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Home schooling trend

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For the Teeter family, a school day is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Ten year old Ryan Teeter says, "Usually we just come down, I am the latest because I am usually reading in my room. We just come down, eat breakfast, play some and then do our work." Ryan and his brother Zachary have been home-schooled their whole life, with teacher and Mom Ashley. The boys say they wouldn't have it any other way. Seven year old Zachary says, "We play outside, then take a snack, then we kind of play some and then Mom lets us have the rest of the day to ourselves." Nearly 40,000 families in North Carolina home school their children. Five hundred right here in New Hanover County. Experts say it fosters family values while allowing a child to learn at their own pace. For the Teeters, home schooling their children just came naturally. "We like for learning to be a part of life, and not something separate that you do," says Mom Ashley. Father Brett Teeter says, "I think they get a holistic approach to their life. You don't separate work, school, play, vacation, summer, school year. I think you get a real even ebb and flow to your life." Both Ryan and Zachary have benefited from being home schooled. "I like some desert animals, and I really like cacti." "Actually they aren't really sticks, they are ribs from squarrow cactuses." While the education is up to snuff, Teeter says the social interaction with other kids their age may be limited. She tries to help her kids form friendships through sports teams and home school support groups.

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I realize this is an old

I realize this is an old article, but since it is still available on the Internet I wanted to add my thoughts. I was on of those parents who thought homeschooling was a novel idea but felt inadequate and insecure of myself to even try it. My oldest ended up obtaining her GED after years of struggling in public and private schools. We have since added five more children to the nest and started seeing the challenges they were facing. We decided to try homeschool, and the first year was awesome! We are enjoying our second year of homeschooling this year. We are flexible enough to consider each year what is best for our children and family, and make the choice each year to continue with homeschool or traditional school. My children begs to please not put them back in traditional schooling. However we look at the whole picture to decide. I applaud those families who continue to homeschool all the way through High School graduation as well as those families who chose traditional school. There is no right or wrong answer here, it is based on what is best for the individual families. For us, we have tried public, private and now homeschool, and we are enjoying homeschool. My six year old is currently doing second grade work and reading in the third grade level! My fourth grader who has been in public, private and homeschool is doing better in homeschool, while in private school she had to be pit back a grade.
Each choice, whether it is private, public or homeschool has it's pros and cons. A family will need to sit down and weigh all those pros and cons then decide. Other families watching my offer opinion but please don't try to impose your way on others!
Sorry for any typos, I am typing on my IPad and have yet discovered how to scroll up to check mistakes!

Home Schooling

I am 14 and I have just started to be Home Schooled not too long ago I personanly think it is so much easier to catch onto subjects that I normally had troubles with, I understand parents concerns of not knowing how to handle the "real world" when we get older but when your home schooled you actually have more time to get out into more public places and I still hangout with my old friends on the weekends my ife is basicly the same, and just because were schooled by are parents doesn't mean we have been sheltered or babied and we dont know how to stand up for our selfs in the "real world".


From my experience with homeschooling; the first time for my 7th grader was wonderful. It cut out all the IEP meeting, being sterotyped as I have been in the past. And in the quote; " real world"....give me a break no one is anywhere where the real world has been sheltered from them, Homeschoolers actually have more resposibiity than a studebt in school. Think about the transition time of changeing classes, going to a locker, hallways, then add the pressure of bullying, what a waste of my time as a parent trying to refer to who did or did not do it, the over loaded staff, and their blind eyes and ears. So home schooling is a great option, especialy for special needs chidren. Also, as a parent; I know excatly what my child is learning. To help him or her get through the course. We do not live under bridges people.

Dear GreekGirl, I couldn't

Dear GreekGirl,

I couldn't agree with you more, I sometimes go to my son's IEP meeting and feel I get nowhere. I'd like to ask you how you got started doing the home schooling, we are going to be moving to the Wilmington , NC Area and as far as I can see from the school's , Home schooling is our option. So if I may ask how you went about getting started, I'd appreciate any help you may offer. Thank you
Karla SMith

People skills

I don't have a choice to be able to stay home and home school, I am not really sure I would. We have had special needs issues, bullying etc. But you have to put a effort into getting involved with the school and teachers, Good Teachers and school are out there. For the first time my son PASSED EOG. He will be in the seven grade, and for the first time we have had teachers that care saw the good in my son not the special need and push him to do what was already in him. I do think there is good and bad in home schooling, they do miss out on the meeting other kids, prom, games etc.. Parents get involved with the school go to the PTA or PTO and school board meetings, Ask the teachers what you can do to help them.

Home school

I know home schooled children who are more intelligent, have more social skills than the public school children. Plus the home schooled children don't have to deal with the bullying or all the other negatives that happen on a daily basis everyday. I applaud parents who are willing to make the sacrifice for the children to home school them but most don't have this option and have to send their kids to public school.

home school

"all the other negitives that happen...daily"? and what happens when mommy and daddy are no longer around to shelter these kids? What happens when they go out inn the real world? You can get bullied trying to push a shopping cart through wal-mart on a an adult!!!!!!


are ALWAYS exceptions, but that isn't the NORM. Unfortunately...bullying and negatives are part of growing up. YOU NEED that in life to push you forward...mommy isn't always going to be there.


see this from both sides. I think the children are going to be slightly stupid about how the world works because they have never interacted with it like they should....on the other hand our schools have become so flipping makes me sick sometimes.


Mom did this to the four of us. She felt that we learned so much and missed out on nothing. She was wrong----even today 20 years later, I am not only left out when others reminese about their schooldays, but am very resentful. None of us have ever forgiven our mom. She robbed us of our childhood. Needless to say her 18 grandchildren go to school and have a normal childhood.

Not seeing the forest for the tree

I do not know your mother. I do not know the opportunities she did or didn't provide for you. I do know that if my children ever came away with this attitude you hold, my heart would be broken. I homeschool my five children. Granted this is 2008, not 1988 and it is a more mainstream option with so many support groups, resources and materials now. I work so hard at providing a better education with opportunities for character development and reasonable feedback on their actions. I went to school. I had a terrible time and I have to say despite my parents working THEIR butts off to provide a private school education during some of those years, my education seriously lacked. I only know this now teaching my children and learning all the material I was never taught the first time around. In my experience traditional school and all the little EVENTS, like PROM, were highly overrated and over emotional, full of kids doing stupid things and often disrespectful things. There are some subjects one can have more fun learning in groups and then that is the responsibility of the parents to find a group environment worthy of the cost, effort and time. I am sorry you had such a horrible experience. I would be willing to bet you would have had a horrible experience regardless if your family dynamics were such that you couldn't talk things out and go through things as a team. I hope your children and nieces and nephews don't find the resentment that you hold regarding whatever they will want to have changed about the upbringing you have provided so thoughtfully. It hurts but I do think some of that is unavoidable. Good luck.