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ONLY ON 3: Homemade signs ask for drivers to slow down after dog's death

READ MORE: Homemade signs ask for drivers to slow down after dog's death

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A New Hanover County resident has an important message to drivers. Someone has posted signs in their neighborhood that say, "Slow down. You killed my dog!" The signs are posted inside the Weatherwood subdivision just off Gordon Road and Wood Squirrel, but the question is are the bright colored signs changing the way people drive in this neighborhood?"

Hundreds of drivers make their way through the Weatherwood subdivision each day. Signs along the road alert drivers about the speed limit and children, but recently a homemade sign has a different message.

"For about a week now we've had these signs up, and I was wondering who's dog it was," neighbor Donna Turner said. "I have a dog myself, and people do go through this neighborhood too fast!"

Turner and other neighbors and drivers have noticed the neon colored signs, but finding the person who put it up is no easy task.

"We do have a lot of pets in the neighborhood, so I can completely understand if somebody lost their pet that they would be aggravated, and I think it's good that they're taking proactive measures to do something about it," Trevor Rhodes said.

A few residents and drivers who didn't want to go on camera say they agree with the slow down portion of the sign, but say the owner of the dog should be responsible for its safety. The signs though, seem to be driving home the message.

Residents say the problem with their neighborhood are drivers from Gordon Road and Market Street just cutting through. Neighbors say it's unfortunate if speed is to blame for a dog's death, but hopefully the passing will get drivers to slow down.

Residents say more importantly there are many kids in the neighborhood who play outside. They hope drivers who won't slow down for pets, will at least slow down for children.

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Would you be saying these horrendous things about the parents if it was a child and instead of a dog....
Mercy on your cold,cold, hateful hearts!

I live on Wood Sorrell too..SLOW DOWN!!!

i've lived on Wood Sorrell (NOT Wood Squirrel-fact checkers)for 11 years.
My neighbors have had FOUR cars totalled by hit & run drivers and i had my mailbox knocked all the way across the street! Many of these drivers are drunk and cutting through the neighborhood to stay off the main roads...

Wood Sorrel is a State Road so I've contacted tne NCDOT several times about the speeding & accidents on our road. They have informed me (very rudely , last time) that they will not impede traffic in anyway (stop sign, speed bumps, etc) on our road...
i guess, as usual, a person will have to be injured before they do anything about it, when it's already too late!


First of all, whoever is heartless enough to say those bad things is probably the one drive who killed our dog (in front of kids) and never stopped (doing over 45 on 35mph), or the one person who went after the news crew left and took the signs down.
Our dog got loose while we're at work (you idiot). At 6 pm all people are walking and all kids are playing in a quiet neighborhood.
If you driver get off the freaking phone, drive under speed limits and pay the freaking attention, this would have never happened.
I'm sure to all you people blaming the owner, you had a mother who cared for you and never wanted you getting hit by a car, but how many times did you run to catch your ball on the road? Or crossed without looking carefuly?
My next sign will be SLOW DOWN OR YOU'LL KILL MY KID.
Accidents happen, but next time stop to show some freaking sorrow for killing someones loved pet.

My horrified children

This incident happened in front of my house on Wood Sorrell Road. Unfortunately my kids were playing in the front yard and had to witness the whole thing. They ran in the house horrified and screaming that a dog had been hit. My kids should not have seen that. The dog did not die right away my kids had to watch him stumble around on broken legs, then he collapsed and died! The truck that hit the dog did not slow down, hit the brakes - nothing!! Fortunately the car behind him had a heart and stopped to check on the dog. People go down this road everyday at 50+ MPH - that could have very easily been a child! As far as the comment about locking up your dogs and kids - it is obvious you have neither. It is summer the kids are going to go and and play. This is their neighborhood and they have every right to play outside. I know the dog owner and I know that there was no neglect on their part in this situation. The dog recently learned how to jump the fence. The owner did not know the dog was out so I don't blame them at all!! It was a very unfortunate accident, I know the truck did not mean to hit the dog. Common curiosity tells you to stop when something like this happens (or at least you would think so)! The whole point is first of all it could have been a child and 2nd of all - slow down in residential neighborhoods!! I know our road is a short cut that many of you take to get to Market, but is getting to where you are going worth risking the life of a child???

