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Homeless get hot meals from First Fruit Ministries

In below freezing temperatures, the homeless need a place to stay and a hot meal more than ever. Members of different churches volunteered with the First Fruit Ministries in downtown Wilmington Wednesday night. They served hot food to anyone who stopped by. Restaurants donated the meals, and the volunteers served as many as 100 plates a night. "Whenever it gets cold, people need to eat and no matter, what we come out and we try to feed them," said volunteer Arnett Gerald. Harold Gore received a hot meal and said, "I think it's a good thing they do, because a lot of people don't have anything. They feed a whole lot of people." First Fruit Ministries has been offering this service for about ten years. Volunteers serve food in downtown Wilmington twice a week.

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Thanks a lot

I don't have a problem with helping people in need, but does it have to be in the middle of downtown? I am sick and tired of going downtown at lunch or for dinner and having to walk through a huge group of homeless peole sitting at the library asking for money or a ride etc.. I feel that this is opening the door for more and more homeless to come here. If you are helping them in other ways to get off the street thats great, but it seems that they are just making it easier to survive on the street. I don't want to seem insensitive, but I will not bring my young son to the library due to the amount of homeless gathering right outside the doors. It smells its very dirty and who knows about the mental issues. The other concern is the alcohol use right out in the open. I might not be the smartest person, but I do know that a bottle of mountain dew shouldn't have brown liquid in it or a paper bag around it.

my suggestion

I ran across your reply while googling this wonderful ministry who does not 'enable' people..but loves a real sense of the Word! Real love is not a matter of words, but action.. and people have REAl needs that need to be met. These are real people and so are you. Perhaps your wounds don't show as much..but I am sure you have them..we all do. Maybe look at them through the eyes of love and compassion and teach your children to love too. Lastly.. don a homeless garb and try living on the street yourself this winter for a few days.. it'll give you new eyes to see and a new heart.

Love them Like Jesus

How a person smells should be far less important than knowing that they know about Jesus. Life change comes from building friendships and trust is born from those friendships. The choice to drink is just that, a choice, I feel as if we are called to inform them of how to make better choices to begin the climb out of the situations they are in, this will come only if we are trusted by them. You'd be surprised what can be learned from the "missing pages" of a persons life.

You must

have missed last week's article in which the well thought out plan to allow panhandlers and such greater freedom of movement and latitude in pursuit of handouts was brought before the City Council. Causes one to think it's not the grey matter between your ears but the green matter in your checking account which is critical to a succesful run for elected office. Which, by the way, may explain why Senator Bozeman has former President Clinton on her side in Raleigh for a fundraiser for her 2010 re-election campaign