our society. Look at the October 8 articles on this website. An illegal immigrant from Mexico pleaded guilty in a Charlotte Federal Court to bringing illegal immigrant women and girls into this country for the purpose of offering them for paid sex. In other words, he was an illegal immigrant pimp putting illegal immigrant women and girls, from Mexico and Honduras, to work on the streets of Charlotte and Washington, DC. Offering Sex for Money. If you're going to focus on Hispanic Heritage, here's a seamy side of it. Why not include that. Another reason to tighten our Borders. If anyone can rationally defend his actions, I look forward to reading your words here. Please don't say this is an isolated incident. If you read the newspapers and watch television, you know it is far more common than our politically correct society would like to admit.

Negativity of a race

If you want to talk about the negativity of a race, why don't you discuss who's race used the 2 nuclear bombs in human history, who kept an slavery system for centuries, who have more serial killers as a race, who fights to keep a flag that carries a lot of blood in it? Please the mistake of some could not be exploited the way you are doing it.

and your point is

If you were making a point, you failed. What in the world are you alluding to?

The Real Issue

with so many of our populace, including me, is the expectation that we adapt our society and language to accomadate the immigrants. Sorry folks, that just does not cut it. Immigrate to Mexico, you learn Spanish. They don't expect their citizens, government officials, or police to learn English. The same holds true for every other country in the world. If you want to immigrate and live there, you need to learn THEIR language and adopt THEIR culture and habits. Why should I, and every other citizen in this country, be expected to learn Spanish? If immigrnats want to live in our country, let them learn English. Let them learn American History and Civics. Let them take a Citizenship test and become a citizen. That was the expectation our Government had for so many years. Look at all the immigrants who came through Ellis Island; did the things required of immmigrants; learned OUR language; took classes in American History and Government; passed citizenship tests and took the oath of citizenship; and became hard working and productive Americans. Why is that too much to expect in today's society from those who wish to enter our Country and partake of all it has to offer?

People's Acceptance of Others

Unfortunately the responses written to this story are a testament to where we are in our acceptance of others. It is sad to say that after all this time since desegregation that we are still so divided. It is true that there are a lot of illegal immigrants in this country. If there are people that are here illegally then the laws of our land should be respected and they should be deported unless or until they follow the proper procedures to be in this country. This has nothing to do with a racial issue, this is a "respect for our laws issue". I do not believe, however, that this story had anything to do with the illegal immigrant problem. What it was discussing is learning an appreciation for another culture that makes up a large portion of our country. Some people brought up "Black History Month" and stated who is this necessary. I guess I would respond with a question. Have you looked in your child's history book lately to see how many African American or Hispanic Americans or even NATIVE AMERICANS are found in those history books. The reality is that the "history" that is taught in schools is mostly European American History. Should we only study Native American history since they are the only TRUE Americans by a lot of your definitions? The reason for the Hispanic Heritage Month is to break down the racism by educating these young people about one another. Many times prejudice is a result of fear because of ignorance. Maybe if the schools are able to teach our next generations about different cultures it will break down some of the biases that are so obvious when reading the comments that some have posted. I still pray for the day that people will see past the color of skin and judge them based upon the content of their character. It is so unfortunate that we are still so far from Dr. Martin Luther King's dream. Many people never learn about the contributions of other cultures to our society and never embrace the differences that make this country great.

I don't understand why this

I don't understand why this country has to pander to other cultures. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but we are the UNITED STATES. Once your here (legally) you're an American, with no precursor. It's fine to remember your past and appreciate it, but don't force it on the rest of us. Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, if we had a White History Month it'd be racist. We need to have an American History month and be proud to live in this great country. God Bless the USA

10 months

the reason why should not be a White Heritage month is because there is 10 other months for that.


NOW you just look stupid! When do we see the schools throw up posters with WHITE HERITAGE MONTH on them? When do we have parades with WHITE HERITAGE written on banners....the answer is..WE DON'T...

Stop talking, your looking

Stop talking, your looking real ignorant. The US is proud of its diversity. So am i.

Thank you good neighbor!

Goodneighbor- when people like you say what you have, it makes me proud to call myself an American. There is intelligent life out there after all!

More Balkanization

Sorry, but this is just silly. I want my child learning math, science, and English, not being force-fed all this diversity nonsense. The UNCW Center for Diversity has managed to generate an unbelievable amount of hostility and tension in its short lifetime. Keep up the good work!

Have you even been there?

Have you ever been to the UNCW Diversity office? I have. So my question is; what hostility and tension have they caused? Where are the "unbelievably" negative products of their efforts? It is people like you and comments such as yours that bring to light the amount of racism, injustice, hostility and tension that "already exists" among people against other cultures- not just towards Hispanics. By the way, the whole "diversity non-sense force-fed" to American children isn't the reason why they rank almost last world wide in education; it's actually their narrow-minded parents with no culture, diverse education or sophistication that ultimately want to stay in their protective "bubble" and keep those poor children in their with them. Congratulations- you are officially a racist! Keep up the "ignorant" work!

