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IDs to be mandatory for New Hanover County middle school students

READ MORE: IDs to be mandatory for New Hanover County middle school students
NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- New Hanover County middle schools will soon have a new safety precaution in place: mandatory student IDs. Assistant Superintendent Rick Holliday says students in all seven New Hanover County middle schools will be required to wear IDs by the spring. It's a practice that has been required in county high schools for years. Holliday says the intent is to make school campuses as safe as possible. "We want to make everybody as safe as they can be so if everybody's wearing IDs, everybody knows who you are. And if you don't have an ID, that's the first thing that calls attention to yourself, as perhaps an intruder or somebody who doesn't need to be there." Holliday says as of right now there are no plans to make student IDs mandatory in New Hanover County elementary schools.

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CONGRATS on the new "Feel Good" law that does basically NOTHING against those who would do our children harm. It doesn't stop the unthinkable from happening if some nutzo wants to do harm.

Agree 110%

I agree! This is a complete waste of our school's money and resources. And when it is enforced, and even if every kid wears one, BIG DEAL! What is it going to stop from happening? If a student has an ID on does that mean he won't have the ability have have a gun on him? If someone really wants to go on campus undetected couldn't he just steal a student ID? And even if he didn't steal an ID, he could still get on. The NHCS Board needs to get realistic and worry about other matters. What a great waste of tens of thousands of dollars and a policy that causes headaches and unneeded stress to student and staff. I applaud you, NHCS Board. GREAT WORK!


I think that every school should have to wear student id's. I am a high school student at New Hanover High School and we have to wear them at school for our own safety. I think that it's a good idea to make us have them becuase it keeps someone from coming in and shotting other kids. It also keeps people from being able to kid nap kids at school. I think that not just high schools should have id's but every school should wear them.

Student IDs

Please explain to me people wearing IDs helps keep others from coming to campus? I mean just because someone doesn't have an ID, I am almost positive they will still be able to go onto campus, am I correct?

Who is going to be checking

Who is going to be checking these? Sounds good, but most high school kids could care less so it's not going to solve anything. Oh, what's "shotting". ID's are not bullet proof and have no special powers. They are not going to prevent anything.


If someone wants to enter the school at new Hanover your best bet is to go through the front door. I was there recently to pick my child up during class change and I came in from the catwalk. They had two policemen standing at the main entrance from the catwalk and they will ask you what you are doing there. Plus when your child checks out at the office they are given a pass that says they are leaving campus. So, some measures have been put into place to protect the kids when entering and leaving the campus. I can understand the IDs to help when the kids are milling around in the hallway but, I am sure it won't help when a bullet might be wizzing by them. It does help others to identifiy them though. The policemen after the bell rang were asking some students that were still passing by to see their Ids. That was a positive thing for me to see them doing. I agree that Ids won't stop someone from entering our schools, but it can lower the chance of one of our students from getting caught for a mistaken identity if there is someone on school grounds they are looking for.