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Illegal immigrants allowed to enroll at NC community colleges

READ MORE: Illegal immigrants allowed to enroll at NC community colleges
Undocumented immigrants will now be able to attend community college in North Carolina. There have been multiple policy changes since 2001, but this latest ruling may bring some closure. The new policy comes with restrictions. In order to apply for school, immigrants must have graduated from a US high school, they must pay out of state tuition which will cover all tax payer costs, and they will be last in line to register for classes; not displacing any US citizens. Officials at Cape Fear Community College say given the school's popularity, they don't foresee the new regulations having much of an effect. “In the case of Cape Fear Community College, at the end of fall registration we were about ninety percent full. There weren't that many classes to choose from, so as far as Cape Fear Community College goes, I see this having very little effect,” said David Hardin. The ruling has left CFCC students with mixed feelings: “I don't think they should be going to any schools here if they are illegal; whether its high school, elementary, whatever,” said Robert Cerasuolo. Rene Plowden said, “I don't feel like its necessarily a bad idea, but I think its kind of contradictory to US law to tell immigrants that they actually shouldn't be here, but them promote them attending school here.” Chris Boone added. “I mean, if they go through the process of becoming a citizen, then that's all good. But they need to do that before they should be allowed to go to school in this country.” Students say even if they do not agree with the policy itself they would not have any problem sharing the classroom with undocumented immigrants in the future. Even though there was only one dissenting vote, State House Republican leaders say that in adopting this policy the board ignored and defied the people of NC and Governor Perdue. Their polling has consistently indicated a large majority in this state reject extending educational benefits to undocumented aliens.

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Why don't all of you

Why don't all of you understand. Illegal immigrants who are students here for the longest time of their lives didn't know they were brought by their parents when they didn't know right from wrong. They were too young to say, no I don't want to go or no it's wrong. They had no choice, so now they are stuck here and after completing high school they don't know what else they should do. Besides by paying out of state tuition they will be paying taxes so don't even worry about that part. Remember that your children shared the same friends and teachers in high school and all of the lower schools and they have the right of an education also. I am an immigrant and I'm actually very smart. I want a career and I want to help out my community and you know what it makes me sick that there are people who don't understand people like me. How much we suffer knowing that we don't belong here but it has been our only home and we don't know any other home. I can't go back because my whole family is here what would be the point of it. Why don't you people at least try to understand, besides how would this in any shape or form effect you? Answer me what are the negatives of this new law?

For the IGNORANTS out there!

I totally agree with you....Come on we were brought here almost against our will, because our parents came to the USA because of a better life and of course they didn't ask us if we wanted to come. Besides i don't understand why are the citizens talking about they don't want any illegals in the USA? Have they forgot the history of America or how did their ancestors came to what is now the USA? i mean please first revise the constitution and the history maybe then you wouldn't sound so ignorant. Another thing i want to point out to the so called citizens or for those that are against immigrant students attending school is that illegals also pay tax even though they don't get much benefits from the government. The last thing i want everyone to see is that next time they pass a tobbacco, grape, blueberry, tomatoe, or any kind of field take time to look what race is working out there. If it wasn't for the illegal immigrants USA would be far worse then what it is right now.

Number 1

it is not a law. Laws are passed by the Legislature. This was not a legislative action. What are the negatives? Surely you jest. In announcing this position, in effect, Community Colleges would be fostering law breaking. It is against the Law to be an undocumented, illegal immigrant in this country. THAT is the point. Those here illegally have no business being here. Further, they live under the daily "sword of Damacles" in that they can be picked up and deported. What don't you get?


So now.... 1. ILLEGAL citizens are treated as they are LEGAL 2. They will get a high school diploma, one that a BORN AMERICAN could be getting. 3. SOME STATE, SOME WHERE will be FUNDING these ILLEGAL immigrants to get an education... ALL out of OUR pockets!!!! THEN, to top it all off, they are going to make AMERICAN dollars and turn around and write a moneygram to THEIR HOME COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A LOAD OF CRAP

1. some ILLEGAL people have

1. some ILLEGAL people have better moral values than some LEGAL citizens 2.yes!!!!!! ILLEGAL students can get a high diploma that a LEGAL student decided not to get. WHY? because they dont want to be in school, they do not make good grades, they rather stay home and live from the government!!!! 3. yes!!!! EVERYBODY pays taxes in this country EVERYBODY doesnt matter ILLEGAL OR LEGAL...when you grocery shopping, when pumnp gas....etc...EVERYBODY

