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House gives final approval on gas tax

As taxes could go up, the state's gasoline tax likely will not go down next month. The House Monday night gave final approval to a Senate measure that would turn the current 29.9 cent cap on the gas tax to the minimum. That means the tax would remain at least that high through the middle of 2011. The gas tax had been expected to go down two cents July 1st. Under the new law, the tax will still be readjusted twice a year based on the wholesale price of gas. Governor Bev Perdue's office said the governor is expected to sign the change into law.

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How long has Bev perdue been in office?All she seems to be doing is raising taxes on everything.I already have to limit my driving to a minimum because of gas prices.My husband lost his job this week.His company closed it's doors.We are struggling and everything continues to go up.The schools are having to cut jobs.Classes are being dropped.Why is the school system worse off then ever and we now have the education lottery.Where does that money go?I will be at the voting polls when election time comes.I will not vote for bev Perdue.

Did you vote for her last November?

Please tell me that you're not one of those who voted for Democrats and are now shocked at the taxes that are rising. Stand by. "You ain't seen nuthin' yet!" You'll likely see a federal VAT drive up the cost of everything you purchase. You're going to see the most successful citizens be taxed at rates that approach pre-Reagan levels. You may see rates for everyday middle-class Americans rise up to 50%.... ....and that's just at the federal level. Ali-Bev-a and her many thieves that occupy the statehouse are FAR from done with your wallet! Don't ever forget - a successful person voting for a Democrat is identical to a woman inviting a known rapist home for a few drinks.

Yet another pot

This is just another pot for them to rob from when other areas need money. Gas tax is supposed to be for road maintenance and nothing else. It should be illegal to raid this fund, the "education" lottery fund to balance budgets.

We need a Constitutional Amendment in NC

As much as I hate the idea of seeing the gas tax rise (and you know that it will) I wouldn't mind as much if every penny collected was used for road construction and repair.... ....but it's not. The fund is simply another "slush fund" for governors to dip into whenever the mood strikes them. Easley regularly raided the fuel tax money and the E911 Telecommunications money to fund his pet projects. The end result was that the state was still funding teen pregnancy counselling while some 911 centers couldn't obtain funding to install updated servers and cell-phone location terminals. Medicaid funding was sustained while important transportation projects were put on hold. We need a very simple Constitutional Amendment: "Taxes collected and designated for a specific application can only be used for that application." That way sleazy governors and legislators will not pull the old bait and switch on you, telling you that they're collecting the money for a fund that will benefit everyone, then using it to help their special interest groups and pet projects.

So, NC is already one of the

So, NC is already one of the highest gas tax States in the Union and we are going to make it even higher...I wonder if our so called Gov. is trying to make us #1 in something

Not "one of the highest" in

Not "one of the highest" in the nation- THE HIGHEST! Too bad we can't be number one in something worthwhile like education. How about bumping up the tax on alcohol and smoking some more, Bev, instead of on something we need to get to our jobs- for those of us who still have jobs even though we got pay cuts.


How about something that everyone gets to pay, say like raising the sales tax up to 15 per cent. That would sure collect a lot of tax money for the Democrats.

Democracy doesn't work....

Democracy doesn't work when the people do not vote for the best person for the job without political prejudice. McCrory, the Charlotte Mayor, kicked her A** in the debate and has done as good as someone can do with what he's had to work with. What has Perdue done??? Her track record is non-existent. I hope McCrory runs again when Perdue's term is up. But truthfully, anyone's better than what we have.


I can tell you Freddie Kruger could be running for office next election and ID VOTE FOR HIM to get these incumbents OUT..EVERY FLIPPING ONE OF THEM..I'm tired of this crap!


Of course shes going to sign it into law. She is chomping at the bit to siphon more money from what is supposed to go to highway projects. Remember who voted for this come next election.


So when in NC do you have to do anything right to get elected. The only requirement is to be a good Democrat. The masses will break their necks to vote for you.

Gas Tax

Gov. Perdue is really not turning out to be a friend of voters. This lady has tried to dramatically raise insurance rates for us, cripple our educational system & now she wants to raise the gas tax. Does she realize we're in a recession? Brunswick, New Hanover & Pender counties are now considered economically depressed, but she has no problem skyrocketing our insurance rates & gas prices. What planet did she come from?

Way to go Bev! Another big

Way to go Bev! Another big fat feather in your cap for the carpetbaggers in Raleigh. Enjoy this while you can, because 1 term as Governor will be your 15 minutes of fame!