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Wright expelled from House

READ MORE: Wright expelled from House

The state House has voted to remove Rep. Thomas Wright from office for ethical misconduct, the first such expulsion of a lawmaker from North Carolina's General Assembly in 28 years.

The House voted 109-5 Thursday in favor of booting the Wilmington Democrat, who is accused of mishandling or hiding about $340,000 in loans and campaign and charitable contributions. At east 80 votes were needed to expel him.

Wright has denied wrongdoing and called the proceedings a rush to judgment by his peers. He faces a criminal trial on similar allegations later this month.

Wright was escorted from the chamber by the House sergeant at arms after the vote. His attorney later promised to file a legal challenge to the House's action.

State official left agency amid scandal, consulting work followed

The former state official who wrote a bogus letter to help Rep. Thomas Wright apply for a charitable loan later worked closely with the agency he left amid the scandal. Torlen Wade is the former director of the rural health office in the Department of Health and Human Services.

The letter was disclosed last May. He retired in June. The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Thursday that the following month, Wade became a consultant to the North Carolina Foundation for Advanced Health Programs. The agency works closely with the rural health office.

Wright is accused of persuading Wade to write a letter in 2002, saying Wade's office could commit $150,000 to help build a museum commemorating the 1898 race riots in Wilmington. Wade knew the claim was false. The letter is among several issues lawmakers will consider Thursday when they decide whether to expel Wright from office for misconduct.

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I played a part in this

He isn't coming back. There is too much known about what he was trying to do and on the record now. He cannot make another run for the seat he occupied because of the testimony that he has given to save his skin already. Anything that he says beyond this point is just an attempt to save some face in his own crowd. Only those sucka's that believed it before might forgive him.

Get rid of the attorney

I have read and heard some ridiculous things during all of this with Thomas Wright, but I think his attorney comparing this to the betryal of Jesus took the "cake". What happened to Wright happened because he chose to do wrong and violate the very people he chose to serve! Jesus was betrayed for money, and died for your sins and my sins. He had done nothing wrong. He was obedient to his Father, God. Thomas Wright did wrong and now he is reaping the consequences. If the attorney can't come up with something other than the race card or betrayal, Mr. Wright might be better off looking for someone else to represent him.

What took you so long?

One wonders why it took the House so long? Rep. Wright, having done the wrong thing rather than the right thing, has as much brass as.....well, er, uh, as much as Bill Clinton!

It is pitiful, just like

It is pitiful, just like Spitzer and Patterson. Corrupt whether over money or sex. Just to use taxpayer dollars to keep the hate going is pitiful. The race riots is about civil unrest. No one needs to memorialize that with tax dollars needed to pay the state's light bill. Hopefully he will have learned his lesson, as he seemed bright enough, just too arrogant or just dishonest. Everyone has civil rights no matter what color our mom or dad was.

It's a shame

We lost a good. Rep. He did a lot of good for the people of this area.

as the saying goes....

ding dong the witch is gone! it's time to clean up the house

Good chance he'll be re-elected

Have you forgotten Marion Barry? To a lot of his constituents, Wright is "...just another brother getting over on the man."

Don't Forget Ted

Please do not forget Ted's hard to top that one.

No Way

Now way the good, intelligent, hard-working, honest, moral, God-fearing tax payers of his former district could ever be so taken in by such a man again! You give the intelligent, hard-working men and women of his former district no credit for being color blind, issue-driven, thinking voters who vote based on the character of one's being and no other obvious factor like hair or height! Shame on anyone for ever accusing the poor souls of his former district of being ignorant or resentful, trying to 'stick it to the man." Indeed, these good citizens are honest, hard-working, intelligent sensient beings! And I I know of some great waterfront property in south Florida for sale, too! Thankfully the Easter Bunny arrives Sunday, also!

Good chance he'll be re-elected

word up.

It's a shame

Thomas Wright had his chance in life to do good, positive things with his position of power. Unfortunately he chose greed, money and power. Too bad that seems to be par for the course for most (not all) politicians. Thomas Wright isn't the only one that needs to be expelled in Raleigh AND Washington. The other crooks just haven't been caught because none of the other "Good Ole" Backslappers have the guts to go after them.

Thanks, We needed That!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he calls this a rush to judgement. I think it's about time and maybe now we can get some honest representation for a change. I think allot of weeding needs to be done in Raleigh from the top down. Maybe now, those who have done questionable things will think twice about seeking reelection.

Need to look at more

Need to look at more government officals and government employees in this state there are many that are doing this but have not got cought yet

It's over!

I am so thankful that someone was finally willing to stand up and say enough is enough! It is time to move him out, move someone in that is willing to serve the people instead of themselves, and time to move on.

See ya

Good bye chuckles!! Now wipe that smug look off your mug!

Lets get rid of all the

Lets get rid of all the criminal corrupting our system, and send chuckles to prison where he belongs!! Someone there will be only to happy to wipe that smug grin off his face!

mr wright if your fate was

mr wright if your fate was in my hands you would hang or see a giultine.i have scars that run deep from medical malpractice and recieved nothing i was beat by the system itself a lesson did i learn dont depend on the the board of nursing or the board of doctors in raleigh for nothing but a nice plot in a graveyard they are in it to win it for them selves not you or i and they will do anything to stop what is in there way yes they are there own mafia there own union of dues paying doctors and nurses that oversee public tax paying citizens medical malprctice claims and you with held a nice fat bribe from the board of nurses and look were it got you in deep **** mr wright if you were given the wrong medicine , or faulty equiptment was used in your operation scaring you , or you were mising a wrong limb maybe you would have made the stipilations worse for them instaed you took a big bribe

Crooks go to jail. Wright

Crooks go to jail. Wright please tell imnate #152343 "hi". He is the guy that went to jail because of a law you passed. I know he will recognize you. Have fun! Treebeard I will rule all of Middle Earth...and the squirrels!!

Punishment??? When will the

Punishment??? When will the news media learn these people get ghost writers after something like this and make enough to retire off of? Crooks or if they are Saints! Henceforth...this man has had more news coverage then a local hurricane aftermath...or as much anyway.

Save us money and step down!

I want to know how each member votes on this one! Please vote GOOD BYE on this one.