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Hunting Dog follow-up

There is some good news to report. Some abandoned hunting dogs in Pender County have a new home Friday. Thursday, WWAY told you about how every year at this time, some hunting dogs are abandoned once the hunting season is over. Well, our story inspired a few animal lovers to go to the Topsail Humane Society and adopt some of the pooches, including the pregnant hound named Zare. A volunteer at the society said Zare's new family plans to keep her and her entire litter.

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Grow up

You don’t scare anyone… You hillbillies are uneducated, a strain on the society, and provide nothing to the betterment of North Carolina.. The faster you go away the better the rest of us are.. You Dog Hunter are like roaches…


I as a dog hunter am proud of the raise I have blessed with. I not only own 18 deer dogs but I also own 13 bear dogs! I have been dog hunting for years if it is ever outlawed I would make it my mission in life to cause more damage to still hunters hunting days than mother nature would. with this being said I hunt some of the merckiest swamps and thickest thickets you have ever seen bring your deer stand on this land and have a sucsessful hunt and i will gladly leave until then leave dog hunters alone. we do this because we love the sound of the first jump the thrill of the chase the love we show our dogs is un real. my dogs come before my wife grow up and get a life we dont bother you dont bother us.......... I WILL DOG HUNT TILL I DIE AND SO WILL MY KIDS... Dont tread on my heritage or my fellow dog hunters you may not like the out come

This dog hunting nonsense is

This dog hunting nonsense is crazy... Why would anyone allow for people to run dogs all over another's land and not think someone is going to get upset about it... Have some respect for your neighbors and understand that we don't wish to see you every weekend trespassing, shooting deer from the roadway, speeding all over the place, leaving trash everytime you open the truck door...

people dont understand

What people do not understand is that every body does not mistreat there dogs. thier is a few people out in this world that tries to give dog hunting a bed reputation by not feeding them and not taking care of them enough. i am a kid im 15 years old i love dog hunting me and me dad have 24 i do not have a clue wat i would do without them its not just about killing deer i love every bit of running my deer dogs i love looking for them catching them feeding them and most of all listening to them run i could care less about shooting a deer. i love my beagles and i would never mistreat them. but if dog hunting got outlawed i would not have a life.

Petition to Ban Dog Hunting

Petition to Ban Dog Hunting in NC

Ban dog hunting in Pender

Ban dog hunting in Pender County...... Jimmy Tate - Chairman District 5 Atkinson, Willard Norwood Blanchard - Vice Chairman District 2 Maple Hill, Surf City, Topsail Beach George Brown - Commissioner District 3 Currie, Rocky Point F.D. Rivenbark - Commissioner District 4 Burgaw, St. Helena, Watha David Williams - Commissioner District 1 Hampstead


Aside from my own personal opinion that hunting with dogs is not a sport but barbaric, the tragedy here is that some owners of these dogs believe them to be expendable. My family and I have come across a few starving hunting dogs on the side of the road through the years. We stopped for all of them to scoop them up off the road. After a lot of rehab we miraculously managed to find them all great homes. At least some hunters will have an ID tag on their dogs for easy identification. Others, I believe just abandon their animals and leave them to starve or die in the elements.

It's time to outlaw dog hunting

I respect tradition, but this practice has so outgorwn its need and diginity. NC has really grown and changed in population... Dog hunting and the misuse of animals needs to stop. I wish the North Carolina Resource Commission and the local County Commissioners would get their head out of the sand and outlaw this practice once and for all...

consider this

i love my dogs they are my kids.what needs to be done is they need to prosecute any one who miss treats one dont try to band something we love to most of us it anit about killing deer i would rather here my dogs run than kill a deer any day.if some thing would happen to one of my dogs i have eight i would be as hart broken as losing a family dont hate something you dont partake in.hate the ones who have no harts.i dont hate basket ball i just dont watch it.


ok I used to deer/bird/rabbit hunt. Gave it up a long time ago...... BEEF... it's what's for dinner! I am with you with the misuse of animals. Have you ever hunted with dogs? Do you equate the simple fact that if you hunt with dogs then you mistreat them? I just see no reason to outlaw this but I do agree that the animals need to be treated better in all respects. Just wondering.

I was just hunting in Pender

I was just hunting in Pender county (still hunting), an annual trip for me and friends. I was amazed at how many dogs were running around unaccounted for... They looked in terrible shape and condition (flea bitten and skinny) and their owners obviously mistreat them....

I don't know what it is

I don't know what it is about Pender county, but these kind of stories always come from over there. Here in Bladen County, I don't know of anyone mistreating dogs. Everyone I know has high standards for the care of dogs, whether they are hunting dogs or pets. I have both, and I make certain that my hunting dogs receive the best of care.

hunting dogs

i have to agree with the negitive comments about mistreating the dogs (its sad), but my passion is dog hunting and you have to understand that not all dog hunters are like this and please try to support southern families (like mine)trying to keep this great tradition alive

wire cage

How about the ones that keep their dogs in the wire cages that are built up off the ground? I guess that is so they don't even have to let them out to go to the bathroom, it just falls through the bottom of the wire cage to the ground therefore the cage stays cleans and the "owner" never has to clean the cage or let the dogs out until hunting time. The dogs have to sit and sleep on the wire bottoms all day and night. What a great life huh?


The entire concept of hunting dogs being disposible is startling.More people need to adopt shelter dogs,and the general public needs to be educated more about the importance of spaying and or neutering your pets.


If you aren't going to take responsibility for the animals you adopt, whether for pet or sport, then you shouldn't be allowed to adopt anymore. What is it with these idiots?? Take responsibility for those animals YOU bring into your life. I'm sure they didn't ask to be adopted by the likes of idiots.

poor dogs

Our redneck neighbor has a new hunting dog every 2 years. No idea what he does with the old ones. They sit in a 10x10 cage all day and are let out into the yard maybe once a day. What a miserable life for the dog. Every dog I ever had I had till it died 11-17 years.

looks to me like you need to

looks to me like you need to worry about your yard and your dogs. just because one person makes a poor decision about taking care of there dogs dont mean hunting with dogs should be outlawed. One person get caught driving drunk i guess they should make everybody walk. GET A LIFE!


I agree with you 100 %, at this time of the year I already saw more than 10 hunting dogs on the loose were I live in the country

Please contact your county

Please contact your county commissioners and express your interest in seeing dog hunting stopped in Pender County.... Your voice matters.... The laws are old and dated