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Hoggard senior can't take freshman girlfriend to prom

READ MORE: Hoggard senior can't take freshman girlfriend to prom
WILMINGTON -- It's springtime and for local high school students that means prom time. One local teen says he's not going and school administrators are to blame. A local mom says her son's date is being left out. Laurie Malter loves the photo of her son in a tuxedo. Now that he's a senior at Hoggard High School she's looking forward to seeing him in a tux at his senior prom. The problem is 17-year-old Marty won't go unless his girlfriend goes too. Mrs. Malter said, "He is really upset because you are only a senior once, and the two of them have been really excited and talking about colors for months." Marty's girlfriend is 14-year-old Alana. He wants more than anything to for Alana to be his date to the prom. Only problem: she's a freshman. "Hoggard has a sheet of paper to be filled out. For any invited guests by the seniors, and he got the sheet, gave it to his girlfriend, that she had filled out at her school, came back to buy her ticket and was told freshman are not allowed to attend," Mrs. Malter said. Hoggard's rules state that freshman are not allowed, even if invited by a junior or senior. That wasn't the case down the street at New Hanover High where juniors and seniors brought guests to last weekend's prom -- regardless of their grade. And Mrs. Malter wants to know why isn't it OK at Hoggard? "It's not going to be the same if Marty doesn't get to go to the prom," she said. Marty said, "My mom really wants pictures, so I was going to rent a tux and Alanna was going to rent a dress. We were going to take some pictures and go out and do some stuff that night." Hoggard Principal Dave Spencer says prom is supposed to be a special occasion, one that upperclassman earn. He says freshman will get their chance when they are sophomores, juniors or seniors. It looks like Alanna and Marty will go through the motions like they will be attending the prom: the dress, tux and pictures. But they won't be at the prom celebrating with their friends.

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Hope These Kids Have The Best Prom Night Ever

As long as they are both students at the same school they should be afforded the same privledges.They are both expected to support their school,they both follow the same regulations all year long at the same school.Can they go to schoold athletic events together?They can do everything together BUT go to prom?Foul!
I hope these kids have the best after party ever and as long as this girls parents think its ok and it sounds like all the parents are involved let them go.

not that big of a deal

I would just like to say that I am in a similar situation. I'm a 15-year-old freshman, and my boyfriend is a 17-year-old senior. I think the term 'robbing the cradle' is slightly ridiculous, because when a 21-year-old and a 23-year-old date, people think noting of it. It's all about perspective. Granted, I'm not going to prom either, but in my case it's a personal choice. I would feel awkward not knowing mosst of the people there. People really shouldn't make such a fuss about it anyways, because it's not them, and they're looking from the outside in. Perhaps Marty and Alana are quite happy, and aren't bothered by the age difference at all...

Why can't the freshmen have

Why can't the freshmen have the same experience?They're are students too!

Upperclassmen Not Always Noble!

As a counselor and Junior-Senior Prom coordinator, we stopped freshmen from going to the prom because of the predatory behavior of older boys. I would inevitably do clean up emotionally with freshman girls who were taken advantage of by older boys in the name of "prom". In fact, I had a situation where three freshman girls, individually, told of the same prom night experience where their dates parked side by side in their cars in a cornfield and had sex with these girls who previously were innocent. The humiliation these girls endured after the fact as the boys talked freely of their planned conquest was nearly more than they could stand. Their high school and life experience will no longer be the same.


The whole issue was about letting Marty be able to take whoever he wants to prom. Not just "freshmen". He didn't go last year so his mother wanted him to this year. I had a feeling something like this would happen, but I filled out the application anyway. If ya'll say this is something stupid and a waste of time, then dont comment. Let us live our lives, and you can live yours. Comment and stress free. =) Yes, i believe it is a privelage earned by the juniors and seniors. So therefore, sophomores shouldn't be allowed as dates either. But I think they should have the opportunity to take whoever they wish as long as they're in highschool. And you all want to talk about stat rape. What goes on our relationship has absolutely nothing to do with any of you. But I can assure you that nothing illegal is going on. Oh! Another thing; the age difference between juniors and adults or the seniors and adults are the same between Marty and I. So, what's the difference? THANKS SO MUCH FOR CARING! -Alanna

What a joke....