Without witnessing the

Without witnessing the event, I'm not sure how most here are deciding who is to blame in this story. I could see either side being responsible.

Every day I see terrible driving. Most people are just not paying attention to what is most important while driving. We have way too many accident in our area.

I also live in the area of this story. I drive, bicycle, and walk these neighborhood streets. There are way too many lose dogs and cats wondering around leash-less. If you care for your pets, they would not be out lose. (For any reason).

Its not technecally the

Its not technecally the owners fault if their dog or cat got loose. And people really need to slow down when they are driving. When you're trying to hurry up and you hit a kid or something your gonna realize that it wasn't worth hitting a kid or a pet over trying to get somewhere.

It might not be the owners

It might not be the owners fault the dog or cat could have go loose they might have got out or they are strays. So technecally its not the owners falut. Yea i feel sorry for some persons dog because the same thing happened to me and people do need to slow down on the roads.

I explained it all today on

I explained it all today on my posting. Driver was way above speed limit, killed dog that got lose while I was at work, in front of other kids and never stopped.

Out-of-date speed limits

If this is a residential area, why is the posted speed limit 35 instead of 25?

We have MANY areas in this county where the speed limit has not kept pace with development. Porter's Neck Road is a prime example. When it was a sparsely populated country road, 55 was fine. It was dropped to 45 as more and more people moved in. Look at the number of driveways and subdivisions and it becomes readily apparent that 45 is now too fast. It should be 35. (Tangential issue, why does NHCS no longer set up radar on that road every couple of weeks, as they used to?)

No reduction in speed will save every animal, but in this case it could just as easily been a child.

Speed limit

Yes, I looked into it. In city limits is 25 for residential, but we are just out side of city limits. The lowest for county is 35mph. I'm going to start a petiton and put this on record. If in the future someone kills my kid after they just killed my dog, the county will be responsible for not listening.


Speeding is an issue in ALL

Speeding is an issue in ALL of the neighborhoods in that area. I live in Alamosa and all day long cars go flying by. People let their kids play in the street, I personally think it is endangering your child, but none the less people need to slow down.

Nothing but hate

Do we expect anything less of the cynical jerks who spend their day posting hate on an internet forum?

People with a heart don't waste their day posting rants filled with angst on internet forums. Its just a fact. They are lonely, bitter and hate the world and they let us all know by posting anonymously on the internet.

I agree with you. There are

I agree with you. There are some hate mongers on here who jump at the chance to belittle someone's grief or quick to pass judgment on someone when they have minimal knowledge of the circumstances involving the incident...

As for those of you who say "keep your kids locked up," - you CLEARLY do not even have children and it's a frightening thought if you do.

Kids have the right to play or ride bicycles in their own neighborhood without fear that someone will come barreling through at 40+ MPH. What people fail to realize: it's not just young (1-5 year old) pedestrians who fall victim to someone's recklessness. Adults are struck and killed while walking, riding bikes, etc. as well, all as a result of someone's negligence.

Any number of factors can lead to a dog getting out including one plain mistake, (which of course you hate mongers with your attitudes and swift judgments have never made a "common mistake" so you wouldn't know)...

My thoughts and prayers are with the family who endured the loss of a beloved pet regardless of the circumstances.

People ease up on the dog

People ease up on the dog owner. If you have never owned a dog then you don't know that they get out. Dogs are smart enough to figure out how to open doors, slip out of leashes, climb fenses and etc. Last week my dogs got out of my locked house when they saw another animal in my yard by going through a closed window. Yes they broke the window. I can't say for sure but if the driver was going slower then there certainly a chance the pet would still be alive.

Keep your kids and dog locked up!

