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Illegal aliens arrested on cocaine trafficking charges

PENDER COUNTY -- Pender County deputies have busted two illegal aliens on cocaine trafficking charges. Alejandro Hernandez-Garcia and Luis Escobido Gonzales face a litany of felony counts. Police have also charged Gonzales with carrying a concealed weapon. Officers confiscated three kilos of cocaine during a traffic stop in Rocky Point Friday. The men are in jail on a $500,000 secured bond.

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Look around

We (hipanics) are not the only ones selling drugs. Sometimes we just have to look around and see who ELSE is selling drugs to those kids. When I was in high school I saw all races doing and selling drugs. Yes, we should all learn this American language and culture. But, that is no reason for one race to get pointed out for a mistake 2 guys made. Not every wants to go in the fields and pick the vegetables that you eat. But there is people willing to do it for very little money. Don't just think about the negative things that some hispanics are doing., but look at the things that they have been doing positively even if you believe that there ain't many of them.

What part of illegal...

...don't you get. I've been looking around and I don't like what I see. Illegal alien drug dealers (Hispanic or not) are a big problem for many, many legitimate reasons. I'm sure if these guys were white and here illegally from England, you would see their picture too. Especially with the large amount of drugs confiscated. Do you think the black guy they just busted with the deadly heroin linked to multiple deaths was singled out too? At least he's legal. "Not every wants to go in the fields and pick the vegetables that you eat." Most don't and we won't starve if all the ILLEGAL aliens went home. The free perks illegals get, by far outweigh vegetables. These guys weren't doing anything positive either.

I think they need to do

I think they need to do something about the illegals in the country especialy Pender County, In 2002 I was on a motorcycle with my then husband and was rear ended being thrown off the bike and landing on the car then pavement the illegal tried to do a hit and run and ran over me with the car *(he had done the same thing 2 night before-hit and run-) this person was never caught and I was even told by the State Police of NC that the illegal would just leave the states and come back under different name and there was nothing they could do even though they had a picture and relatives names here in pender county SOMETHING NEEDS DO BE DONE TO STOP THIS AND MAKE OUR COUNTRY A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE