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Hurricane Preparedness: Supplies you may need this hurricane season

READ MORE: Hurricane Preparedness: Supplies you may need this hurricane season

Hurricane season starts this weekend. High winds, flooding, tornadoes and the storm surge. All are hazards that come with tropical systems. These conditions can cause massive power outages, meaning you need to be ready when the lights go out.

Great Outdoor Provision manager Tim Glover showed WWAY several tools that could be helpful in the event of severe weather. Glover said, "This is kind of an interesting lantern system. Nice thing about this is that you can plug it up and charge it up and I think it will last for about 8 hours" You also can't cook food or boil water without power. "We carry some small single burner type stoves which are compact and easy to use," said Glover. You will want to make sure you have plenty of non-perishable food like soup, cereal and granola bars in your pantry before the storm hits. And just in case, you may also want to get freeze dried food, which is available at a lot of camping supply stores.

Glover said, "They are real lightweight. They last almost forever, so you can store them for a full season or year. And, they are easy to cook, you simply add boiling water to them."

Another danger after a storm is the possibility of poor water quality. The best thing is to stock up on water well in advance. But, if your supply runs out, you may need to purify water from the tap yourself.

"Probably the easiest and cheapest route would be chemical treatments. We have iodine, which will treat 25 quarts for $5.95, so it's a good emergency supply if you just need a few days of water, and it will last a long time until you open it. This is a chlorine dioxide, which is a liquid form. It's $13.95 and will treat up to 30 gallons of water," said Glover.

To form a basic kit with water, a stove, fuel, water treatment, freeze dried food, light source and batteries, it can cost you as little as $60. So, stock up now, in case you have to ride out the storm later this hurricane season. For a complete list of must have supplies for hurricane season, check out the hurricanes 101 on our website.

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I keep a stock of MREs.

I keep a stock of MREs. They are easy to order, last for years, and come in cases of 12. Also great for traveling and camping.

Stock Up Now

Freeze dried food pouches are absolutely a great idea; lightweight, easy to move and store, and shelf stable. They are, however and unfortunately, VERY expensive. Around $6.00 or so for a 2-serving pouch.That's out of most folk's budget. I personally find it a good idea to supplement freeze dried food with canned food. It is bulky but cheaper. And with food prices going up so fast, consider it an investment to stock up now. You'll save money in the long run. I am so glad to see that there are conscientious people who are trying to prepare. God willing we will have a quiet hurricane season. Y'all be safe! :)

Freeze Dried Food Shortage

Recent news about food shortages has resulted in a stock out situation for long shelf life freeze dried food especially in #10 cans. Order lead times are as long as 7 weeks. Best bet to be ready this year is to stock up on the pouches of freeze dried food you can find at local camping stores. Recommended shelf life of freeze dried food in pouches is only 5-7 years depending on storage (cool dry place). #10 Cans last up to 25 years, but as mentioned above are now hard to come by.