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Hysterectomy and Side Effects


A local woman is warning others about removing the uterus and ovaries.

Fifty-one-year-old Angela Wheeler had her reproductive organs removed ten years ago. Now she says she can never be happy again.

Wheeler wishes she knew of her other treatment options before the hysterectomy.

Now she's joining the hysterectomy educational resources and services, or HERS, and wants women to say "no to the surgery until they know all the information."

Angela Wheeler said, "Women really need to be there best advocates and do their research an make those decisions for themselves and not let doctors or anyone else make it for them."

Doctor Andrew Cracker, an OBGYN at Glen Meade, said, "Doctors should explain why the surgery is being done, all alternative treatment methods and possible complications. Then the patient has to make an informed decision."

For more information on if a hysterectomy is right for you, talk to your doctor. You can get additional information about hysterectomies at

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total hysterectomy and pain

i dont have the energy to write a long drawn out post about my past issues except to say they involve misscarriages, DnCs,polycystic overian syndrom and now endrametriousus-(sp?) and sever bleeding cramping, migranes and weakness. On the 17th -6 days ago..i had a total abdominal hysterectomy. I was in hospital for 3 days. I am still in soo much pain its unbearable...not as bad as day one but not really any better then day 2 or 3, i dont mean to sound winny but how long does it take to feel better? i have had 2 ce-sections and neber felt this much pain,,,even on 2 Oxycodone pills and im on a 75 mg fyntenol pain patch im still hurting soo bad and just fel as if "something is not right"....any sugesstions? what do/can i expect next? thank you all and god bless

In my case I ask to get a

In my case I ask to get a hysterectomy due to endometriosis, I can not live with this pain any longer. I'm only 37 years old and have tried many medication for pain and nothing helps. My surgery will be next month. I feel women should first find a doctor that they feel confortable with talk to your doctor is the best anyone can do.

Very confused, I am 30 yrs.

Very confused, I am 30 yrs. old and have had problems with my period since the age of 17. I used to have very strong cramps, with vomit,hot flashes,nausea,crams and dizziness. I was told that I could probably not have children because of the problems I had. I got married at the age of 22 and was able to get pregnant right away. I have always had excessive heavy periods which last 7 days or more. At the age of 26, I had my second child and as the years go by, it only gets worse. The worst started about 7 months ago, with excess bleeding that lasts almost all month long. Some days it is heavy and some days it is not. I have tried several medications to make it stop. Pills, more pills and pads and more pads have make these past months very difficult for me. After several months, I had a D&C and I did not bleed for 2 days after I had it. It has already been almost 4 weeks and I have not stopped bleeding. Finally, the doctor said to try medication again and if it doesn't work hysterectomy will have to be the only option for me. I am only 30 yrs. old and feel that my period has been my bad luck. I was on my period when I got married, I get it when we are vacationing, when there is a special event in my life and now I do not know what to do. I am afraid because I think I am too young to have my uterus removed. I do not know what to think and do, Veronica

Veronica -- I'm with you at

Veronica -- I'm with you at the age of 37 each and everytime I go on vacation or go thru any kind of emotions I get my period and it last 10 days or more and are very heavy. The cramping is the worse, I feel like I'm in labor most of the time. I finally decided to meet with my doctor and go over all the diferent options. I do not want to be taking medications for the rest of my life so I decided to get a hysterectomy. Many friends and family members had it done and their lives is so much easier now. I would recomend you look at the choices before making any decisions.

I also had tremendously

I also had tremendously heavy and long periods after the birth of each of my children. This lasted for about two years after my last pregnancy. You might want to look into the new IUDs that are available. Mirena is an IUD that delivers birth control hormones directly to the uterus. It's effective for 5 years. It had no affect on my fertility. I was pregnant within a month of having it removed. When I had this device, my periods dwindled to almost nothing. I only had to wear pantyliners during the day. Nothing at night. Awesome! Woe to the man that accidently stumbles on this message board.

