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House passes bill to ban sweepstakes cafes


RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- The North Carolina Legislature has made clear its 2006 video poker ban also applies to computer-based sweepstakes games that have popped up inside old store fronts and strip malls statewide.

The House agreed Wednesday by a vote of 86-27 to back a Senate bill approved last month that would do away with the games which have become popular at hundreds of Internet cafes and business centers.

The measure now goes to Gov. Bev Perdue's desk for her signature. If she approves, it would become law December 1. Center operators say the ban would eliminate thousands of jobs during the bad economy by getting rid of a game that's a form of entertainment, not gambling, but machine opponents argue the games are designed to get around the 2006 video poker ban.

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I was told by an employee at

I was told by an employee at a particular sweepsteaks gambling establishment that the owners can adjust the jackpot and have witness them doing so several times. After spending aprox.. $5000 there in one months time, I'm appaulled. Ask yourself if a jackpot is set at $1000 but yet they have watched & viewed by their computer a customer put in $400 a day repeadatly; what would keep the owners from raising that jackpot from $1000 to now $2700 & so on?? Hmmmmm. It's kind of like playing cards with a dealer that holds a marked deck, where always you are the loser. I completley agree with the banding these places, It is both gambling & fraud.


I have visited a sweepstakes parlor and they are a way to get around machine bans. Anyone who says they are not is lying. Individuals sit in there and put hundreds of dollars into those machines hoping for the big payout. I feel bad because some people put their rent money , childrens child support, and light bill money into those machines. Granted if they wana gamble they are gona find a way to do it regardless, but this is not Vegas. Form of entertainment my behind GAMBLING plain and simple. Can it be entertaining, yes it can, but call it what it is people.

Sweepstakes vs. Lottery Ticket Machines?

The reason to ban the sweepstakes is that it is gambling from a machine right? What is the difference, besides the obvious getting a ticket, from the state lottery ticket machines that hand out a chance to win money when you put money in the dispenser??
I see no difference here, money in, a chance to win out. Let me tell you, as a person who has used both types of machines. I have won a hell of a lot more money from the sweepstakes machines than the lottery!!! The difference, the state gets money in their pockets from the lottery. Don't tell me about the education fund either.
AGAIN,No difference between state lottery ticket machine and sweepstakes!!!!!


You may not be aware of this, but I have seen folks go into these cafes and trade prescription pills and anything else (booze, etc.) they can with these folks who run the cafes in exchange for gambling money.. maybe you didn't know that, but it's true. I agree with you no real difference between this activity and the lottery EXCEPT, in this case, regulation is a GOOD thing.
I don't see anyone going into a business trying to buy a lottery ticket with pills, do you?? I know first hand how this affects families; trust me, it's horrible. I don't want to give the state any more of my money than I have to either, but for crying out loud, but some of these "owners" of the cafes in question are CRIMINALS, or at LEAST engaging in criminal behavior. Just something you might want to consider.

Someone forgot

to end their BOLD statement. Here, I'll do it for you Much better.

Doesn't matter if they are the same thing... The law is the law, and the sweepstakes "cafes" knowingly exploited a hole in the law. And now that hole is closed around them. Too bad, so sad.

Should have done things the LEGAL way the first time!!!

Quit crying about a right they never had to begin with. You sound like Jesse and Al protecting some idiot who did something wrong and got punished for it

You have no point!!!

I am not defending sweepstakes cafes. I am not defending someone who has done something wrong. The law is the law, currently the cafes are legal, the law is the law.
Lottery=gambling, Sweepstakes=gambling: One legal=Both legal.
Common sense You have none!!!! Rich people gamble, Poor people gamble, Crime happens with or without gambling around. The issue is what is the difference here. What is the reason behind allowing one and not the other. Again, I am not defending law breakers, I am just trying to understand the reason behind the decision. Lawmakers are supposed to be impartial and just. Why allow one machine gambling type and not another when they are basically the same.
Oh yeah, one more thing


I'll tell you what the difference is, the state government wasn't getting the money from the machines, they do from the tickets. Less people were buying lottery tickets because they had a chance to actually win with the machines.
I'm glad the machines are gone. I see a lot of weak minded people flock to those things. Sad.

What a messed up state! They

What a messed up state! They say Gambling is legal as long as they run the show. Just goes to show you that the State hates their citizens and punishing them in order to get money for their vices..

God help America , its worse than Russia ever was!


YAY ! Glad they banned them. Less places for the lower end of the human scale to hang out and spend their welfare.

What a derelict

There are many of us not on welfare that go to play becuase we live in the country and there's not much else to do. I go down to my local establishment and there are mainly rich old ladies with nothing better to do so they go for a little leisure time. You really should grow up and stop stereotyping people; before people start assuming that you are just a person that can't find a date to save their life. That's why you're so ill that you have to come on here and make fun of people with less money than you.


here was a way to increase revenue...but they blew it...all the more reason to FIRE EVERY ONE OF THEM!