I don't care if you live on a dead end road that is should keep your kid and dogs locked up. You never know when someone is going to come flying down a road no matter what the speed limit's just negligence otherwise.

controlling speeders in

controlling speeders in neighborhoods

Dog Killed

Come on people - don't be so harsh. Yes, owners should always have their pets on a leash but lets be honest - mistakes can happen. A dog can bolt out of the front door if a kid mistakenly opens it, etc. My dogs are always kept on leash and always in my eyesight even when out in fenced yard, but once when a friend came over, they didn't latch the front door good and one of my dogs got out and darted right across the street. Mistakes happen and whether that is the case in this instance or not, the poor animal is now dead. Let's not crucify the owner - let's just hope if the dog was left unattended outside or let out without a leash that this will be a lesson learned for all. I'm truly sorry for the loss of your dog.

Doesn't New Hanover County

Doesn't New Hanover County have an ordinance that requires owner to keep their dogs in a fence, or on a leash or something like that? Or does that just a city ordinance?

If so, then it was at least partly the owners fault for not properly restraining their pet.

Yes There Is

Yes There Is A Law About That But You Never Must Have Owned A Dog They Always Find A Way To Get Out Somehow My Dog Jumped The Fence And They Always Get Out All The Time.

I have 2 dogs, and every

I have 2 dogs, and every year or two they do find a way to escape for a run through the neighborhood. But if my dog ran out in the street and got hit, I would accept the fact that the driver was not the only one at fault. That's why I said that this dog owner was at least "partly" at fault. Both the owner and the driver, if he was speeding, share in the blame for the dog's death.

I think the dog owner is missing the point ...

Why is the dead-dog's owner making it her responsibility to police the streets for speeders when she couldn't even put a leash on her dog to keep it safe? Allowing one's dog to run wild is a crime, as is speeding.

Intent Crime vs Unintentional

Because everybody makes a mistakes, whether it is children, animals, or even you. And speeding is another mistake. Wouldn't it be prudent for the driver to go the speed limit or take precautions to slow down rather than spend the rest of his life regretting taking the life of a child, animal or a loved one.
How would you feel if it was your child or animal? Besides, why be in such a rush, life to short, don't make it shorter. And the life you're saving today, may be yours tomorrow--we all make mistakes.


It Was My Dog And It Wasn't My Fault He Got Out He Got Out Be Cause He Saw Another Dog And Then A Truck Going About 50 Came By And You Know The Rest... So Others Should Know Keep Your Pets On A Leash Or Inside.


It is indeed your fault to have had any chance of him getting out. Obviously he wasn't behind a proper fence, or you had a door open, or something. The dog didn't just open the door and head out...

Oh great so now the speed

Oh great so now the speed bumps come into play. Just because the owner couldn't keep their pet on a leash. Which by the way is a law here in New Hanover County. Not that people should be speeding through any neighborhood, but hey be responsible for your pets. The animal shouldn't have been in the front of the house. Rather out back in the fence or on a leash. I am mad as crap that the animal got hit and killed, but i also blame the owners for this. The people also for not stopping to see what they had done. Shame on all of you.

It Was

It Was Out Back We Were Repairing The Fence

Tell that LOSER it is their

Tell that LOSER it is their fault the dog was killed. They should have made sure the dog was not allowed to run loose. I have NO sympathy for them - it's their fault the dog was killed. My heart aches for the dog - the poor fellow paid for their owner's stupidity. I can only hope their irresponsibility will haunt them for causing the poor dog's death.

the speed was the cause of

the speed was the cause of this particular dog's death. people need to slow down. children and pets are out, and its a residential neighborhood.
the signs are completely necessary.

my dog signs

The signs and dog in the article are mine. On june 1st a car flying WELL above the posted speed limit, hit and killed my dog and never stopped. My children made the signs to have some say in the horrible event and hopefully not have it happen again. It could easily have been a child instead of a dog!!! The whole goal behind the signs is to get drivers to slow down. The speed limit in the neighborhood is always exceeded and numerous pleas to the police and sheriff's office's have been ignored. So hopefully this emotional in-your-face tactic will have an effect.
Kenneth Hammann

I too am sorry for the loss

I too am sorry for the loss of your dog! I love my dogs more than anything and would be distraught if something happened to them! I hope people will be more neighborly and think of others in the future. Mistakes do happen and dogs can slip out, even if they are majorly loved and cared for to the fullest. Don't let these people get to you! Tell your kids good job and keep trying :)