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How to save money this summer on cooling costs

READ MORE: How to save money this summer on cooling costs
When the sun comes out and temperatures heat up, the air conditioners go on, and that can be pricey. So how do you keep the costs to a minimum? Marty Clugstone, Southeastern Heating & Air, said, "Make sure the filters are changed and have preventative maintenances done." Experts say to replace the air filter each month. The filter only costs about $1 and could save you hundreds of dollars in possible future repairs. "If you can [change filters] once a month you're looking at $12 dollars a year verses having to get a service call that can cost you $150 to $200. It's cheaper to change the filters." Clugstone also recommends closing your blinds and putting up heavy curtains to save energy. "If you block that solar heat from coming into the house, it helps keep the air conditioner from having to work as hard," said Clugstone. Also, keep the coils behind the air filter clean to help with air flow, and Clugstone said to consider buying a programmable thermostat. "A programmable thermostat will bring the unit on before they come home. The house will be cooled off when they come home, but the unit will not have to work as hard during the heat of the day," said Clugstone. A programmable thermostat costs around $200, but Clugstone said it pays for itself in savings. "By raising the temperature in the house during the day for an eight hour period can save $10 to $15 per day on their air conditioning cost," said Clugstone. Experts recommend changing your air filter more than once a month if you have a lot of dust in your home or an indoor pet. Changing the filter helps air flow and keeps your air-conditioner from working overtime, which in turn saves you extra money.

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What year are they living in? "...The filter only costs about $1..." I want to know where to get those at! I have NEVER seen them for a buck.

Where the heck are you

Where the heck are you shopping? Food Lion has them for 99 cents!

I buy mine all the time for

I buy mine all the time for about $1 per filter depends on the brand and where you shop. Pleated filters are more expensive and 2" filters as well but quibbling over an extra 20 cents is foolish


I wasn't talking about the blue ones...might as well have a piece of paper up there with holes in it.

my husband works for a

my husband works for a heating and air company and says the blue ones are actually better for your system.

The blue ones are fine, for most people

They're easier on your system and your electric bill. The denser a filter material, the harder your blower has to work and the quicker the filter will get clogged. The cheapo blue ones are practically impossible to clog. Now, if you change your filter every month, you can buy those $7.00 hypoallergenic filters and have remarkably clean air. Forget to change one and let it get filthy, and your electric bill will show it. So might your blower motor, at the worst time. If you can handle average quality air and don't have inordinate dust, pollen, or pet dander sensitivity, the cheapo blue ones do fine if you change them every quarter.