Whats wrong with picture

Is it not hispanics that came to the USA. Should they not appreciate us.Did they not come here for Jobs,Better Houses,and of course free medical.The lady talking on the news did not want to talk about illegles that are here.I do not think my tax money should pay for teachers to learn children to appreciate latinos. I thought we were Americans if you live in America.From a hard working tax paying American.

Excuse me, but I have never

Excuse me, but I have never had a teacher "learn" me anything, however I have been taught many things in school including how to appreciate and respect the cultural differences and ideals that had shaped America. While everyone is shouting that Latino, and specifically in this region, Mexican, people are taking over "our jobs", "our schools", stealing "our taxes" why don't you open a book or talk to a history teacher and "learn" a little about the history of this country and the repeated racism that has accosted every large scale immigration in its history. "Irish need not apply", "No Italians", ect. Or maybe just look at the genocide that was used to "create" this country against its native inhabitants. Don't get wrong, I love this country and I love the potential it has and the potential that it gives to the people that make it up, I just think that the rose colored ethnocentrism needs to stop.

You gotta be kidding...

"It's very difficult if you get stopped by a cop and he only speaks English and you're a Hispanic who only speaks Spanish." "You may have concerns over your immigration status but you don't have that right to vote however whoever is elected does have a great deal of influence that will impact your immigration status" You gotta be kidding me. Just because you show up in this country legally or illegally doesn't mean we have to adapt to your culture and language. It should be the other way around. No wonder our schools do a poor job at teaching, they're too busy with stuff like this to teach reading, writing and math. Here LEGALLY, no problem but I'm sick of the ILLEGALS and the Hispandering to them.

Did you even understand the premise?

The interview was regarding barriers that people face. About problems that exist. Unfortunately, what was not mentioned was that it's not just issues with Hispanics, but with many other minorities also. I think the premise was about an increase of Hispanics and their "struggle to adapt" NOT them coming here and making anyone adapt to them. And for those ignorant to U.S. "tax" law for all those "tax paying americans" you all call yourself- guess what- the Hispanic here legally ALL pay Uncle Sam his dues, and moreover, as a Hispanic and "tax paying american" as well, I don't want MY "taxes" squandered on illegals with no appreciation for this country either, or on a ridiculous war costing hundreds of american soldiers lives, or benefits such as Welfare and foodstamps for people "OF ANY RACE" that refuse to go out and actually work for a living. I suggest you learn to decipher and prioritize issues of urgency and significance that pertain to your everday lives rather than continuing to promote the ideal that a "tax paying, hard working american" doesn't include the many "LEGAL" immigrants in this country from all over the world. Welcome to the 21st century friend!

Oh, I understand the premise

Some of their "struggle to adapt" would go away if they learned English and the laws of this country. These folks were struggling in their own country so they came here and now want us to adapt to them. You wrote, "I suggest you learn to decipher and prioritize issues of urgency and significance that pertain to your everyday lives rather than continuing to promote the ideal that a "tax paying, hard working American" doesn't include the many "LEGAL" immigrants in this country from all over the world. Welcome to the 21st century friend". And I suggest to you that you read the part where I said " here legally, no problem". By the way, the many millions of illegal aliens here from Mexico do effect my everyday life and taxes. Being in the 21st century doesn't mean we have to like our children being force fed Hispanic culture from the UNCW diversity hypocrits.

Hispanics are the least of your worries...

I don't want my tax dollars going to illegal immigrants either; but the truth of the matter is that I am a legal permanent resident in this country and this ignorant, racist hag Nicole said "If you don't like what your tax dollars are being spent on, go back to where you were. I'm sure that wasn't your favorite place either." That is a racist, inappropriate comment because this whole issue IS about EVERYONE'S tax dollars and how these funds are supposedly being swquandered on illegals. So basically, even after becoming legal, EVEN after become a U.S. citizen- as long as you are NOT WHITE the "Go back to where you came from" statement will always be thrown back in my face-regardless; probably about as much as the "N" word is still used today because the forms of hatred ingrained in this country are so deep and profound. I also suggest you take a trip to your nearest "Diversity hypocrits" because I'd love to see how WHITE AMERICA will react to a Black President or even a Women VP (Oh wait, she's still acceptable because she's white). Well, if you think the illegal Hispanic situation is "dire" and of upmost concern above all else- just wait after January...your kids may end up being force-fed things about "other forms of diversity" that will make you beg the teachers to bring back the "Mexican hat dance". Good luck.

Not quite

I'm a mixed racial person. The only reason I state this is so that you will take me a bit more seriously. I like how you make sweeping judgements that just because you're a Hispanic immigrant that is legal, that everyone is. Just look in the news about how many Hispanic immigrants come here illegally and then cause traffic accidents, etc. I am in no way stating that this is caused by just Hispanics, but it is the overwhelming amount. Your tax dollars and mine should be going to standing up as an American citizen, not trying to stop illegal immigrants from killing American citizens in car accidents, etc. Not many people agree with the war, that's obvious, but do you have to be so un-American to compare that to illegal immigrants causing tension in our own country? If you don't like what your tax dollars are being spent on, go back to where you were. I'm sure that wasn't your favorite place either. I agree with celebrating nationalities, but I believe each and every nationality should be celebrated in schools if they are going to do one. Black history month is great, but a whole month?? It's great to learn how black people came ahead while they were behind. But there have been groups everywhere that have done similar things. Please at least touch base with the other nationalities.

