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Holiday travel creates increased risk of spreading H1N1

READ MORE: Holiday travel creates increased risk of spreading H1N1
Health officials are concerned a third wave of the H1N1 virus will strike in January when people return from Christmas break. With so many people traveling across the country this holiday season, this pandemic will likely spread even more, just as the regular flu season hits. Twenty-five-year-old Leslie Kammer has not received the H1N1 vaccine. "I hadn't thought about it before, and I don't really have any concerns, though I don't think my family has been vaccinated either.” Kammer's family is flying in from Ohio for the holidays. Right now, the southeast is heavily affected by H1N1, but some other parts of the country haven't seen as many cases. After the holidays, health officials expect a spike in swine flu because travelers will likely be exposed to the virus and bring it home with them. Officials say the best way to stop this kind of outbreak is to get as many people vaccinated as possible; they're calling it "herd immunity". "People my age, I asked them if they've gotten their shot, and they say no, they don't have to get it because they're not at risk,” said Brunswick County Health Director Don Yousey. “And that's a common misunderstanding. We had those groups that were target groups, people with chronic illnesses, young people because they were showing more response to this virus, but old people also are at risk, because we have those confounding illnesses that they expect to find, asthmas, diabetes, heart conditions, and if you get this virus with those conditions, you are at great risk of becoming terribly, terribly ill." As of Monday, the Brunswick County Health Department opened up the H1N1 vaccine to the general public. Everyone older than six months is encouraged to get vaccinated. Yousey said, “If you haven't had the shot, you need to get it." "I hadn't planned on getting vaccinated, I guess I’m one of those people who thinks it won't happen to me, but maybe it's something I should be concerned about," Kammer said. By Thursday, all Brunswick County schools will have been offered the seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccines. If you would like to make an appointment, call 253-2344 and a nurse will call you back to help you choose the best vaccine for you, because there are a variety of types. People in other counties should check with their respective health departments.

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ON ENOUGH with the H1N1 scares was a ploy to line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and scare the public...this flu has turned out to be FAR LESS dangerous than regular old flu...move along...nothing to see here.

Agree with previous posters...

Someone correct me if I am wrong but I thought I read an estimate of 10,000 folks suspected of dying from H1N1. I think that was just the US but don't recall. Anybody? Hey Guest7969, can you even imagine what a stack of 10,000 bodies would look like? One is too many for sure but no it is not time to "move along". This issue is still a threat even if to a single person imho. No it's not the end of the world but I think we shouldn't let our collective guard down yet! Think......


compare that to around 63,730 for regular flu...or...compared to an accidental medical death...kills around 44000 people a YES..I consider H1N1 a VERY LOW risk of me dying... H1N1 is NOTHING but a different STRAIN of Flu...MANY strains exist... What flavor kool-aid do you guys drink?

Tell that to...

Dr. Thomas Blackstone and his wife who's daughter Alli died of H1N1 on November 30th after being in the ICU at New Hanover for 10 days.

Far less dangerous! Even if

Far less dangerous! Even if one life has been taken / related to this H1N1 is one to many. Just last week a young mother died, leaving a two year old, month before that another young mother died leaving a 7 year old. Try and tell these families that this is "nothing" I hope and pray that no one in your family comes down with this, for you see it is hard to move along as you stated. When we gather at Christmas and sit down with these children to try to explain again why "mommy" isn't here hopefully you will feel some of what we are going through. This isn't something that should be taken lightly. My heart goes out to all families that has lost someone to this virus. May GOD be with you all.