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Holiday shootings have residents concerned over safety

READ MORE: Holiday shootings have residents concerned over safety
Shootings on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day have people thinking it's time to take back their streets. Christmas is a day for loved ones to come together. But this year, Christmas Day tore two Wilmington families apart. 25 year old Montez Jones was leaving his girlfriend's house on Christmas at 1315 Castle Street when three gunshots took his life. Neighbor Errol Yeoman was outside frying turkey's in his yard when he heard the shots. Immediately he knew something was wrong. "A family can only recognize it as a season of taking, a life was taken from them. It hurts to know, I have children and it hurts to know that a mother lost their child on Christmas day due to violence." This incident happened only a few hours after a Christmas Eve nightmare across town. Long time residents Minnie Streets and Caroline Barnes say the neighborhood has been changing, and not for the better. Now, they are even more concerned after 29 year-old Jameel Robbins was shot outside his home. Police say he was talking on his cell phone on his front porch. Minnie Streets said, "I've just never seen anyone in that house, they keep the door open, I watched the police go in and out, I opened the windows so I could hear, and they were talking about something on the porch." Now they fear for the safety of their own children. Caroline Barnes stated, "If someone came to retaliate, and my child was over there, that they could shoot and kill my child." The police are investigating both cases, and will pursue both of them more on Monday when they reopen.

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hahaha still none of you get it do you?

I don't care white black latino martian whatever It doesnt have to do with rounding up thugs, getting rid of the dope off the streets cleaning up neighborhoods none of that is going to change a thing you are all still blaming things on things just because theres gangbangers and thugs doesnt mean we all got to get right out there to your local chapter to sign up or just because there are drugs on the street doesnt mean we all rush out there and go get them...don't you get it if you want change YOU have to change... " you all have no clue as what is all about to come,on one hand I pity you on the other ignorance is bliss." "everyone out there is your brother act like it

Change the laws

Shooting in this area and state continue to increase yearly.Its time for this state to address this issue.Not only by police efforts but increased jail time for people using guns in crimes. I think 25 years jail time would be a good deterrent in addition to the crime for the use of a weapon.The present couple of years time apparently doesn't scare any one.Its time for this state to step up to the plate and be an example to the rest of the country.


People need to grow up and chill out. Why do I see all these pro-community organizations and things celebrating race violence from 100 years ago with ridiculous costing monuments and parades that no one was around for, and celebrations of slave dances that do nothing but wind our race-relation clocks back hundreds of years? This problem is no ones fault but those who live, raise, and enable these people. If you are a parent and you know your kid is involved in this, shame on you. If you are one of these kids, grow the heck up. If you want respect, you don't get it by slinging dope, robbing people, etc. We as a people (white, black, latino) will never move forward if we don't own up to our problems, face them head-on, and deal with them. Stop blaming other people or pointing fingers when you know who you could point out yourself to stop it. But you don't, because you are weak, and try to get by in life by blaming someone else. GROW UP.

take action

The first action that needs to be taken is to close these so called "communities" that are really low cost slum housing. The city should move to close all of the low cost housing projects and not allow any construction of low cost rentals that get government assistance. The city would flourish when the cockroaches have to find housing elsewhere. They are leeches on society anyway. Whatever happened to the minority paradise called "Soul City" that was started to be an island of ethnic culture and harmony?

Soul City

Soul City went bankrupt. Good memory...that was years ago. Warrington (next door) isn't doing much better.

got tired

Everybody got tired of getting robbed, shot and drugs without having whitey to blame!

Why no concern until they're dead?

Until the community rejects drug usage, drug dealing, gang membership, and all the associated violent criminal behavior, your sons are going to continue turning up dead. When your sixteen year-old drop-out comes home at 3AM carrying a gun and a wad of cash and you don't do anything about it, don't start crying the blues when he's lying in the gutter at eighteen.... ...and please don't tell us what a "good boy" he was. He might have been when he was three or four, but YOU let him become a criminal. YOU let him throw his life away, and he paid the price. Why even have children if you're just going to let them live these lives and reach these ends?

This Town

This town is going to hell in a handbag... Instead of wasting money on convention centers it is apparent that we need to use that money on more law enforcement or the situation will only get worse. I am appaled to read the news for the first time in days and ready about multiple shootings, stabbings, thefts, robberies, high speed pursuits.. I mean.... Come On this is WIlmington.... Many of you were not fortunate to grow up here, but I did and it went from peaceful to a war zone in a matter of two decades... Stop crapping away the tax payers money and double your police force, put an end to all of this violence and restore sanity to our once peaceful town!!!!


