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Hold up part of a plan to get deported

A Wilmington man staged a hold up, but apparently never intended to rob the Scotchman on Carolina Beach Road; instead, deputies said it was a ploy to get deported. According to New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies, 37-year-old Jose Luis Medina-Ruiz, refused to take any money from a clerk at a Scotchman on Carolina Beach Road. That's after Medina-Ruiz allegedly, walked in to the store, and told the clerk he had a gun. Deputies responded to the store's hold up alarm. Medina-Ruiz left the store, holding the clerk at gun-point. Deputies got the gun away from the suspect without anyone being hurt. Through investigation, detectives learned Medina-Ruiz wouldn't accept money during the incident, but that the hold up was a ploy to be deported to Mexico. Medina-Ruiz is in the New Hanover County Jail, charged with assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of 2nd-degree kidnapping, and two counts of hoax by false device.

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Tell them All

1st,tell them all how they can go back home,outside of what this guy did.,Then send him home.It will cost us more than the plane ticket to keep him.He most likely worked for cash,has no ties to the area,his boss went belly up.Our jails are full and we pay and pay.This guy made a dumb move,twice.We've got real trouble out there that needs to be locked up.Could he have killed that worker,I think not.Toy gun.Is he dumb,I think so.Ban him for life from the U.S.A.It,s real easy to waste money when it flows from the pockets of others.

Get Real

If this guy wanted to go back to Mexico there are many that would pay his way along with the rest!! I am willing to send as many of " THEM " as I can back to Mexico. Let's take care of our own and close the border between a much less than reputable nation and our family's. That's harsh but it is you or them....! It's your choice!!!

Don't spend

tax payer dollars on him for incarceration and a trial. If he wants to be deported, send him and his family (if he has one) back to the homeland. This Country spends over $3,000,000 per day to maintain illegal immigrants in federal penitentaries. 30% of Federal Prisoners are illegal immigrants. Do everyone, including the accused a favor; send him home.

Has anyone emailed this to

Has anyone emailed this to News of the Weird?

Great plan

I'm sure that NASA wants to get their hands on this rocket scientist, but let's do the math. How much is it going to cost us to feed, clothe, and house this guy for the next three to five years before we pay his airfare back to Mexico? Then compare the cost of one .308 round from an ERT sniper. Hard times demand hard choices. We're going broke, and we missed a golden opportunity to cut costs.

What if the union did it to the south

You are so nasty to ask the guy to be cap, what about if the union did the same to the south, you wouldn't like it do you? You're argument becomes stupid when you suggest something that ridiculous.

You so confuse

I simple point out that with gun to head of hostage we have legitimate target and legal justify to shoot criminal and avoid big bill but no money. (Hope you understood that - I'm not accustomed to "writing down" so that a ring-tailed lemur can understand my post.)


The Union DID do it to the south....we fought that war and we are now one big happy broke country....THESE individuals ARE NOT citizens...they are INVADERS...they deserve what they get!


First of all, I'm wondering if you aren't yourself from a third world country with your grammar and syntax. It's AWFUL. Second, I think CommonSense was making an extreme point that our country is wasting more money most likely to keep him for months or years on end and sending him back than we would by just letting him go...or killing him. I can't speak for him on that point haha :). Personally I'm not for capital punishment for illegals, but I do think they shouldn't be here illegally. I'm rambling a bit. Anyway, I think he was making a sarcastic point, but again I don't speak for him!

Response to you

So what, been from a third world country made me less than you? Your arrogance make you ineffective, you sounded as Margaret Sanger (The 20th-century birth control advocate) Sanger also embraced birth control as a means of social engineering. She was a leader in the eugenics movement. Many in that school of thought considered immigrant groups like Jews, Italians and Irish to be inferior genetically, and they felt that these groups were having too many children, a trend they believed needed to be stopped -- by forced sterilization if necessary. On the other hand THANK YOU for your sensitivity about Capital punishment for "Illegals"

First of all

First of all, you should realize that you spell being BEING, not been. Second, I don't think any one group is superior to another, however, I do feel that people who chose to have children they cannot afford should be sterilized so they can't reproduce and further burden our society and planet. That is neither here nor there, though. I have no problem with immigration what-so-ever, I do have a problem with someone who enters our country illegally. Do it the legal way and "Welcome to the USA" in my opinion.

Thank you for the correction

So you see, we people from a third world country appreciate when somebody educate us, so your grammar is good but your moral character is wrong my friend, which one is more important? I guarantee you if tomorrow all Mexicans or Hispanic comes to this country legally you still won't let your daughter marry one of them.