Do you want more

Do you want more children? If not then get rid of the devil.... I know, I too have your exact symptoms. I am 33 and have a 15/11 year old. My surgery is tomrrow...wish me luck


Good afternoon. I am a 32 yr old mother of 4. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 26 days ago. So far it;s one of the best decisions I ever made. I first got my menstrual at 12. Since the first one it last 7 days and I always had to use double protection. In december that 7 days went to 27 days. I only had 3 free days a month. I couldn't drive 5 minutes to the grocery store without my clothes being soaked and that's with double protection. I went through a pack of pads and a box of tampons a day. I've tried other treatments and they didn't work. After my surgery my doctors told me that my whole uterus and both of my ovaries was covered with fibroids. To many to count. I will always feel though this was the best option for me.

I have never regreted my surgery

At 18 yr old I had to have part of both my ovaries removed due to ovarian cyst. At age 39 I opted for a total hysterectomy because of many and large fibroid tumors, heavy periods, excruciating pain with monthly cycles and intercourse. I was on hormones till I was about 51. I have never been happier, and as time past my sexual drive increased. The last 17+ yrs have been great without the pain.


Okay I am 26 yrs old and have endometriosis, right now I am having Lupron injections and they are not working. I have two small children and already have my tubes tied. I am having a hard time deciding what to do. Do I keep living like this with pain, with these injections I have menopausal side effects already. Basically it tells your ovaries to stop producing estrogen. I get the hot flashes, night sweats, headaches, breakouts. So really what is the best option for me at my age? I am looking for advice, does anyone have any for me?

Do your self a favor and

Do your self a favor and have the hysterectomy, I had on 4 months ago, after suffering with severe mood swings, and I could go on to name how miserable that I was. I also had 8 huge fibroids, When the doctor removed them, she told me the next day that what she removed from me was the size of a 6 month baby. I already have two beautiful children boy-15, girl 12. My husband and I get along so much better now, the only side effect that I experience is the hot flashes. The sex is 100% better and my attitude, and I lost 25 pounds. Do it, you won't regret it, it is a mind set, if you think positive about it, it will be, it you think negative, it will be negative. I feel like a brand new woman and look like one. My husband told me 2 days ago that I am so sexy.

Hello, I was diagnosed with

Hello, I was diagnosed with endometriosis at age 20 (this was in 1981) I wanted a hysterectomy but the doctors refused and I went on drug treatment for 6 months. I gained weight but the drugs worked for awhile. After going off the treatment I quickly lost the weight. I ended up having a hysterectomy (with both ovaries removed) at age 39. I was told that because of the endometriosis the ovaries needed to be removed. Please read this carefully, do NOT get a hysterectomy at your age. Stay on the treatments and do not get a hysterectomy. I had difficulty at age 39 with the loss of hormones. You at age 26 will have a much worse time. If you must then do NOT let the doctors remove your ovaries. I know your pain but you will have a different kind of pain if you get a hysterectomy. Back, joint pain, not able to hold urine, depression, sex is different. One symptom I had that surprised me was the loss of liking children. Eventually this corrected itself after many years. Please read up on the surgery and treatments. There is no going back if you have this done. This operation can really change your outlook. Be careful.


