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Holden Beach being sued

A former Holden Beach police officer is suing the town for discrimination and wrongful termination. Terri Oxford worked for the police department for about 9 years. She claims she was a denied a promotion and wages simply because she was female. Oxford said Chief Wally Layne and former Chief Jerry Wilson discriminated against her. Chief Willy Layne could not comment much on the pending case in detail. “Obviously in this great country of ours, you can sue anybody for anything, and I'm confident that justice will prevail in the end." The town has not been served with the lawsuit yet, but once the town attorney receives it, he will have 30 days to file a response.

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wow i didnt know about this but...

She was the only officer on HB force that really seemed to know what she was doing and seemed like A REAL POLICE OFFICER of the sad Holden Beach force. It is their loss really and more so the citizens of the Holden Beach community. She was less interested in giving 5-10 mph over tickets to speeders on the beach and more into actually doing what real officers would do. I feel like the body that was found recently last week on Holden Beach might have not been a suicide but a robbery type thing. I think that the barneys at the beach mishandled that case so bad. No self inflicted weapon was ever found or reported found so its easier for them just to say it was self inflicted. Its a big deal but thats just what I think.

Go Terri! We love you and

Go Terri! We love you and miss you at Holden Beach

its about time that someone

its about time that someone spoke up. way to go. there are alot of people who are looking up to you, and wish you the best.

More Law Enforcement Allegations!

I will be the first to admit I have not a clue as to the allegations against the the Holden Beach Police Department and the Chief. Not to take sides against the accuser but for the well being of the town, I only hope the allegations are without grounds. However, if the allegations are in fact true, they should not be covered up and/or ignored. What I do know is if the people of Holden Beach really want to know the truth they need make sure someone other than Town Manager David Hewett is looking into this. Anyone and everyone in Leland who knew and worked around Hewett when he was the Leland town manager KNOWS he is about as sexist as they come. That, you can put in the bank!

Sexist is right!

Yep, you know Dave alright. Got him pegged to a tee! lol

yes justice will prevail

Well well, this has finally come about. This has been a harsh reality for many years and sooo much to the story than has been told. This case should be followed closely and hopefully hear the outlandish treatment of the best police officer ever to grace Holden Beach. She is loved by so many Holden Beach residents. People don't understand the torment that people endure just to try and do the right thing. Ms. Oxford became a pawn in the game of power and misuse of authority...and she was not the only one. Its time for all the "pawns" to come forward and claim the checkmate that is due to come to the sleeping town of Holden Beach. To the commissioners (past and and present), you are to blame you knew and did nothing but put Ms. Oxford under the bus over and over. So reap what you sew. But now you can come forward and try to right your wrong.


you go girl! its about time we started to stand up for what is right. The town of Holden Beach needs to tell the truth about what kind of cheif they have working for them. Yes I'm talking about you the board members. The very one who failed to see what was going on over there. Or were you apart of the cause by putting on the blinders? Out of sight out of mind. You know who you are.

great country

So it has come out now. Told you back when Ronald's news came out to look at Holden Beach. To the Chief of Holden, when you do people wrong it will come back to you four fold. It might not be right after but it will come. Ha Ha Hey Chief, in this great country, we have labor laws for just this sort of thing, in case you didn't know. As females we do get treated differently than others in the work place and if we stand up and say something about it, we are Black listed in law enforcement so Ms. Oxford has payed the price. Have you, chief Lane, payed your child support yet? Been drinking and driving lately? I am glad my town did not hire you (great town of Leland). To the people of Holden Beach: take off your blindfolds and ask your selves, "do we need a person like this?" Those of you who knew this was going on, stand up and tell the truth, tell it all.