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Home break-ins increase around holidays

READ MORE: Home break-ins increase around holidays
WILMINGTON -- If you're leaving home for the holidays someone else may be looking forward to your vacation as well. Police say the chances of your home being broken into when you're out of town increases this time of year. Taro Manabe found out the hard way just how vulnerable his home was. "I went away on a trip and I came back … and my gun collection was gone." This wasn't the only time Manabe felt violated. "My neighbor tells me when I was away for work there was a truck in front of my and a man walking around the house scoping it out taking pictures. My neighbors confronted the man and he sped off." "So I decided to get an alarm system on my house." An alarm system can be a deterrent as long as you let people know it's there. If you have a home security system make sure you use the stickers and the signs that come with it. Place the stickers on all the windows around the home and the signs in the yard that way it will be a warning for anyone who tries to break in." Police also recommend giving the illusion that someone is home. WPD Ofc. Donald Smith said, "You can put your lights on timers. Place one light in one room and another light in another room and put them on timers that go off intermediately at different times." Smith says to tell your neighbors you will be out of town. "Have them check to make sure nobody is in your yard." "They pick up your mail, they pick up your newspapers. That is a sure sign that some body's not home when newspapers start piling up in the news box," Smith said. Also have information on the big ticket items you own, that way if something is stolen it's easier for police to recover them. "It is very important that you put serial numbers and identification numbers that way you'll have them just in case the unthinkable does happen," Smith said. Knowing what he knows now, Manabe feels safer leaving his home to go out of town. "I make sure that the house has an alarm and it's turned on and all the doors are locked, my neighbor will know when I'm out of town," Manabe said. As a rule you can call your local law enforcement agency and ask for a residence check while you're out of town.

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Gun collectors need gun safes

It's more than a common sense way to retain your property - it's also the mark of a responsible owner. Stolen guns wind up on the street in short order. Worse, you may arrive home while the burglar is still there and be killed with your own piece. When I leave the house my alarm system is turned on, there's one firearm on my hip, and all the rest are locked up in a safe that Lou Ferrigno couldn't move.

Not to slam you but why do

Not to slam you but why do you find it necessary to carry a gun on your person every time you leave your house? Again just curious.

Two reasons

(A) Old habits die hard, and (B)it is far better to have a firearm and not need it, than to need one and not have it. You might as well ask me why I carry a fire extinguisher and first aid kit in my vehicle. The odds say that you'll never need the firearm, the fire extinguisher, or the first aid kit, but if you do you'd better have them on hand and know how to use them. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Some thoughts

I also carry a handgun with me when I go out. I carry it for protection in the hopes of never having to use it. But with a wife and children, I will do what is necessary to protect my family. I used to carry the weapon in my vehicle, but with all the break-ins I felt it was more safe to carry it on me than leave it in my vehicle. I have one advice for those that carry concealed weapons....PRACTICE. You need to practice taking that weapon out of your holster. If you don't and you are ever in the situation where you need it, you won't be able to pull it out. When I'm bored at the house, I will sometimes put my weapon on like I would when I go out and practice pulling it out and shooting at a certain location on the wall. That way, if an incident were to ever come about where I had to use my weapon, I would be able to do it without thinking about it. You might think it's overboard, but it can never hurt to practice. Those that carry weapons do need to realize where they can and cannot carry them. For instance, it is illegal to take them into any even that charges a fee, like the movies or the fair. Also, any business that says you aren't allowed to carry them, you can't. It's the right of the business owner. I don't remember seeing any signs at the Mall saying you can't carry any weapons, but I would check before heading inside.

I ususally do as well

I usually carry a pistol when I'm out for the 'just in case factor.' You never know when some punk will want to try to rob you, steal your vehicle or try that on anybody around you. If I were to see a robbery going down I couldn't just sit and do nothing. Calling the police is a start but what if there are not any units close? These punks need to know we are not going to take their crap any more!