dear helpme, I felt compelled to respond to you. You posted this question the very day I had my hysterectomy so the coincidence got me. this is a bit long and indebth, but please read. I am 39, have 3 adult children (18,20,21) a 10 month old grandson, and have had my tubes tied since 1990. I have suffered from very frequent and heavy periods since the beginning. I was 8 when I had my first period and except while pregnant, Ive had a heavy 5 to 6 day flow that came every 20 days or less. Besides the flow amt, they were also very painful, to the point of most of the time being debilitating. I experienced no less than 4 days of "ovulation pain" with acne, bloating, weight gain, and moodiness starting apporox. 7 to 10 days after my flow stopped each month. Between the flow and ovulation I'd have about 5 days that werent horrid but between ovulation and flow I'd simply feel "yucky" and have a clear discharge. I was put through every test imaginable and deemed "clean" of any type of VD, infection, or disease. I was simply told either it was nothing, or some would blame it on pantylinets, my soap, powers, etc. but stopping those/ changing Brands, etc. never changed the symptoms. Then about 15 yrs ago I started having extreme pain with intercourse. Not long after this began however, I was raped. Due to that, the pain issue was passed off at first from the trauma, and then as a psychological issue even though I insisted it was there prior. Anyway, for the past 15 yrs I have refrained from intercourse almost entirely. Except for maybe once or twice a year, my husband and I have only had what we call "outercourse" for over 11 yrs. Fortunately my husband has been not only understanding about this, but also satisfied. On Sept. 21st I had my "checkup". I had not had one in nearly 4 yrs due to 1) being deemed a candidate for the 3 yr schedule, and 2) a near fatal car accident. On Oct 1st 2007 I received a phonecall from my doctor telling me that my pap came back very bad and that I had carcinoma-in-situ (CIS / CIN III) and needed to have a biopsy and treatment asap. I was devastated and in shock. After talking with the doctors, testing, reveiw of the rapists records, and my husband being tested, it was determined that the HPV virus was transmitted to me during the rape and had laid dorment and supressed by my immune system until my car accident. When I had the accident in 2004, my immune system was comprimized by stress, pain, broken bones, lack of activity, and deminished food inttake. When this happened the HPV virus was able to become active. Then the resulting chronic pain and pain meds allowed it to flourish to the cancer stage in a fairly short time period. So, on Oct 19th I had ai colposcopy with cervical biopsy. That confirmed the pap results but left me in a continual menses state. On Nov 5th 2007 they did a uterine biopsy (basically a d&c without sedation or anesthetic) to see if the continual bleeding was due to the biopsy, the CIS, or cancer in the uterus. THIS proceedure left me in a continual state of pain, bleeding, and lethargy...but ruled out uterine involvement of cancer. I was told that they would do something called a LEEP proceedure to cut away the cancer they saw, would then repeat the colposcopy and biopsy every 4 months for 5 years and simply repeat the amputation proceedure (leep) to cut away the cancerous parts they seen at those times. I asked if they could simply do a hysterectomy instead. I assumed since I had the other issues (pain on intercourse, extreme periods, etc) and then to have to go through these colposcopy/biopsy and leeps every 4 months, it was going to be not only very painful, costly, and at times debilitating, but I'd still have the other issues...I figured a hysterectomy would solve a lot. Well, instead of the "over reccomending of hysterectomy" experience people talk of, I had the opposite experience. I was told that hysterectomy was a last resort reserved for women over 55 that have cancer in the later stages, have a traumatic uterine injury, and/or have severe fibroids. I knew this to be not entirely true so I pushed. He then said that hysterectomy simply was not indicated for my list of problems and given my age, was completely out of the question. I was therefor scheduled for the leep on November 19th. By that day I had been bleeding for 2 full months, and had been on bedrest for 45 days. I was weak and ill. To my surprise, he didnt sedate me (which is what I was told wouldbe done) nor even numb me for the proceedure. This proceedure basically is a heated electrofied metal wire loop that they use to amputate portions of your cervix where the cancer or dysplasia is. (envision a wire cheese slicer ran across a portion of a block of cheese and thats basically how it works) After cutting away the areas, they take a hot metal ball tipped instrument and touch the cut areas to sear them shut (called cauterizing) Well, because I wasnt numbed nor sedated, it was excrucsiatingly painful. I passed out twice, threw up once, and finally turned blue while he tried to cauterizebefore they stopped. Through my protests, screams, and pleading for them to stop over the 2 hours of torture, they never spoke a word to me, explained anything, nor comforted me. They simply held me down, spoke to eachother, and did the torture. When I turned blue, he stopped, told the 3 holding me dowto let go, turned the machine off, then sternly, meanly accusatory said to me.."Since your reacting this way I cannot finish cauterizing you. That means your going to bleed for awhile so dont call to ask about it. Maybe next time you'll do better" Then he told me to get dressed and go home, and they all walked out. It took me nearly 20 Minutes to be able to get up and dressed due to the pain and dizziness. Then sobbing, I had hubby take me home. After 4 days of severe cramps, vomiting, and dizziness, I began asking around for referrals to gynos. I vowed that there would never be another leep preformed on me, even if it meant a death sentence, and there would never Be another painful proceedure at all without numbing or sedation. On Dec. 15th I met with an ob/gyn that was referred to me by one of my husbands workmates. She said she really liked him, but the nurses and my family doctor warned me that he was new (had just finished a 10 yr internship and only been in practice 8 months) and that my eatment up until then had in fact been appropriate and "textbook" so not to expect a different approach from him, or I went in with near hopeless expectations. We spoke in his office first. He explainec that yes, my treatment was standard, how ver he wasnt sure he would call it appropriate. He then went on to tell me all of the options. They ranged from doing nothing more to proceeding as recommended except with sedation, to hysterectomy. Then he thoroughly explained to risks and benefits of each option. He then did an exam, where he discovered that nearly 3/4 of my cervix had been amputated (only slivers should have been removed) and that the proceedure had introduced bacteria and t us causing me to have a severe infection. After the exam we went back to his office, where he told me that because of my painful intercourse problem, the recent amputation issue, my bad periods/ taking into consideration Ive had my tubes tied over 18 yrs, and have no intention or wants for more children, he recommends a hysterectomy as a cure for all of my issues (a very slim risk of hpv related vaginal cancer still exists..but only a .009%) of corse I said yes and on January 22nd I had a total vaginal hysterectomy. This means he removed my uterus and cervix only, and he did it from the vagina so I have no external cuts at all. The proceedure took 4 hrs (was suppose to be 45 min) because my uterus was the size of a 10 week pregnancy and full of cancer. Had I went by the other doctors "results" I would have most likely died within a year. The first couple of days I was really sore, but each day I felt better. At 3 weeks post op we took a trip to Florida (im in ohio) and spent 7 days walking through universal studios, orlando, punta gordaand gasparilla island. I rode rides, and did just about everything. Although I tired easily, I basically felt good. I'm now 12 weeks post op and feel wonderful. Ive felt like nothing happened for about 4 weeks now. I no loer have painful intercourse, my vaginal pap came back clear, and even though I still have my ovaries, I no longer have a week of ovulation symptoms. Maybe a twinge or two with a chocolate craving, but no pain, swelling, moodiness, or fatigue. So, the reason I wrote this long, indebth note is to show that it all depends. What doctor you have, symptoms you have, your personal needs, thoughts, wants, and what your willing to stand up and fight for. If your in pain, have ied other ways, dont want anymore children, want a definative cure, and believe a hysterectomy will help you, then stand strong, demand to be heard, and if your doctor wont aee, find one who will...AND if its the opposite, you want to avoid hysterectomy but doctor insists..same goes...demand you receive the treatment you want as long as it isnt life threatening.