Once again, totally off track.

First of all, define mixed racially; because you don't seem to grasp the concept of "mixed" anything. Secondly, traffic accidents? Are you serious? Can you at least try to make a more plausible case for yourself? I passed no "sweeping judgment" of any kind and furthermore am much more qualified than you to speak in terms of legal and illegal immigration because that happens to be the reality that I've lived with my whole life. Next, the media has a way of producing more pieces of fiction rather that fact and basing themselves on skewed statistics that have so many people confused and ignorant on this and many other pressing issues. And forgive me for being so "un-American" that I care more about American lives lost to war, the economy's impact on our country and its citizens, and the possibilities of increasing international relations in order to help bring in revenue instead of tightening borders. Like I said; priorities first. DO NOT presume to tell me to "go back to where I'm from" simply because I am concerned with how tax monies are spent- THAT is every Americans right to do so unless you have communist tendencies. I am truly embarrassed by your ignorance and ethnocentrism. You obviously missed the point of the argument and replied with ridiculous stats about car accidents, claiming that the tension in this country is a more correlated with Hispanic/Latino immigration rather than the many other issues some of which I touched base on. My advice, YOU need to touch base with other nationalities and educate yourself properly. I seriously doubt you will ever tell an African-American that they're "month" is too long and proceed to tell a Hispanic person to "go back were they came from" unless by continuing to hide behind print.

Only with Latinos

Hey people, there is Jewish parades, Italian Parades, Irish Parades, ONLY when in the news the word Latino/Hispanic comes around you guys make a big issue of it, come on, your're going to have the first black president soon or at least the first Woman as VP. All the European countries with multi-lingual societies are doing pretty good socially and economically, the English language should be learn by anybody that wants to ease their living in USA, but is a situation were some people tried and tried but just can't learn it, I have many friends that tried to learn other language and simplistically they just can't, Previous education is also a factor but those who have low education levels are the ones working agriculture a job NOBODY wants to do now.

Actually, Europe is having problems

Belgium, for example, is having a mini-civil/cultural war between the Dutch speaking North and French speaking South. They hate each other. Closer to the situation here, the UK, France, and Germany are all trying to figure out what to do about HUGE populations of immigrants who have come from North Africa, the Mideast, and South-Central Asia, and refuse to integrate into British, French, and German society. They're overloading the social support networks (so much so that several EU nations have restricted benefits to discourage further arrivals) and making demands on society that the natives are simply finding intolerable. The bottom line is that when you emigrate to another country, you should want to join THEM, not expect them to start pandering to your wants.

Now you know

This is how cultural wars are waged. The Muslims are taking over Europe, and the Latinos are taking over America. At the cost of your tax dollars. Obama wants your money to go to their education welfare and health-care. You get nothing but a tax nightmare. Raise your hand if you have a problem with handing out money to those that do not deserve it!

Hispanic diversity awareness

"...the English language should be learn by anybody that wants to ease their living in USA, but is a situation were some people tried and tried but just can't learn it..." There are several solutions to this problem: 1) try a different teaching method than the one that failed; or 2) hire a 24-hr-a-day/365-day-a-year interpreter so that you no longer face a language barrier. Because there are many people who have tried and tried to learn Spanish but just can't learn it......

Hi Ann

Hey Ann, I would be happy to teach you Spanish, French, Portugese or Italian. Most of those people can't afford a 24hr/365day tutor- can you? However, if people come together, teach each other, become more open minded and willing to learn; the language barrier would cease to exist. I'm Hispanic, and an immigrant- but I speak five languages including English of course. I say if I can do it, so can anyone else who applies themselves. See, we don't all "fit" into the stereotype White America has stigmatized us with. In any case, Thank you, Gracias, Merci, Grazie and Obrigado!

Language barrier

Tax Paying Hispanic - I don't seriously expect anyone - Hispanic, American, Taiwanese, German, whatever - to hire a 24-hr interpreter. My comments were intended to imply heavy sarcasm, which I attempted to point out by turning around the original poster's statement that they knew lots of people who had 'tried and tried' to learn English but just couldn't because it was too difficult. I understood that to mean that the poster felt native residents should make more effort to learn Spanish because many in the Hispanic community found English too tough to learn - and I found that to be a terribly hypocritical stance. And while I appreciate your thanking me in five languages (four of which I would have known even without your ID'ing them), I don't appreciate your assumptions that I have stereotyped anyone. That makes you no less guilty than those you've accuse.

In other words...

I guess you just got a taste of what its like to be misunderstood, your words misconstrude, and being misjudged. In this interview, Hispanics were NOT trying to force their language or culture on anyone. If you feel that way- be specific and stop generalizing. And when using sarcasm be aware that it doesn't make you a credible speaker; it actually takes that credibilty away from your point- that's just rhetoric.

Good answer

Excelente amigo