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Holliday makes public pitch for New Hanover County Schools Superintendent

READ MORE: Holliday makes public pitch for New Hanover County Schools Superintendent

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- About 50 people showed up Wednesday evening to ask Dr. Rick Holliday about his plans if selected as the new Superintendent of New Hanover County Schools.

Holliday, one of three finalists, has been with the school system for almost 30 years. He has served as the Assistant Superintendent since 2007. Before that, Holliday served as principal at Laney High School, Williston Middle School and Lakeside High School. He attended East Carolina University, received his Masters Degree from UNCW and earned his Doctor of Education Degree from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

"New is not always better," Holliday said. "I mean my whole concept is what's the best for New Hanover County Schools? It might mean a new person. It might mean me."

Thursday the public will have the chance to ask questions of Dr. Tim Markley, Superintendent of Catawba County Schools. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Dale K. Spencer Administration Building on S. 15th Street.

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Skip this Holiday

The disservice that Dr Holiday has given to New Hanover County can be felt by every special needs family which he has denied a fair and equal education. His dirty secret is the amount of lawyers/lawsuits families need to bring to administrative meetings to be heard and treated fairly. Dr Holiday has a doctorate degree from a degree mill called Nova Southeastern University which is a correspondence university not up to the standard of brick and mortar universities with national ratings.It is this corner cutting deception that he will bring to the superintendent position. Let New Hanover Schools get an innovative educator with a proven record working with the people that pay his salary and with a PHD from a proven school. Let us stop these insider deals New Hanover County deserves more than "Dr" Holidays ambition and bureaucracy over the needs of our children.

Dr. Holliday

Dr. Holliday is the right man for the job. He knows what the county needs. His only flaw is his interpersonal skills. He may have a sarcastic ring to most of his comments and talk a little too much about East Carolina football, but he is a great administrator. He means no harm in what he says. His heart is in the right place. What counts is not how he is as a public speaker, but how he is behind-the-scenes. You can go out and find a thousand great public speakers who can tell you about all they will do for you. However, that, in itself, is no guarantee of competence. Dr. Holliday has been with the school system for almost 30 years. Who better to know what the county needs? If anyone else is hired, who do you think will carry that person for a time?...Dr. Holliday. HE IS WHAT HE IS! What you see is what you get. Nothing fancy, just the best candidate for the job. If someone from the outside is brought in, he or she will not be here long. Dr. Holliday lives here, has family here, and his loyalties to the system he loves are here. He should be the next superintendent.


Thanks your opinion Dr. H! Frankly I want someone who will do a good job while not ticking off everyone he/she speaks to. Holliday is the biggest jerk and one of the most offensive people I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. Someone who has to deal with the public in such a high-profile job needs to be able to use a soft word and soft hand with these nutty parents. That is NOT Holliday! He will say something to get and end up getting the system into a lawsuit!


He's always been somewhat of a JERK in my opinion...all the way back to when he was COACH Holiday...