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Illegal immigrants guilty of sex offenses

Guilty pleas Wednesday for two illegal immigrants, charged with sex offenses in Pender County. Octavio Paz Rojas pled guilty in Pender County Superior Court Wednesday to two counts of indecent liberties with a child. The 22 year old admitted to sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl. Rojas admitted to being in the US illegally, and will be deported to Mexico after serving a 1 1/2 to 3 year sentence. Isidro Garcia Gazca plead guilty to unrelated sex offenses. He was sentenced Wednesday to 12 to 15 years in prison. Detectives say he sexually abused 3 girls, aged 7 to 14. Gazca will also be deported to mexico after serving his sentence.

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I know this post is late but I came across this article and it floored me and that is putting it mildly ! We pay for their "three hots and a cot" not to mention the "education" they will receive in prison. Our government is lost. Heaven help us ! Please !


Americans must stand up an tell Obama and congress... we will not tolerate illegal aliens in our country anymore! No more welfare abuse, tax fraud, job theft, crimes against innocent Americans, urban sprawl, disease, and out right defiance of our laws. Join numbersusa, alipac, fair- locate your representatives contact information and call them today!

It is disgusting that once

It is disgusting that once again illegals getting slapped on the wrist. 22 year old assults 13 year old and gets 11/2 to 3yrs. Give me a break. He will get out get deported and come back with a new name. If they don't have papers send them back.

Send them to Guantanamo...

I propose they serve their sentences out in Guantanamo Bay... to further discourage them from just hopping the border back into the US once they've done their time and are deported.

More Money

We'll pay for them to do time here...why can't we just deport them and NOT HAVE TO PAY!!!

I agree...they should have

I agree...they should have to do their time in a Mexican prison