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Illegal fireworks in North Carolina

It is that time of year, when law enforcement officials work to keep illegal fireworks from making their way from South Carolina into North Carolina. Brunswick County borders South Carolina and fire marshal Scott Garner says because of the proximity, lots of illegal fireworks make their way over. Sparklers and fountains are legal in North Carolina -- those are non-explosive or non-spinning fireworks. But, in South Carolina you can pretty much buy anything -- even those that resemble professional displays. The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office says it won't be policing the borders but if you get caught transporting illegal fireworks, you can face serious penalties. "North Carolina is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal fireworks. First off you're fireworks can be confiscated and you could face civil and criminal penalties," said Garner. Garner says its important to wear gloves while shooting off approved fireworks, and have water handy -- especially since the county is still under the burn ban, and the area is dry. If you have questions about the legality of your fireworks, garner says its best to contact your local fire marshal.

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» ......change ......change nc fireworks law

I dont mind going to SC to

I dont mind going to SC to get fire works. But watch out for society hill if you go 5 mph over the speed limit they will pull you over and your charged with possesion of illegal fireworks and "speeding"

Illegal crap

Well, if you hide them well in a covered ouch they would not find them!

And the Rockets red glare.

And the Rockets red glare. The bombs bursting in air. Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there........ NEED I SAY ANYMORE.... Our forefathers wrote of the explosions during the night, and there should be no reason for banning fireworks on the 4th. I can take several bullets for my country, but cannot shoot a stupid bottle rocket.

Who cares? Ive never got hurt

I have my 140 shot roman candle and artillery shell ready :D and my nextdoor neighbor is a cop (we set his yard on fire last year)

You think that is funny. You

You think that is funny. You are a jerk.

How about the traumatized pets?

So I am in my own house and the people across the street decide to finish off their fireworks... almost. The shoot some at 9pm, 11pm, midnight, 1am 2:30 am and finally at 3:50am. Each time my cats and dogs jump out of their skin as the sudden kla-blam! Not to mention me. Last year this was the times they went off. The next morning I found sticks and remnants of fireworks on the roof of my house and all in the flower beds. During the 9pm round, one sailed under a car. It sparkled and banged some. The guys with them ran back into the house. Guess they didn't want to be around for the possible larger bang. Another issue with fireworks: I have received their mail in my box at times by mistake and I know that they get a monthly check (welfare), so how in hell can they afford these $125 boxes of fireworks if they need assistance. There are are lots of things that are dangerous, but this one doesn't just hurt the people using them and most of the time only destroys other people stuff. If they burned down their own house they would reconsider the following year. As for the other things listed, Fireworks are not banned, they are illegal for individual use. Why spend a fortune when you can see a bigger and better display downtown? Just like alcohol is not banned, we just can't drink and drive. I would say let people have them, but it seems recently that it should be called uncommon sense - seeing that most people don't seem to have any ... or at least use it when it is mostly needed.

I could not agree with you

I could not agree with you more!!!!!!!! Most people lose all common sense this time of year, and either do not care or do not think of the other people that are affected including pets and livestock. If you do not live on a mountain side, or on 20 acres by yourself you are affecting other people. It is always a few people who ruin it for everybody. This is a HUGE problem and will always be argued. Every town has a free fireworks show and is usually safe. There are always injuries some very serious, and sometimes it is the person who is not using fireworks that is hurt. There are many ways to celebrate the founding of our great country, but until there are regulations and better rules about fireworks, they should not be allowed in neighborhoods, because it always affects other people, we have to respect each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Jefferson,Proclaimed to set this date ,with fireworks,bel

Let this day of souvreinty be celebrated from coast to coast with fire crackers and available fireworks to celebrate this great new nation from sea to shining sea..And this date shall be celebrated with great fan fare and fireworks in memorium.

Nooo that angry cat lady did

Nooo that angry cat lady did not bring up those rednecks welfare check!LOL

This is stupid, the town I

This is stupid, the town I lived it had a cheap 15 minute fireworks display yesterday. It is the 4th of July, fireworks are safe if you use common sense. Just sit back and wait, soon we'll have not rights at all.

Maybe our local grocery

Maybe our local grocery stores and Walmart and Independant Firework Sales locations should be illegal in NC as well... Humm




the banning of fireworks is just un american, un patriotic and dumb 9,000 people a year go to hospitals for fireworks injuries , 310,000 people go to hospital for falling off of a bike, ban the bikes!!!!!!

Tell that to someone who's

Tell that to someone who's house catches fire because of some stupid irresponsible person, in an already crowded neighborhood.

your right, and we should

your right, and we should ban cars while were at it to, alot of people die in those things. and candles, those seem to start alot of house fires to.

