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Hobbs facing multiple charges

A former Leland police officer and son of a Leland town council member faces two felony charges. Brett Hobbs was arrested last week and charged with felony larceny and conspiracy. The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office provided no further details. Hobbs was terminated from the Leland police department in 2005 when he plead guilty to charges of conspiring to traffic in cocaine and obstruction of justice. His father, Gordon Hobbs, is a member of the Leland town council.

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Brett Hobbs...a good man

Just to clear the air....Brett made some bad decisions many years ago. He paid his time. I will tell you that he is a hard working, dedicated employee and one of the most reliable anyone can count on! His managerial skills and work ethic are one of a kind. We trust him whole heartedly, and would do anything for him. Forgiveness should be in all of your hearts. He is a good man.


Typical of this family. Brett has been involved in drugs for YEARS but daddy always got him out of that...and that was BEFORE he became a cop. His brother Blake was charged with felon larceny of a dog,somehow he managed to get a job with Brunswick County animal control, his father Gordon must have pulled some strings...don't you think??? I guess Daddy could't get Brett out of this one

Vendor for Coke(cola)products

Interestingly enough he worked as a Coke vendor in Wilmington after the Leland incident. Pretty good at his job too..... Ironic?!

dern brett,what happened to

dern brett,what happened to you..

its called

getting involved in with the wrong crowd. It is also called mommy and daddy bailing him out at every turn. His parents are good, hardworking, decent people; but they need to learn a new phrase "Tough Love". I hope he will finally get the help he needs and turns his life around!

Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy

Way to make your family proud Brett.

Why does it matter that his

Why does it matter that his father is a member of the Leland town council? That has no bearing on the charges he faces. Both of his parents are decent hard working members of this community. You would never see the comment "His father is a delivery driver for _________ pizza." Leave the innocent out of it.


The last time BRETT got into trouble his FATHER used his politcal influence to try and get BRETT out of it. Oh yes he did!!! He had the ex chief who is now at UNCW let BRETT keep his job during the investigation and even had him promoted. Imagine that!!!!!!!!!!! Well now it does matter doesn't it??????????????

Bad cop

Bad and stupid ex-cop, no doughnut for you.