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Hundreds of Camp Lejeune Marines leave for Iraq

READ MORE: Hundreds of Camp Lejeune Marines leave for Iraq
JACKSONVILLE -- Hundreds of Marines are leaving our area for Iraq Thursday. It's an emotional day for Catherine Stouffer as her husband leaves to serve his country in Iraq for the second time. Mrs. Stouffer said, "We are just very proud of him and we love him very much and we want all these guys to come back safe and we're proud of all of them and we're proud to be Americans." Her husband hates to leave but lives to serve. Chief Warrant Officer Gary Stouffer said, "I dreamt of it as a kid -- serving in the Marine Corps -- as a kid and I'm living my dream. I love what I do and I'll stay a Marine until the day that I die." Not only is Officer Stouffer leaving his wife, he's also saying goodbye to two young children. Mrs. Stouffer said, "We draw lots of pictures so when dad comes home he has a book to look at and she keeps a journal." Officer Stouffer said, "This is the hardest one for me, as my children get older, it gets harder." More than 180 Marines are getting on these buses to head off to Iraq for operation Iraqi Freedom. They are scheduled to be back in March. Capt. Dev Spradin said, "Basically, what we're going to do over there is work on infrastructure. We're going to build roads, build bridges, harden defense positions for the Iraqi army and Iraqi police and our own coalition forces." Today was just the first wave of deployments. At least 300 more Marines will be heading off to Iraq through Saturday.

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Get Some Balls Buddy!

Ok buddy! I have many family members over there from Camp Lejeune. You should just be glad that because of the sacrifices that these Marines make day to day, you have the PRIVILIDGE of writing the haneious words above! Here's an idea... Get off of your lazy ass and do something. My Marines have proven that they are real, not some “all bark no bite” jackass that sits at home blogging negative things about our country and its true defenders! I teach international students English, people from Iraq, Iran, China, Venezuela, etc. They would like you to try living a day in one of their countries. It is easy for an idiot to criticize their leader while admiring REAL TYRANTS from afar. Try moving to Iran.... then bitch about senseless murders.