thank you for your indepth answer to helpme

Dear Kim, Let me start by saying that I worked as a nurse's assitant in a well known hospital (in the maternity unit), and have a pre-med education. Also, I have undergone abdominal myomectomy (surgical removal of fibroids, involving an operation similar to that of a c-section), and I am very familiar with issues of reproductive medicine. At 36, I am single and without children, so keeping my uterine tissue intact for future pregnancies has been of utmost importance. In the past, I volunteered as a rape crisis counselor in our community, and am a survivor of sexual abuse as well. I chronically advocate being proactive about one's own health, and being aware of any and all options, both allopathic and holistic based. My collective experience may shed light on why your story is of particular interest to me. I just finished reading your lengthy response, and was touched by your candour and clearly apparent inner-strength. What you endured during your LEEP was in my opinion, both cruel and inhumane. I would very much like the name of that doctor, so as to be sure that no one, in my dealings, ever has the misfortune of being a victim of their medical care (though I think in this case medical 'cruelty' would be a more appropriate term). There is no excuse for this type of behavior from people who have devoted their lives to becoming medical servants. You were treated unjustly and were uninformed, and for having to endure such medical monstrosity, I am truly saddened. Please feel free to email me at Your story is a commendable one, and will help others make medically informed decisions and understand their basic rights as a human and as a patient. You have an incredible amount of resilience, which I'm sure will be inspiring and immensely helpful for anyone going through a similar situation. Thank you for all of your valuable information. Continue sharing your story always. It seems you were blessed to have the support of such a loving and understanding husband to support you through these unbelievable challenges. What a wonderful gift amidst the sea of struggles you have faced. All the best, Nimisha


I have to agree with this woman, i had a partial hysterectomy done and was briefly informed of my other options. I felt as though was scared away from atleast thinking of those option. My doctor told me that i have to do an emergency surgery because my HCG level is too high. My other options were to be treated with methotrexate, risk loosing my hair, going to work sick daily etc. I had not time to think of even getting a second opinion, cause he wanted to operated on me the next day. I had no one by my side to advise me about anything. I have to agree that women needs to be informed when face with making life changing decision such as a hsyterectomy.