What about Americans

What about Americans? It is not fair GWB still in office?

ok now what

ok now what? you smart ones that decided this CRAZY idea. Lets see, when my son enrolled, i had to have proof of legal residency, oh wait they can do this, look under department of social services, check under housing assistance, hud, ect. i had to have past electric bill,, wait they can too look under DSS assistance again along with their food stamps. i had to provide tax returns, w-2 ect, ooops snafu some don't pay tax, they get paid under the table, we pay their tax (along with their electric, housing, food, medical, a translator etc.), or do they get to turn in to the school a.... w-illegal, for the prior year? its elementary my friend, my 6 year old can even figure this out. Send everyone of them back, get OUR Americans back into the work force and out the unemployment lines, get the Americans back on track, back in homes and food on their tables, our children educated. then If they choose to be legal AFTER THAT set standards. First before coming here they Must speak English, once here you have a certain amount of time to acquire job, housing, etc, or get sent back. an American when disabled has to be disabled 2 years before they can receive assistance. if unemployed can only draw unemployment a certain length of time.the list continues my son had to set out his 2nd year of college cause of our situation and we couldn't get help, he cant get a job cause there isn't anyone hiring but i pulled up to the drive thru the other day and my server hardly could get my order right cause she spoke barely any English, there were several like that in there, a job that my son (that speaks English well) could have had, along with others in his same situation and maybe he could have continued his college education, been able to keep his car. Come on, we are the land of the free yes, but our solders don't lay down their lives everyday for us, just to see it all for nothing, for our law makers and government to run it back in the ground as if their blood shed was for nothing. Americans think, this is what you leave to your future family, my grandfather served proudly in the navy, for the America he took pride in, i sure as heck don't want to let him down, and the ones behind all the crap with this illegal scams to line their pockets should be ashamed, your ancestors didn't lay down their lives for you to just ruin it.

Illegal Immigrants

Our country make it hard for Americans to be proud to be an American. Our laws are not for the American people every thing is about a Mexican. I said it once and I will say it again. Other nationalities that are here doesn't have the options that Mexicans have,a Mexican doesn't want citizenship they want to work get paid and think they can change our law. Right now they are doing a good job. I tried to call INS on illegals and they told me that if they aren't breaking the law, then they want do anything. If I was illegal in Mexico I would be on Nancy Grace breaking news. I give up.

someone call immigration

Wait a second, can't the CC system be charged federally with harbouring known illegals? They know they are there but are failing to notify the authorities... hmmmm.Immigration should just put agents on the campus and start running sweeps for illegals. Round them up while they are in class. It would be like warehouse shopping for illegal aliens, pick them up in bulk.

Slap in the face

Last week, many individuals LEGALLY became citizens of the United States on the USS North Carolina. Some of those individuals served in our armed forces to gain that citizenship legally. Now illegal immigrants can get some of the same privleges of citizens without serving this country? Without being here legally? This is a slap in the face to all of those men and women who worked hard, served our country, studied the language, and became citizens legally.

Don't you guys get it?

I see the comments below and I'm right there with you. Any of the polls I've seen show by far, an overwhelming majority of the public vehementy oppose this ruling, but look...the GOVERNMENT doesn't!!!! WHY??? Somebody's getting fat pockets again!!! There has been absolutely NO EFFORT to stifle the influx of illegals into this country, there has been absolutely NO EFFORT to steer the illegals back home. There has been NO EFFORT to prevent the illegals from draining the Social Security system, the health care system, the TAX system and now the education system that the American people work so hard for. So what is the REAL reason that no action is taken for any of this? The big guys up top with FAT pockets, the real estate developers, the builders, the lobbyists. All the way to the top....Federal, State, County and every office. It's going to rapidly get to the point where the American people have had enough and realize that the good' ol' American "vote" is no longer effective to curtail the growth and power of Government. We will stand up will resolve these differences in the same manner in which this country was originally founded. By the People and For the People!!!!!


I loved to have the names of the nitwits that approved this stupid decision!!! I have 2 kids that go to CFCC and this would be the ultimate reason to have them withdraw from that (College?) this is all about money!!! They should have more consideration for the Legal's in the state than the Illegal's.

