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Hoggard football player pleads guilty to reduced charges

WILMINGTON -- Off the field the problems continue for one of the stars of the Hoggard High School football team. Eighteen-year-old Hoggard senior Rashad Williams was facing felony drug charges. But he pleaded guilty in court on Friday to reduced misdemeanor charges. Despite the reduced charges Williams did not suit up for Friday's game at New Hanover. The running back has been suspended from the team since his arrest in September.

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Let me guess he was dealing

Let me guess he was dealing drugs to be a "baller" todays youth are so self indulgent, maybe this will be a lesson learned for him

Obviously no favoritism

The simple fact is that one of the biggest problems with our criminal justice system today is that DAs and courts will accept a plea down from felony to misdemeanor without batting an eyelash. The worm that burglarized my home (in CA) was allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor B&E and the felony charge of burglary was then dismissed. Of course, he was apprehended in an occupied dwelling place during hours of darkness, CLASSIC burglary, a felony....and it was the SECOND time he was allowed to do plead guilty to B&E instead.....but the next time he burglarizes a house and fnds a woman or senior citizen home alone and kills them, the DA can claim, "How were we supposed to know?" We need to stop allowing criminals to plead out of felonies, especially when the state has a solid case. DAs need to stop being lazy.

We already know that he was

We already know that he was a "good boy" that just got caught up with the wrong crowd. So there's no need to post that message.

poor thing

oh how pitiful. lesser charge. so just go ahead and give him his cake and let him eat it too. just a matter of time this poor pitiful thing will be back at the receiving end of the judicial system,not the kickoff!