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Holiday travel numbers down

READ MORE: Holiday travel numbers down
AAA expects more than 600,000 fewer people to travel this year, the first decrease in 6 years. Nearly 150,000 people are expected to fly to their Thanksgiving destination, and Wednesday at ILM travelers were coming and going. For the airlines and passengers the day got off to a smooth start. Few lines at the ticket counter, a quick trip through security, and nothing but visions of turkey and pumpkin pie. Airport officials said smaller crowds and a new family friendly security line helped keep wait times under eight minutes. Airport director, Jon Rosborough said, “This time of year we have a lot of families traveling, a lot of people that are not used to flying a lot and so they'll take and require more time so we made one lane a family lane.” It was a similar scene at the greyhound station, where representatives say there were more bus tickets still unsold than in past years, but those who decided to take the bus said it came down to money. Elizabeth Crawford, who is traveling by bus, said, “I am only going 2 days and it's $97.” As for those using their own cars to travel, AAA expects nearly 20,000 fewer North Carolinians on the road to their Thanksgiving destination this year. Vicki Sewell, AAA general manager said, “It's a little strange that our gas prices have come down so drastically in the past few weeks, but I think it's still the perception of our economy.” The National Safety Council still expects almost 500 traveling related deaths this year. While this number is down, North Carolina is one of only fourteen states expected to see an increase in that number. So, if you are traveling, leave yourself plenty of time to do it safely. While travel numbers are down across the country, our area has seen less of a decrease than expected. ILM business is only down four percent, while other airports have seen a much as a twenty-two percent decline.

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And Now: From someone that

And Now: From someone that traveled by car in Tennessee/North Carolina/South Carolina over this Thanksgiving Holiday, and will never do it again!: 1.Pigeon Forge,Tenn.: Crammed with cars (always). I don't think Dolly was even there either! Her Limo was stuck in traffic too! 2.I-40 East Tenn. to Asheville,NC: Crammed with cars! Tractor Trailers driving side by side blocking cars from passing! Against the law in the mountains :-( 3.I-26 South from Asheville,NC towards Spartanburg,SC: Crammed with hope and extremely bad roads!!!! 4.I-26 South (Spartanburg towards Columbia,SC): Traffic stopping every 100 feet. Traffic Jams for miles and miles over the horizon!!! Could have played a hand of cards between moving forward! Conclusion to that after seeing there were no accidents: People would not do the speed limit and caused the Domino Effect from those trying to drive the speed limit. Could see occasionally down the highway BIG GAPS between cars and trucks :-( 13 hours of driving for a normal 8 hour drive proved that people will travel till the cows come home, and then some!!! 460 miles and saw only 2 State Troopers!! :-( So when I saw on this website these words: "Holiday travel numbers down"....I don't think so, not by highway anyway. Shucks...I forgot about my entire vacation time relaxation in our mountain cabin :-( Good to get back to Wilmington and read about all the car wrecks that happened here while we were away (as per usual). Bet you the airline pilots/passengers were looking down on the Interstates over the holidays laughing their rear ends off!

The holidays season is fast

The holidays season is fast approaching. That usually means travel and spending a whole lot of money. Tips on how to save money on travel always come in handy, and, if necessary, so do easy loans. One of the biggest causes of stress on families is when the holidays are affected by divorce. Juggling the two holidays becomes a real hassle, especially if you’re trying to shuttle children back and forth, or if you, yourself, are trying to juggle between your parents, going to one for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas. These costs add up, but there are ways around them. First of all, even if the price of gasoline is dropping, the price of tires isn’t, and if you need a set of snow tires for getting through a mountain pass, which many do, a trip to Mom’s for Thanksgiving and/or again to Dad’s for Christmas may add up to more than most can afford. Take heart, however – there is a resource that most people don’t know about, or have completely forgotten about, that’s great for holiday travel. That is Amtrak, the passenger train system, which costs less for a round trip ticket than the gas necessary to get from point A to point B, and as a bonus, during your holiday travel, you get to see America in a way that you may not have seen before. If you need a way to reduce stress as a result of an unexpected expense during the holidays, then Click here to read more on holiday travel tips and Easy Loans.