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'Human food' bad for dogs

READ MORE: 'Human food' bad for dogs
We all love our pets, but sometimes things we do out of love could end up doing more harm than good for our furry friends. "It became apparent that he had a hip problem and from that point on it's been really important to monitor his weight to help with his hip dysplasia." Helen's dog Hershey is overweight. Helen said, "We were starting to give him some extra food, like table scraps and some human food as treats, but our vet made it very clear that that was not going to be good for Hershey and that it could really damage his health." "We don't recommend table scraps because the diet that you're giving your pet will not be well balanced and a high fat meal can cause pancreatitis." Ward says 45 percent of pets in America are overweight or obese. "Your animal may be overweight... if you cannot easily feel the ribs, you can't see a waist line and their stomach hangs down." All that extra fat can be dangerous for your furry friend. "You pet can develop diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis heart disease, cancer and type-two diabetes, so your pet could die." But with a healthy diet your pleasantly plump pet should be fine. "You should look at your bag of food it tells you exactly how much food for your pets weight, and use a measuring cup don't estimate, measure it." Hershey was just weighed and he was 78 lbs which is 8 lbs more than what we want him to be. So it's just a constant process." If you would like to learn more about how to keep your pet healthy, seaside animal care in Calabash is holding a pet health fair this Saturday at noon.

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Is human food bad for my dog

My mother feeds her dogs all meat like hamburger, ham, turkey, ribs, bacon, chicken, steak, hotdogs, every day she feed them one out of this list.

All it takes is one time for

All it takes is one time for your dog to get pancreatitis and you'll stop feeding them table scraps and high fat treats. Pancreatitis can be fatal and my dog recently spent 3 days and 1 overnight at the ER getting iv fluids b/c of it. She was a little overweight and I often fed her table scraps and high fat treats. It has clearly changed eating habits in my house (as far as my dogs are concerned).

Help for my dog

I need help trying to put weight on my dog. I have a GSD that weighs about 75lbs. The Vet says he should weigh around 90-100lbs. The dog is 3yrs old. Two years ago he was hit by a car and had to have surgery. He had a still rod put in his leg. After the surgery, he had to stay in his crate for 6 months straight, only coming out to use the bathroom. After the 6 months he was allowed to come out for very short walks then he had to go back in his crate for almost another 3 months. During that time he lost a lot of weight. I've tried feeding him every kind of dog food available and even doubled up his intake for a month. Nothing seems to work. He appears healthy otherwise, but I would like him to gain a little more weight. He is too skinny.


Hopeing you had a chance to see the response I wrote to you. Wondering if you tried it and how it worked of you did?

your dog

I have had dogs all my life I also showed them, and I train them. It sound to me that your dog my be depressed. I'm hopeing that when your home watching tv at night you let him atleast sit with you. I would also suggest you feed him with you. Maybe you can just sit with him while he eats and when he does praise him! Also, I have had different foods effect different breeds. Have you tried pedigree with some can mixed in and a little water? I would love to hear back from you and best of luck!


Human food can be used as a treat for dogs..but dont over feed your dogs human food.

you can give the dog purina

you can give the dog purina dog food with a dog gravy on it. The gravy is sold in most pet stores pets mart and petco. That is how I get my dogs to gain a little weight..They love the gravy..

I've been feeding my dog

I've been feeding my dog Nutro Chicken and Lamb or Nutro Max Lamb and Rice. I'll try adding some gravy to it. The dog is trained and I do training exercises with him about every other day. I play and talk to my dog every day. I also have another dog and the two play together all day. I feed my dog about 6-7cups a day...the package says about 3-4

Nutro Max

Before you add water to Nutro you should contact their customer service group. Some dog foods do not recommend adding water to their food b/c it breaks down the chemical composition prior to digestion. Nutro's customer service group is awesome and may be a great resource for helping you make informed decisions. You may also want to do some research on BARF diets for dogs. We have 4 dogs. One of which is allergic to beef, pork, turkey, eggs, milk, corn, wheat, and a variety trees, grasses and molds. We have done extensive research on proper nutrition and food for him. Our three other dogs are on Nutro Max Lamb and it has been great for them. Our special needs dog cannot eat it b/c it contains dried egg product (which consists of whole eggs dried using corn oil). We are having to do an elimination diet to get his allergies under control. One trick we use to get him to eat is Omega 3 added directly to his food. It gives the food a "fishy" aroma and is essential to good health. Good luck adding weight to your dog. We completely understand the frustration of trying to do the best for your beloved furry friend and not seeing any positive results.