Board Members

The following link is the current listing of names for the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges. Walter Dalton was the only member to vote no.

The governor should demand their resignations en masse

This decision cannot be allowed to stand. The governor should also issue an executive order holding the decision in abeyance until the legislature comes into session and this can be legally overturned. If she cannot issue such an order, then she should call the legislature back into emergency session to overturn this. If that doesn't happen, the people need to end this nonsense. SHUT 'EM DOWN! STUDENT STRIKE STARTING NOVEMBER FIRST IF THIS HASN'T BEEN CANCELLED.

she's too busy

Bev is a little busy right now trying to figure out how much more state tax she can throw on the legal citizens in NC. After that she has a nail appointment. She may get around to looking into this around June-July 2012.

What part of federal laws

What part of federal laws against illegal immigration do the Board of Trustees do not understand? These officials are condoning the breaking of a federal law, pure and simple, and should be removed from the board immediately. Speed up the process for these immigrants to become citizens, let them apply to be LEGAL American citizens, but for goodness sake QUIT breaking federal laws, even if you don't agree with them!


As a student of CFCC I am outraged at acceptance of illegals into community colleges. I do not understand how it is legal to harbor an ILLEGAL alien at a state run school. Where is the sense in all of this? I can not believe that the government is brazen enough to break the law for that revenue. We need to contact all of our representatives and voice our concerns. This is one more injustice we can not afford to let go.


I don't understand if you are illegal than why do you get the benefits. They will fall under so much free stuff it will be unreal. When legal kids can't get help at all. I just wonder who is thinking this stuff up. Or better yet NOT THINKING. Be legal like the rest of us and then you get the benefits

Government bureaucrats defying the will of the people

The state legislature and governor need to overturn this decision through law, if they are truly opposed to it and truly want to represent the will of the people. If not, the people need to force a change by whatever means necessary. I sincerely believe that every student at every community college in the state should get up, walk out, and SHUT THOSE SCHOOLS DOWN until this policy is overturned. If we don't start standing up for what is right, now, we are going to see this country ripped apart by violent revolution within the next twenty years.

Illegal Immigrants in school.

What end of the mule came up with this, not the end that thinks? I thought that illegal meant, against the law. So the State of North Carolina says it's ok to break the law. So I guess you are saying it's ok to sell drugs, drink and drive and rob banks. Have you people up in Raleigh snapped? Who is going to pay for this? Why isn't the Feds doing something about this? I think that is what we pay them for. You watch, it will not be long before a illegal immigrant will be running for President, and will win.

too late

we can stop watching now, we've already seen that.

Are you serious...

I cant believe that your gonna let the illegal immigrants into or commnity colleges. There alreasy over taking over everything we have. They should atleast be Legal.And They should speak english.This is redicolous more of our taxes going to the immigrants


...are these GUYS DEAF AND DUMB....NO MEANS NO...we don't want to ENCOURAGE them to do ANYTHING in this country...and WWAY...they ARE NOT UNDOCUMENTED...THEY ARE ILLEGAL...this stuff is just rallying the votes....


There's a word that means breaking the law "ILLEGAL" and now NC is rewarding them... What has this state and country become ??



If you are opposed to this

If you are opposed to this outrageous nonsense, take 5 minutes to email the Governor and State Legislators and not only voice your concerns, but also let them know you will not vote for their reelection, regardless of your party affilliation or or political views. Tell them you will also vote for their strongest opponent and you will have 10 of you friends or relatives do so as well. When it comes to politics, the politicians are interested in 3 things- Money, Power, and Votes! without the votes they have nothing and when their job is on the line they look at things differently. Put your party affilliations aside and make these people put American Citizens first!!

When the illegals enroll in

When the illegals enroll in school, the INS should yank them out of class and boot them back where they came from!


Well then if we are going to allow Illegal immigrants into our system legally, would that still make them Illegal? I swear our Government is so screwed up!!!!!!!! Just another example of how the Government is ruining the United States of America!

Illegal is not really illegal, right?

As an American citizen, I don't get a free pass when I break the law and don't expect one. Why should Illegal aliens? They are not undocumented, they are ILLEGAL! All incumbent politicians should be thrown out of office for not protecting their country from an illegal invasion.


Great. Let the illegal’s register, pay and go to class. Then once they are settled in, let ICE come and do a sweep and take them into custody and process them for deportation.