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Holly Ridge club installs pole for dancers, town residents concerned

READ MORE: Holly Ridge club installs pole for dancers, town residents concerned
HOLLY RIDGE -- A new feature at a Holly Ridge hot spot is causing a stir in the small town. An establishment called Squeaky's installed a pole for dancers. Now residents are concerned it's a night club turned strip club. Squeaky's received a permit from the town, with the promise that the club wouldn't feature nude dancers. Some residents of Holly Ridge say nude or not, it's not something they want near them. Holly Ridge Police Chief John Maiorano said, "We've received numerous complaints last week. I think the town has received several. It's kind of the talk of the town." It may not be just the town that's talking. Squeaky's, or as it's called on the social networking site MySpace, Squeaky's Naughty Night Club, has gone global on the world wide web. On the site it pictures ladies in lingerie and suggestive photos. The club also says it has its own dancers, and it all started with a pole. Squeaky's calls it a stripper's pole online. Employees went to town hall to get a permit for it and it is legal for it to be there, so the permit was granted, with the promise that dancers would keep their clothes on. David Nunn owns a business right across the street. He said, "Since they've put out that there's not going to be any nudity, it's just a wait and see thing I guess." Other residents say with clothes or without, the club will attract an element they say is dangerous to the small community. Holly Ridge resident James Stansberry said, "Usually with strip clubs comes drugs and crime, and you know they're just other things going on that don't need to go on in a little town." The area on Ocean Drive where Squeaky's sits is zoned for neighborhood business, so the pole is in, and dancing is well within town ordinances. Police say they'll monitor the club, just as they would any other establishment.. "The only thing we're going to be doing as a police department is watching the facility," Maiorano said. Police say since asking for the permit last week there have been no problems at Squeaky's. The club is closed on Mondays. No one answered the number posted on the door. We'll continue to try and contact them for comment.

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The evil dancing pole

Next week, Goober will get a new compressor for the filling station and this pole will fade from memory....


This place couldn't have asked for better free advertising. Thanks WWAY. I will never go there but now I know its there cause of this. I can not believe a pole is the talk of the town. If that makes such a big ripple then the people there really NEED to get out more. SO funny.

Give 'Em A Break !!

I see nothing wrong with there being a pole in the Club. Infact, Ive been to Squeaky's and from what i've seen, It's simply just a "Dance Club" with a pole on the dance floor. No Strippers, Just a Pole for customers to have fun on. What's the harm in that?? I say, To whoever's concerned about it, Go to Squeaky's & see for yourselves. You might even have fun!! And, I heard they're gonna be doing some sort of "Holiday Food Drive" soon. So stop making them out to be the bad guys.

Those complaining are

Those complaining are probably the same types that did not want Hampstead incorporated. Old folks rule!!

Give 'em a Break !!

I see nothing wrong with there being a pole in the club. Infact i've been to Squeaky's before and from what i've seen is it's just simply a Dance Club with a pole on the dance floor. No strippers. Just something for Customers to have fun on. What's the big deal!!?? I say, To whoever is concerned about it, Go out to Squeaky's and see for yourself. You might even have fun!!! Oh and i heard thay're gonna be doing some sort of "Holiday Food Drive" soon. So, " Stop trying to make them out to be the bad guys."

get a grip

Quote "Other residents say with clothes or without, the club will attract an element they say is dangerous to the small community." What element is that? The element of people that will spend money and have fun? Can't have that in our little podunk town. Next thing you know the kids will want stereos in their cars!


It's just gonna be used for girls that don't know how to become women.....if anyone reading this intends to use it the key word here is USED. Knock yourself out and don't call for any help when your followed somewhere...booo

Most ridiculous new story

Most ridiculous new story ever. I want the last 5 minutes of my life back.


Squeaky's is a bar & nightclub. Squeaky's has go go dancers that wear "naughty" costumes, the exact costumes you see ladies wear on Halloween. There is absolutly no nudity allowed, not even a "b" cheek. Squeaky's is a private membership club that follows the rules set forth by the ABC & ALE. Every customer is allowed to dance on the stage and utilize the dancers pole. The go go dancers are simply there to entice the crowd to dance. We obtained permission from the ABC Commission in Raleigh and the Holly Ridge Town Manager before installing the pole. We do NOT allow nudity, drugs, nor weapons on the premises. By the way, there is no phone number on the front door.

Entice the crowd to dance

That has to be the on the top ten list of explainations of what the pole is for...entice people to dance....funny, funny guy. Why can't your people dance without a pole????? Oh, I forgot, drunk people need to hold onto something...hahahahaha your kidding right?

Don't worry it is only a

Don't worry it is only a Festivus Pole.

For the restofus. If that

For the restofus. If that pole encourages dancing, then that is a good thing for people to get exercise.


Be Thankful Holly Ridge it's a Festivus miracle for the "rest of us". I didn't realize small towns like in "Footloose" still existed. Where's Kevin Bacon when you need him?



its all good

Sounds as if they are doing everything right(obtaining permits).Naughty Night club sounds like a gimmick to get more people to the club. How many clubs in the area have shadow boxes and or pole to dance with. Yes it may be a small town but everything is groeing up around it sounds like they would too.

Sounds like they are doing

Sounds like they are doing everything within the law(obtaining permits to seeing if it was legal to put up a pole).Naughty Night club, sounds like a gimmick to gain attraction of people, how many other dance clubs have shadow boxes or poles. Yes its a small town, but everything is growing up around it sounds like they would also.