Gimme a break! When I was in high school, it was a junor-senior prom only, no freshman or sophomores. If you were dating someone younger, then too bad, find another date. Why on earth would anybody even want to take a 14 yr old to a prom? This whole thing is like a 14 yr old expecting to get a driver's license when nobody else can until 16, then screaming age descriminaton to the DMV. C'mon people...wise up!

Is this really a news

Is this really a news story??? Who cares if a freshman can't go to the Prom. It's a school rule plain and simple. Get over it already. This little girl can go to the Prom when she is allowed to. If the two are still dating in two years, which I doubt, she can take her boyfriend to the Prom then. Some people really have issues when they make such a big deal out of something so small as this

Yeah it is a experience for

Yeah it is a experience for the juniors and seniors to get but it will not be a memory to remember if you can't take the one you want to go with you. I feel that she should be able to go. It should be up to the parents to say whether they shouldn't go.

prom is something you want

prom is something you want to do not up to ur mom or dad so if you want to go, go ahead an live it up cuz it go by so fast an its ur life not there

Gotta follow rules

Up to the parent? The parent has NO authority when it comes to school rules! Schools make the rules... we follow them. It's as simple as that. Mrs Malter is teaching her son some very bad lessons about bucking the system. And we wonder why our kids are so screwed up! One exception leads to alot of problems. If they let one freshman go, then all the others will want to go to. This Mother has problems if she approves of her 18 yo son dating a 14 year old, yet she thinks this is "news". Geez, getta life!

I am a junior at Hoggard and

I am a junior at Hoggard and will be attending prom this year. I would just like to say thank-you to Mr. Spencer and the prom committee advisor. Seniors and Juniors have waited for prom and do not want it to be ruined by a little fourteen year old freshman who does not even go to our school. It's JUNIOR-SENIOR prom! NOT Freshman-sophomore. If anyone can go it loses it's excitment, and would become just another lame dance. Rules are rules and it should not matter what other schools are doing, because if it does then we will have fourteen year olds married to teachers!


If i had actually attended, you wouldn't have even known if a freshman was there or not. ;)

Thank you Hoggard administrators and Prom advisor!

I don't care who you are, an almost 18-year old dating a 14-year old is wrong. I am a Hoggard Student and our administration has earned my respect for backing up the Prom Committee and sticking to their guns! Freshman have never been allowed to go to a Hoggard Prom. It is a privilege that is granted to upperclassmen only! We have earned the right to go to prom. It is wrong for a freshman who doesn't even go to our school to attend our prom. Thank you to the Prom Committee and Hoggard administrators for not allowing this to happen. She can wait her turn to go to prom just like the rest of us have.

By the way, it's an almost

By the way, it's an almost 18 yr. old dating an almost 15 yr. old. Sounds better doesn't it? ;)

Way to go Hoggard!!!

As a parent of children in our public schools in Wilmington, I compliment Hoggard High School for not allowing the mother of the senior boy to bully them! It's about time a school stuck to the rules, not make exceptions, and did not give in to a parent, and I am one! I commend the prom committee for having guidelines to keep the students safe and to the principal for supporting them. Fourteen year olds have NO business going to a high school prom!! Unfortunately, kids tend to drink and have sex on prom night. This could seriously get the senior boy in trouble. Didn't his Mother think of this BEFORE she contacted the news media??? And why didn't he go to her prom if New Hanover allows it? When my children get older, I would NEVER allow them to date someone that much older then they are. This speaks highly of the teacher, or teachers leading the prom committee. If only all schools had someone like that of morals, values, and the guts to stand up for what's right who look after our kids. Kudos to Hoggard's prom committee and administration and thank you for rebuilding my faith in our schools!


The age difference between Marty and I will be the same when I'm a senior and I invite him. Just so you know.


He couldn't go to my prom, smart one. He doesn't attend NHHS. If he did, then he could've invited me and i would've gone. =D

She did think

She did think about that I'm sure. But see, our plans weren't going to an after party. So MOM, chill out. You don't have to let your kids go to prom.

Hoggard Alumni

Hoggard Alumni circa 1991 up in tha hizzay.. Seriously though.. Prom has always been a privilege. It was when I was at Hoggard. As a Senior, my best friend had a sophomore girlfriend.. She could not go, and no one made a huge fuss.. Rules are rules.. Let some things have tradition, and uhmm.. yeah... Why are you robbing the cradle again?

