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How the decision to bailout the auto industry could affect our area

READ MORE: How the decision to bailout the auto industry could affect our area
25 billion dollars; that is the amount of money GM, Ford, and Chrysler are asking from Congress to save their industry. If the feds decide not to bail the car companies out, it could affect our area. Woody Fordham said, “It's in a bad state. Car sales across the United States are off.” Woody Fordham is the general manager at Vann Underwood Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge in Whiteville. He said Congress must bailout the auto industry or our local economy will suffer. The big three automakers, Ford, GM and Chrysler, all have dealerships in our area, which Fordham said employ about 60 to 70 people in Whiteville alone. "These are not minimum wage jobs. We make a strong contribution to the local economy; the taxes that we pay, the jobs that we offer. So we have a very strong impact," Fordham said. CEO's from the Detroit three begged Congress last week for 25 billion dollars in loans. But congressional leaders said they need more specifics and plans from the automakers. "We don't know what they need. That's part of the problem," said Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said, “Until they can show us the plan we can not show them the money.” On the flip side, the dip in car sales has increased business for repair shops, as people are willing to fix up their old cars instead of buying new ones. But Chip Custer of Custer Auto Repair said the meltdown of the car industry could eventually affect his business. "My concern would be parts, the ability to get General Motors parts if they went out of business," said Custer. The CEO's of GM, Ford and Chrysler, will go before Congress again next month with a plan to save their industry.

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Let the market take care of it. THEY got themselves in this mess...not on me to bail them out. I don't think GMAC would be calling people they loaned money to BAIL THEM OUT if they were having a problem making a payment! Let them FAIL..get rid of the flippin UNIONS and start over without the Unions...UNIONS are HALF of their problems!

American vs. Japan

I was a diehard American car owner. I only owned Fords actually until last year I needed a new car and found a Buick that was priced right. My husband also traded in his bigger car for a Toyota. First off the customer service from a large "royal" car dealer in town was crap, the salesman was very aggressive and tried to talk down to me. After I told him I didn't need a man's advice to buy a car, he backed off and we made the deal and that was it. He even called me about a month ago to see if I knew anyone who wanted to buy a car. UGH Toyota of Wilmington has been nothing but the best. They took their time with the sales process and was patient everytime my husband changed his mind. They made us feel welcome everytime we visited the show room, before and after we purchased the car. The two salesmen always remembered our names and even showed interest in how my child's ballgame went the weekend before. The difference between the two, one works for commission and the other works customer satisfaction rating. Which way works? Well Toyota is not struggling. Be nice to your customers you sell cars which means you need to make more cars and you can pay your factory workers. One private jet ride = 3 months salary NO BAIL OUT



I dont see Honda or Toyota

I dont see Honda or Toyota in turmoil, especially in our area, and what I know of Honda's, 90% are manufactured right here in the USA.

A Primary Reason

is the non Big 3 manufacturers do not employ unionized labor in this country. That makes a big difference. The Big 3 have an hourly labor charge of about $72. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and BMW have an hourly labor charge of about $38. That's a $34 per hour difference. So when they talk about Greed; they need to consider the Greedy Labor Unions.


I'm a teacher and I think my salary, with 13 years experience and a Masters Degree works out to be something like $19/Hour. I think I'm in the wrong occupation!