Since almost everyone of

Since almost everyone of these replies today seem to be ignorant of the laws when it comes to public fireworks displays then maybe they should call the local fire departments BEFORE they shoot off their mouths. While most are not aware of the laws, the public display of fireworks that you see on the 4th take a great deal of planning and approval before they can be set off. Permits are issued by the local fire marshal in accordance with the Office of State Fire Marshal and the Federal government. Call Scott Garner, Frank Blackely or Donnie Hall and ask what it takes to shoot the fireworks for a public display. It involves a great deal of planning, training, and preparation just to set up a show for the general public. Call them and ask, the Fire Prevention Code is a public law and available for all to see. The use of the illegal fireworks upsets a great number of fire officials since they generally have to respond to an injury or death as the result of the illegal fireworks being shot off or they have to respond to a house fire that was set off from the use of these fireworks. Take a second and think about what you are doing this Fourth of July and leave the shooting of fireworks to the professionals. Spend your money on other things that can mean a lot more this Fourth of July!

I understand the time they

I understand the time they put into for the public firework display, but have you every been to one and can't find a seat anywhere because they are so packed. Its nice sometimes to shoot fireworks at home and a get away from the crowd and being able to enjoy the firewoks intead of being shoulder to shoulder to people watching the public display.

Well said! There are many

Well said! There are many inncoent people who are hurt each year by fireworks.


There's an old saying, "You can foolproof the tool, but you can't toolproof the fool. Some people shouldn't handle fireworks. Some can. The State has maintained only State supervised displays are safe. As we saw recently, they can't be safe 100 percent of the time. Other states allow fireworks and don't seem to have a problem with it. There are always going to be accidents, but when do we let the few decide the fate of many? If 1 person in NC can't handle fireworks, do the rest have to suffer.


Maybe fireworks of any type should be illegal.99% of it is more junk we import from China.

Yeah they might want to up

Yeah they might want to up the patrol at the North End cause the police could catch plenty of people with fireworks. I guess they need an easy way to reach their quota for the month. Never mind the all the DUI's they could issue and keep people safe.

Thank goodness!

Thank goodness there is no more crime to be fought in North Carolina! Now we can focus on all of the firework felons shooting those bottle rockets off that almost completely destroyed our entire state last year. And (gasp) all of those spinning wheels that sparkle as the fly up, up and up to a herculean ten feet and blaze back to the earth with a tremendous thud wreaking so much havock... Go get those bad nasty fireworks Mr. Deputy.. Go and get them. Since our beloved law enforcement has rooted out all evil and abolished all crime, it is such a well spent use of time and energy to go and bust those nasty firework hoodlums that roam our streets every night, forcing us to stay inside and lock our doors. I can finally sleep well at night...

fireworks/no more nasties

Before you go blaming the deputies for answering firework calls, you need to understand that they aren't the ones out patroling to see who is using fireworks. They respond to these calls only after a neighbor has called 911 to complain about them being fired off in their neighborhood. They do have much more important issues at hand to deal with, they don't enjoy these calls anymore than you do. When a person calls to complain, they have to respond to the call, so don't blame them. If you want to get angry at anyone, get angry at the neighbor who called them out there.

Fireworks can be shot off

Fireworks can be shot off that are explosive at the 2008 N.C. 4TH OF JULY FESTIVAL and other places. Is that not breaking the NC firework laws also?

i got one question? if they

i got one question? if they are illegal,then how does some cities in N.C shoot off fireworks the "LEGAL WAY". say for instance, SOUTHPORT and WILMINGTON. So if they can do it ,then why can't citizens do it . i think when SOUTHPORT and WILMINGTON shoot off fireworks ,the mayors,town councils,county commisoners,and any of the local governments that vote in favor of the fireworks display, should be fined out of their pocket and punished the way that public citizens would be.

I believe that the fireworks

I believe that the fireworks displays put on by cities/towns, etc are done by qualified pyrotechnic experts who know what they are doing.

Do you mean as opposed to....

...some knucklehead who will start a brush fire and burn down three of his neighbors' houses? If these people have a compulsive desire to blow things up, I highly recommend that they visit the army or Marine recruiting office. Otherwise, they should leave it to the professionals.


"experts" the stuff I shoot off isn't any more dangerous than ANYTHING that is done PROPERLY. I'm guessing they would absolutely FLIP OUT at the canisters of BLACK POWDER I have stored for my muzzleloader....TOO DANGEROUS FOR ME TO HANDLE I GUESS. This is just ANOTHER GREAT EXAMPLE of what happens when you let Government "protect" you...again..I'll be out shooting my fireworks off and celebrating my countries INDEPENDENCE...with government the way it is going...our troops aren't going to have many freedoms to fight for before long.

"Done properly" being the key...

Let me assure you that there is no shortage of incompetent idiots in this world. YOU may know exactly what you're doing, but how about the guy across the street? When he starts a fire and your home burns down, I doubt you'll be celebrating his freedom to screw up royally. Total freedom requires total responsibility. Unfortunately, there is no way to insure that only responsible people are buying fireworks. So the law is there to protect YOU from THEM. (I could care less about protecting them from themselves.)