I moved to this town 8 years ago, and have seen it get worse by the second. The law enforcement in this area is a joke. THAT IS WHERE WE NEED TO START. How many times have I seen officers parked in parking lots or in isolated areas doing God knows what. Or better yet, the mind set of officers waiting at the intersection to catch the intrepid criminal for running the red light. I personally am sick of law enforcement in this town. I personally have had experiences and have friends that have had experiences where it takes law enforcement WAY TOO LONG to respond to a distress call. So my plan is to take it into my own hands. I have stopped to help people in motor accidents, I have been with friends to help stop harassment, and for my own yard, a .45 pistol. If Im threatened in my own home, why call the the time they get here, i'm dead anyway. So if the local law enforcement is not gonna help us, we just have to do it ourselves. WE HAVE TO TAKE BACK OUR CITY...By the way, I live in a decent part of town MILES from the downtown area, in a nice friendly neighborhood.

Law Enforcement are Doing the Best They Can!!

Our police and deputies are doing the best they can with what they have. HERE IS THE PROBLEM: Our system of punishing criminals, especially violent ones, is encouraging crime, not discouraging it. A day in the life of a New Hanover County inmate is this: wake up to a hot breakfast brought to your door, go back to bed, get up and eat a lunch that someone else has paid for and prepared just for you, play cards/basketball/watch tv with your friends, go back to bed, wake up and eat another paid for/prepared hot meal, watch some more tv, take a hot shower and go back to bed... Doesn't that lifestyle sound great???! Sounds like a country club to me! All paid for with your taxes folks!! Is this discouraging crime and gang activity??? What motivates these inmates to get a job and stay on the straight and narrow? Bottom line: JAIL/PRISON NEEDS TO BE AN UNHAPPY AND UNPLEASANT PLACE!! If we can change the way criminals are punished, we will be discouraging bad behavior! AND... If a person continues to commit violent crimes, how about public humiliation? Hard labor?? A slow and painful death for those who harm children and the elderly/handicapped???

You're kidding, right?

Having worked in the criminal justice system in NC, I have had the unfortunate priviledge of being inside numerous county jails and state prisons. I have never seen one that comes close to the place you describe. Jails and prisons, including our local jail, are depressing, noisy, smelly, violent places. They are filled with murderers, robbers, rapists, drug addicts, and the mentally ill. I've seen inmates violently attacked because another inmate wanted their potato chips, because they smelled bad, because they talked to the wrong person, because they looked at someone wrong, because someone wanted their bunk, because they snored too loud, you name it. These are regular occurances, not the exception to the norm. And the food in is really bad. I have never, and will never eat jail or prison food. It usually looks and smells really nasty. Imagine reject high school cafeteria food, prepared by inmates, that has sat out for hours before you eat it. Not exactly the vacation destination you describe.

Response to Guest 1636

The jail I speak of is New Hanover County Jail. I worked there. Thank you, by the way, for your service to the community in working in a correction facility. It takes a special person to do that!

We Have A Serious Problem!!!

I think that there is a huge problem here in Wilmington, and it is crime. If you haven't been paying attention there has been a great deal of crime going on, from petty things like a deliver driver getting robbed of just $24 to Murder. I don't know about the rest of you all but I am very concerned about what is going on in our backyard. We the people should look out for one another and any suspicious activity going on around the community. I know that these things are still going to happen but if people pay attention to what is going on around them they may be able to prevent some of these crimes from happening. I’m just a concerned citizen that wishes things could get better around here. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I lost a family member or friend on a day like Christmas or any day for that matter. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO STAND UP FOR OUR COMMUNITY AND NOT LET IT GET TAKEN OVER BY VIOLENT CRIMES LIKE THE ONES WE HAVE EXPERIENCED IN THE PAST FEW DAYS.


If the police try to stop the drug and gang activities, the "concerned citizens" want to march and protest against them. It's their children doing all of the shooting, so until they take a stand against their activities, it will only increase. Until then, have at it.

Response to 'Concerned'

That is a great point!!!

Houston, we have a winner.

Houston, we have a winner. As soon as the Police becomes proactive as opposed to reactive, they are accused of harassment and people call for the chief's head. Unfortunately, they have become a reactive force because, politically, it's much safer. I have seen this firsthand in my own neighborhood. There was an escaped felon running loose(he was black) so the cops began stopping and searching all cars trying to get in or out of our neighborhood. They happened to stop a car driven by a black man and the man's wife immediately started screaming about harassment and profiling. She was also heard threatening to contact the NAACP in order to sue the department. Would you want to be on the receiving end of this treatment? It's no wonder the Police are in a no-win situation.