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Homelessness strikes some as economy staggers

READ MORE: Homelessness strikes some as economy staggers
They call each other brothers and sisters. They look out for and help one another. They are some of Wilmington's homeless. "I got my tent, my bed, my rugs and my water,” said Nigel Hanna. “We get water from here, we take showers and we cook on the grill." Hanna lives at a camp she and some friends and relatives made behind a warehouse. She said she is a certified nursing assistant who lost her job a few months ago, followed by her and her husband losing their house. Now, they live at the camp. "You could be right here. Nobody is no better than anybody else," she said. They all have their own pasts that brought them to this point. Al White said he was severely injured on a job site and has since had little luck finding employment. "That is what pretty much put me in this position - except for small, unskilled jobs,” he said. “I served three years in the service, I was in Vietnam for 13 months and I've applied for disability, but they've turned me down." They said they are pounding the pavement looking for work, but it's not as simple as some may think. "A lot of people seem to think people are out here, people just don't want to work, and that's not true," White added. White said he has met very intelligent people in the homeless community. "People who were school teachers, were engineers, and they've had trauma in their lives and things have happened to them and this is where you end up sometimes." "I would have never thought I'd be in this situation. No, but see, that's why you never say never," said Hanna. We have received calls from neighbors concerned about this homeless camp. And in fact, code enforcement has issued notices to the property owners to clean up the area. We will have that part of the story Friday night.

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whole community hidden

in the woods behind the fence between the river and third street is a whole community of people that are homeless. right across from greenfield lake park are sometimes bunches of tents and people staying in there. i volunteered for services that fed and clothed these guys and gals and made friends with many that are not there now. they have moved on or died. many have died. remarkably many had stories of how they are from South Carolina (and other nearby states) and had been given bus tickets upon discharge from mental institutions and hospitals to this area because of the better health care options here. options that were quickly overwhelmed. years ago. this is almost another war between the states, not of aggression but mental deficit disorders. sooner or later it will be a problem that we will be taxed even more to fix. just because the homeless cannot be avoided and are outstanding because they are everywhere. in plain view.

This doesn't 'just happen"

It comes from a lack of planning for "what if." There is no shortage of people who are "two checks away from homelessness" because there is no shortage of people who save absolutely nothing while blowing every cent they make on cigarettes, beer, drugs, a hot car, a cool cellphone, nice clothes, etc, etc..... Remember the grasshopper and the ant, people!


I know how important it is to help people in need, I know that people are in need all over the world. But we need to help those who are right in our own back yards, I hope and pray they can get any assistance they need to keep them going and on the right track. Never lose hope, thanks for sharing your story. Where can we pay our contributions too?


As someone who went through this situation many years ago, I understand. The realists among us understand that this is a complex problem that is not just about unemployment. Booze and drugs are often involved. As long as they are not panhandling or setting the woods on fire, I say leave them alone. There are a lot of people who are only one or two paychecks away from living in tents. The Human spirit is strong. This too, shall pass.


why haven't the powers that be stepped in and helped these folks with some entitlements? And I am not attempting to insult the homeless. But where are the dispensers of Food Stamps and Section 8 housing entitlements? Why have they not stepped into the void?

I didn't see a mention of

I didn't see a mention of any children with this group- most social programs are only available to people with dependant children.

foodstamps for homeless

in order to receive food stamps you must be living in a place with facilities to cook the food . food stamps can't be used to purchase prepared foods . so if you have no place to prepare food , the chances are the stamps would be sold black market . no way to predict what the money would be spent on in that case . i don't know the requirements for section 8

That is not true at all. You

That is not true at all. You can buy ANYTHING besides prepared Hot foods. You can buy deli meat, you can buy cold packaged foods, you can buy soups and crackers and chips and cereal and anything else that isn't in that 6 foot area of prepared hot foods. That's alotttttta choices.

Beacuse they too, are broke!

Beacuse they too, are broke! Section 8 isn't even taking applications. From what I understand, they expect to be closed down for at least a year. Food Stamps? They never said they were eating from trash cans. They're homeless, they need HOMES. I'd be willing to bet they already have food stamps anyway... unless you have to show proof of residence.. hmm? I don't know about that. What I'm trying to say is that they aren't getting the help they need because there's no help to be had, the gov't funded so-called "help" is just as broke as the rest of us... and [they] cut funds more and more everyday.

I can not accept

that. If they can fund cell phones for recipients of Section 8 housing and Food Stamps, they ought to be able to fund some help for the homeless. Heck, let her Majesty order the parking of the State Trooper vehicles for a part of each patrol hour. Take their cell phones away and make them use their radios. This is not a problem just in Wilmington. Every major city in NC has a similar struggle. Cut out state travel. Park State vehicles. Postpone the convention center and the new loop for 74/76. Coming from me that says a lot as I usually am in line with Commonsense on most topics.