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Holiday Miracles: Rough year for Southport family

READ MORE: Holiday Miracles: Rough year for Southport family
SOUTHPORT -- Here at NewsChannel 3 we want to help make some holiday wishes come true. There are so many struggling families right here in our community, and this time of year can be especially hard. NewsChannel 3 picked six families to help this season. It's been a bit of a rough year for this Southport family. Dwayne had surgery on his leg and is out of work on disability. Cozetta works as a waitress, but doesn't earn enough on her own to make ends meet. They say they've managed, thanks in large part to the generosity of their neighbors. "My neighbor has been helping us, she's stayed with my husband, she's cooked dinner, I also helped cook dinner for them, we both alternate homes where we're going," Cozatta said. Despite the setbacks this year, four-year-old Maelynn and 11-year-old Keysey are still smiling. Especially, when they saw a few of the Christmas gifts we brought with us. On top of the toys and clothes, we also brought gift certificates to the mall so the kids could get shoes and another for Food Lion, to make sure they have plenty to eat on Christmas Day. But perhaps most important for Cozetta were the gifts we brought for the neighbors -- who have helped them so much this year, despite having three small kids of their own to provide for. "Neighbors helping neighbors to get to the point where, we started out as strangers, and became more neighborly, and become more like one family," Cozatta said. "I just want to say thank you, and thank you to all of the people who helped make this possible." We'd like to thank our holiday miracle sponsors: SunTrust, Home Mortgage of the Carolinas, Blitz Research, Ronnie Alston Auto Sales and Chic-Fil-A for helping us make this happen.

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Miles man

100k.. 100,00 miles man.. he meant miles man...

Christmas story

I cant beleave peoples comments on this, if you saw this story it was a very nice story. The family was very nice and they were greatful that they got help and even happyer that they could share it with there neighbors. I thought that the mom was very sweet and I'm happy they got choosen. The reader that is complaining about the gas needs to get over it. We all are having hard times my husband drives 2 hours everyday to and from work and yes gas is high but were just counting our blessings that we have jobs that provides not cruises and diamonds but food on our table and clothes on our familys back. I'm having a VERY Merry Christmas because of that. Yes we could all have alot more than what we do but just be thankful for what you do have. Merry Christmas and God bless all!

tough times

"Count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will suprize you what the Lord has done". This is the season to reflect on the many blessings we have and not grumble and complain about what we don't have. "In all things give thanks". I often think about what it would have been like to be born in a different country. My husband and I were in the new Harris Teeter the other night, and I mentioned to him how blessed we are as a nation to have such an abundance of food. Even the poorest of us in this country have it better than most of those in the rest of the world. Be thankful and quit complaining about the nice thing the station did for these folks.

Fuel Fuel Fuel

1 college student driving weekly from Wake in a Yukon... 1 additional car for spouse who communtes to Whiteville on a daily basis in a Ford Explorer... And a new job requiring travel in a crown vic (no I do not get gas reimbursement..) and I averaged 100k this year... Yes math major... $7,000 extra in fuel/auto expenses this year.. But I forgot to add the tires...

Why do you drive such gas

Why do you drive such gas hogs. Aren't there safe cars that aren't so big?


If you really are making a 100K you should consider helping this Southport family. That is waht this article was about.

fuel..fuel..fuel.. get..

more efficient cars, instead the the gas guzzlers you have. Ever heard of global warming? You are hurting the enviroment not to mention a real big grump over people being helped. Sounds to me like from the vehicles you and your family drive, you have plenty.

you should

If those are business miles you should be getting a mileage reimbursement.

the gas bill

I agree someone may have exagerated their gas bill a little bit but all in all I have to agree. Everything is more expensive, money is tight, and everyone is having a rough go of it this year. So what makes them so special??? Just 'cause your leg is hurt doesn't mean you can't find something else to do....

La Dee Flippin Laaa

With an increase of $7000 this year alone in gasoline my family and I are going without some things as well.... SO let me break my little, tiny violin out and play a sad sad song... the majority of us are hurting this year... so laa dee laa.. They got free stuff and the rest of us didn't..

While you have your little

While you have your little violin out playing a sad song why don't you play one for yourself or better yet if you are not making enough money get another job. Work like the rest of us have to do. But remember there is always someone else worse off than you.

Tough Crowd

Merry Christmas To All.

$7,000 more this year?? Gas

$7,000 more this year?? Gas is on average .50 higher than last year, which means you purchase 14,000 gallons/year? (for the math impaired, 14,000 gallons times .50 extra/gallon = $7,000). So your combined household miles driven in a year = 250,000 miles? Say 250,000 miles, divided by 18 mpg = 13,889 gallons of gas purchased @ .50 increase ~= $7,000. So you have 10 cars driving 25k per year? 5 cars driving 50k per year? 3 cars driving 83k miles per year? Wow, impressive! Assuming an average 15mpg, you'd still be driving 210,000 miles per year...


.....that you are such a scrooge. Some people don't have much, some don't have anything. I don't have much, but I am not bitter, I am grateful. This is a time to give, not hate.