The Cradle of Love

Perhaps if he wasn't robbing the cradle (He could be arrested for statuatort rape base on age if there was ever a complaint) and dating girls his age instead of a 9th grader... He wouldn't be in this situation. There is a huge difference in maturity between a fourteen year old and a man who is about to be eighteen.. Robbing the cradle of love...


he cannot be charged with stat rape. there has to be at least four years between them see (b) below. This guy is not a "sex offender" or "rapist" of any kind. That is a horrible mark to place on someone when it's not true or accurate. Get your facts straight before posting such junk. 14‑27.7A. Statutory rape or sexual offense of person who is 13, 14, or 15 years old. (a) A defendant is guilty of a Class B1 felony if the defendant engages in vaginal intercourse or a sexual act with another person who is 13, 14, or 15 years old and the defendant is at least six years older than the person, except when the defendant is lawfully married to the person. (b) A defendant is guilty of a Class C felony if the defendant engages in vaginal intercourse or a sexual act with another person who is 13, 14, or 15 years old and the defendant is more than four but less than six years older than the person, except when the defendant is lawfully married to the person. (1995, c. 281, s. 1.)

You were just too

You were just too comfortable in quoting this law.


If I were Mom I would be more concerned with my son dating a 14 year old. Soon he will be 18 and she maybe 15, if anything is going on with them he can be charged with a crime.


First, I think the matter that a 14 yr old girl is going to the prom with a 17 yr old man needs to be addressed. Anyone who ever went to a prom knows what happens. She is way too young to be with a 17 Yr old. Dont push them to grow up so fast. There is a reason why this is not allowed. On prom night keep her butt at home. I know she wont like it but in years to come she will be thankful.

First of all, how many 17

First of all, how many 17 year old BOYS do you know that are MEN? LOL really now.I have a 17 year old son and please even though he is a great kid he is a BOY still. As far as the rule goes, it's the rule and I agree a huge deal shouldn't be made of it. If your not allowed to attend due to grade (frosh) or a diff school then so be it. My daughter is a freshman (15) will be 16 soon, her boyfriend is a senior (17) will be 18 soon. Before dating he met us and asked permisson, we in turn told him to be sure his parents were ok with it as well. He is a good KID (yes I said KID) gets great grades, works and treats my daughter with the utmost respect. They hang out either here or his home ONLY when parents are around. They care about each other a lot and DID attend his senior prom the ONLY dance he ever went to and said if he hadn't met my daughter would of missed his senior prom. Why? because he is a shy, quiet smart guy that most ppl don't even speak to, and a 15 yr old spunky beautiful freshman spoke to one day and they hit it off. Should that be a bad thing? No way, as a parent it's much better then the 15 and 16 yr old boys that are constantly asking for inappropriate pics or asking her "how far she will go?" before wanting to hang out with her.

You're right.

But if the whole issue about this is how old you have to be to date someone, then DO NOT put freshmen and seniors in class together. =) To married persons: Couples meet sometime right?

But in Brunswick Co

She would already be married to a teacher by 14 in Brunswick county!


I am a public, high school, academic teacher in another county in eastern North Carolina. We do not allow freshmen to attend our prom under any circumstances. The only thing they can do is fill out an application to "work the prom" and pray they are "hired." Otherwise, they stay home. I cannot believe the mother encouraged her son to break the school's rules. What's worse is that she still condones this behavior! Also, isn't the male student a senior? If he cannot read the given sheet of paper with the prom rules, maybe he needs to be put back a couple of grades then he could go to the prom with his date! It also amazes me that this television station carried such a trivial story as part of their newscast. Ever thought about a feature story on what it takes to pull off a prom? I applaud administration for not only making this rule but also for not giving in to this whining mother. Thank you Hoggard and the prom committee director for not changing the rules because one so-called senior couldn't follow them! It makes a person wonder what else the mother has encouraged her son to do that is wrong or against the rules ...

there were no rules on the

there were no rules on the application. and by the way, nobodys whining.

Freshman have never been

Freshman have never been allowed to prom. In two years when she goes as a junior she can take him as a guest. Deal with it.