I had a complete hysterectomy about 45 days ago. I am 32 years old. I had other options given by my doctor, and I've tried the other options and nothing worked. So I had to have a hysterectomy. I do not regret this one bit, I couldn't have anymore children, and I wanted to be free from the pain I was having. I am doing fine, I have been experiencing some hot flashes, but am taking over the counter medication for that. but over all I am doing pretty good.


I'm glad to hear you're doing well, and I wish you an uneventful recuperation. At just six weeks since the surgery you're in that time frame where the focus is on rest, eating healthy, and taking good care of yourself. When fully recuperated (not recovered, because recovery would mean that you would as you were before the surgery, and that is not possible) if you experience the common adverse effects of hysterectomy it would be helpful to you to understand the well documented effects of the surgery. There is a new 12-minute educational video that you can watch by going to After watching the video click on the Anatomy charts to the left of the video. You can also view the statistics that reflect the most commonly reported effects of hysterectomy at the web site by clicking on Adverse Effects Data. Best wishes for a speedy recuperation.


I let Dr Cracker talk me into him giving my wife a complete hysto when she was 33 in 1980 because she had endometriosis.He never mentioned any alternative treatments.He just insisted she had to have the total hysto and he made all the usual promises about how good the hormone therapies were blah blah blah. He put her on heavy primarin for months which gave her severe headaches.Finally she quit them and our whole life turned inside out.He wrecked her life and mine,and we've both paid a heavy price for it ever since. I thought that SOB Quacker had been sued soooo many times,he was out of the bizness.I'd say what I'd like to do to him,but I'm not a revengeful person.I just wish they'd take his license away from him and castrate him so he could feel what it's like.But he's so old now,it wouldn't make any difference. I just hope he reads this post soi he'll know there's one guy out here that would love to slap that silly grin off his face!


I here Dr Cracker is one of the best over there at Glen Meade. I don't think he has ever been sued over anything and everyone I talk to seems to like him. Can you give me any more info on him or the Glen Meade Practice.
Thank you

effects of hysterectomy

You are right. I am changed in many negative ways since losing my ovaries (and they were healthy). Weight gain that does not respond to diet and exercise, male-looking thickness and changes to facial features, thick torso, cottage cheesy fat instead of muscle tone, no passion, no sexual enjoyment anymore, blocked artery, high cholesterol, dulled personality, joint pains, heart palpitations, feeling hot and greasy instead of cool and dry. I will forever regret having a total hysterectomy. I was a petite energetic sensual woman. I am now an overweight sluggish lumpy bag in bad health.

Well, I must be one of the

Well, I must be one of the few then that feels so much better after having the pain taken away. Sex is outstanding better than ever before. So do women blame their lazy butts on the hysterectomy and continue being a couch potato. As we get older, we gain weight with or without a hysterectomy. Get up and exercise.


You typed all well HysterSister! I am with you on this one!!! Sex is wonderfull, painless! Had mine @ 39 syntoms were very confusing... Decided to go to natural herbs store and got a convination of Flaxseed capsules, omega 369 that also contains flax seed, fish oil and other goodies with black cohosh that takes hot flashes away. We all know the saying "AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY" Totally true! for those out there just grab an apple or juice it up! Jack Lalane Power juicer is the way to go! and every day give yourself an energy buster by convining other vegetables and fruits.(Fruits are better digested in the morning after 2pm turns into sugar and sugar into fat so becarefull always research) YEAH GIRLS WE CAN DO IT! It was a pleasure reading all of your comments. Im going to start my goya and meditations tomorrow! That will help with my heart palpitations and anxiety. I know I need to get my lazy butt and start asap. Not getting any younger going to be 46 in DEC. An a Grandma!!!