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Community leaders discuss racial issues, crime

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Community leaders are coming together to study the history of race in Wilmington. Some of the topics will include how race has affected politics, our school system, and crime. District Attorney Ben David said the majority of the murder cases on his desk right now involve 'black on black' crime, which is one of the topics community leaders plan to tackle. Veronica Murphy is tired of seeing crime tape in her Creekwood neighborhood. She is even more frustrated with seeing young black men arrested for a crime. “So many of them have nothing to do, no one to turn to with their issues or their problems, that the only thing they know to turn to is the streets,” said Murphy. Just this week, two seventeen-year-old boys were arrested and charged with murdering a white woman in Creekwood. District Attorney Ben David said black on white crime is rare in New Hanover County. “People tend to victimize people that look like themselves,” stated David. David said he has 31 pending murder cases on his desk, 27 of them deal with black on black crime - and that problem is growing. “The violence that we see in the streets it's not a white issue, it's not a black issue it's a human issues and it requires community response,” David said. Every Thursday for the next six weeks, police officers, educators, community leaders, residents and even some people who have been in trouble with the law before will gather at Williston Middle School. They will discuss the role of race in politics, education and crime. District Attorney Ben David is taking the course and hopes it will bring the community together to take action against crime. “These are all of the communities children and everyone needs to care about it and I think this is a very good start,” said David. Veronica Murphy hopes it will eventually change the view sees in her neighborhood. “Remember it takes a village to raise a child,” said Murphy. So far, 200 people have signed up for the racial history class. There is still room for more. The six-week session costs $75. It starts tomorrow at 6:30 p.m., in the auditorium at Williston Middle School.

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racial suggestion

i think ben david should go back on the past and look at how many caucasion's have killed people it's not a "black" thing. to me it sounds like he have a thing against black don't hate each other so he should'nt put it out like that bc we are taking it the wrong way. and if he keep talking like that im going to sue him for violating my segagrational rights!!!!

and if he keep talking like

and if he keep talking like that im going to sue him for violating my segagrational rights!!!! What exactly those be?

Are you serious??? Sue him

Are you serious??? Sue him for what stating the truth, the statistics show the rate of “black on black” crime. Segregation is some what a thing of the past. When is the race card going to stop being pulled out every time a white person has something to say? I mean I could understand if he didn’t have the statistics to back his statement up.

you're the reason

See, this is one rason we're afraid to speak up. Because folks like you think only one way. We're afraid to get sued. That's ok, after all, youre making a name for yourselves... all by yourselves. Can you not see that?

racial class

“So many of them have nothing to do, no one to turn to with their issues or their problems, that the only thing they know to turn to is the streets,” said Murphy." Lets see...How about they GET A JOB like the rest of us ! No one to turn too with problems? That would be because their parents are nowhere to be found ? “Remember it takes a village to raise a child,” said Murphy." Apparently that is what the parents of these losers think so they do nothing and let the neighbors and streets raise them all. I am SICK of the excuses and reasoning for the lack of good parenting skills around Wilmington. It is all about the way a child is raised... period. STOP the breeding if you can not raise a decent human.

Oh please stop the village nonsense!

“Remember it takes a village to raise a child,” said Murphy. No, it just takes two loving parents who aren't crackheads or in prison, at least one of whom works full time to take care of the family, and where both take an interest in their child's well-being, education and moral development. It's not "the villages's" fault when your teenager is running the streets at 3 AM or pregnant at fourteen. It's YOUR fault.

so sick of the excuses!

Thank you for your perfect comment! The excuses are getting rediculous! GET A JOB like the rest of us! Stop breeding! Go to school! Stay married! Stay out of PRISON!!! There you go! That's the answer! Get a life! So sick of it.

Race and Wilmington

Wilmington needs diversity and sensitivity training. The reputation as discriminatory and prejudice still lingers over 100 years. The housing authority places residents and if there is no positive environment the result will be negative. The next time one of these young people apply for a job at your establishment, look beyond their appearance and where they live, and stop blaming the parents. Peer pressure has more control over children and young adults.

You are welcome to pay for

You are welcome to pay for all of this fraudulent "diversity" and "sensitivity" training. As a taxpayer I am well past sick of being blamed for everyone's inabilities to succeed in life and stay out of prison, all the while being expected to bend over backwards and pay out the wazoo to support them. Keep crying racism. It seems to be working out very well for you.

Interesting that you mention job applicants

I have hired two Black employees in the past couple of years. They were both exceptionally qualified for the job, and have fit in well with the rest of the team. One of them is worth his weight in gold - a real dream employee. A few things they had in common is that they both arrived for their interview on time, well-dressed with neat haircuts, they both spoke English (successfully conjugating the verb "to be") and neither had a criminal record. If you dress like a slob, can't speak proper English, can't communicate through written correspondence, style your hair like Medusa, and pop up when I do a criminal records check, I can't use you. Soner or later we are going to realize that it's not about color, it's about quality.

I'd LIKE to believe you, but...

I agree that it is not about color, and I'd like to believe that sooner or later the masses will discover that, but I fear it simply won't ever happen. After all, blacks continue to be angry whenever they see the Confederate battle flag. Think about that for a moment: They are angry over a flag that they believe represents slavery, when in actuality if they wanted to be angry over a flag that flew over the institution of slavery, they should be angry at the U.S. flag which flew over slavery far longer than the Confederate battle flag's roughly 4 years of existence. I despise that hate groups like the KKK have taken my beloved Confederate battle flag and turned it into a symbol of intolerance, but I refuse to let them or blacks destroy the TRUE meaning of it for me. If they can get that angry and be that ridiculous over a FLAG, I do not see those same people ever coming to understand the importance of quality over color. They simply aren't willing to understand.