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Human bones found in Wilmington


WILMINGTON -- Wilmington Police are investigating human skeletal remains found behind a business in the 3500 block of Carolina Beach Road Saturday afternoon. Investigators say passersby found the scattered remains that appear to be from two people.

Police say the remains were removed from the scene Saturday, and that the search for more evidence continued Sunday.

At this point, police are not releasing more information until there is confirmation from the medical examiner's office about at least a few preliminary details, including length of time the remains may have been there, possible cause of death, age, gender, etc.

According to a statement from the Wilmington Police Department, "The original decision to postpone release of information for a brief time was out of regard for any family, anywhere, that is missing a loved one. Knowledge that unidentified remains have been found leads to speculation and unnecessary pain for all but those whose loved ones may eventually be accounted for."

Investigators say more details will be released as information is confirmed.

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the matter of ID'ing human remains and missing loved ones

I am so sorry about your son missing. My son is missing as well and you can understand what it is like when remains are found. All of us with missing loved ones that our son, daughter, and so forth? My son has been missing since 11.8.04 We will not quit looking until we find our sons - please someone set up some sort of center so that parents can have access to information about remains. No one understands that no matter where our kids disappeared from that jurisdiction does not follow-up on out-of-state remains and how could they...there are so many of them. Peace to everyone with missing loved ones - we need help and we are not getting it and the pain is unbearable and unbelievable. Help us, someone...please these human remains found is a loved one.

bones found

After bones are found there are ways of identifing them to start they will use dental records, dna, etc. First they have to find out if male or female then possible hight. Maybe some forms of ID. Then they will start looking at people missing in the area. It is alway best if you have a missing family member to have a DNA sample on file in CODIS to match against any Jane or John Does found. Codis run there dna every month.In the north carolina alone there are over 110 unidentified that have not been identified. Betty

Missing son

My son has been missing 11 months today. Now I will wonder if the bones could be my son. But how will I ever know, is it possible to ID a person from bones? At this point if it turns out to be my son, at least I would have closure. Now the unknown is also unbareable. My prayers are with all involved with this horrible situation.....

Jessie Dunn

Dear Jessie, Why do you not call the Wilmington PD and ask that question. Which ever way it turns out, I'll be praying for you.

the police dont know who the

the police dont know who the remains belong to there buddy. The medical examiner has to come up with that one. it is just bones. take it easy on them boss.

shame on the news for

shame on the news for reporting this before the family members have been told what happened to their loved ones. these were people that are loved and their families are in pain. news like this should not be told to the families via your news but should have come from the police first. be more careful.

shame on news

Do you know how to read? I didn't see any names