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Illegal immigrants putting strain on prison system

READ MORE: Illegal immigrants putting strain on prison system
An overcrowded prison system continues to be strained by added offenders, some of which are not in the country legally. Prosecutors say while tax payer dollars go in to keeping illegal immigrants in prison in our country, its one way to ensure convicted felons actually serve their sentence. Ricky Martinez was recently sentenced to eight to ten years in prison for second-degree rape in Brunswick County. Martinez is in the country illegally. Once his sentence is up, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will deport him to Mexico. Meredith Everhart, Brunswick County Assistant District Attorney said, "If we had just deported them immediately then we have no way of assuring that they serve time. Then they serve no time and there's no consequences for the crimes that they have committed." According to INS and FBI statistics from 2006, 29 percent of all the inmates in all state and federal prisons are illegal aliens. Imprisoning those inmates costs the state and federal governments 1.6 billion dollars every year. Meredith Everhart said illegal immigrants accused of crimes are difficult to track down. They often use fake social security cards or names. If convicted and serve prison time, Immigration and Customs Enforcement have them in a database of previously deported felons, which makes them easier to find if they try to get back in to the United States.

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Send them back to their country, is the solution, instead of spending 1.6 billion dollars

illegal immigrants creating federal offenses

What gives the illegal mexicans the right to serve their time in a federal prison eating hot meals a day, have running water, and a roof over their head at night on my dollar? Its not right nor is it fair to the american people to have to pay for these tax burdens. Solution.....if an illegal wants to live in this country let them serve the country thru our military system and show their support of this country and then they may have a right. It is unjust to for the working class to pay taxes on illegals that have no right to be her in the first place. Deport them and who cares if they serve time its punishment enuf to live in a country like that> They can lose their freedom that way. I will never even spit on an illegal for the sake of this Country


Not an offence of anything, but I dont know if your noticed that they occupied only the 29%, what is happening with the 79% left. Yes, they can be deported by the authorities, but the amount of money spend on them is not even a 1/3 of what is spend in the other percentage left. And just because they are illegal here that does not mean they are a little thing in their home countries. What make you think they dont have a roof, or a hot meal, or running water in their countries. Sometimes is not the need for a better future, but the safety of their families or their own. One must analyze one self before start insulting other. Yes, today is them, tomorrow it could be you, me, or anyone that is legal in this country and then what? then, we are paying taxes for another person who is legal and committed a bigger crime, than crossing a border illegally. Also, before looking down on the illegal immigrants, check your background, you may find some immigrants in your own family. Because this country was formed by immigrants if you dont remember that, that's the true. So in conclusion we are not paying 1.6 money for them but we are paying for all the people who are in jails, prisons and more, because at the end we are all immigrants, some legal and others illegal. I apologize if you get offended, but no one said that the true was easy to accept.

Not a good idea. Illegals

Not a good idea. Illegals wouldn't be able to speak english well enough to communicate with the rest of the service and in a job where your life sometimes depends on good communication to survive that would just end up weakening our forces.

The fact is that if you

The fact is that if you deport them they will be back faster than the bus that took them there. I know, I worked at Immigration for a time and that's the way of it.

Think about it

How can you be concerned for just 26% of inmates what about the other 74% of inmates that are here LEGALLY and are wasting your money you should be mad at them. if the illegal "mexicans" (you should probably do research on that because they are not all mexicans) where not in there serving their time on your dollar than somebody else, most likely one of your fellow americans, will be in there. your just being ignorant.

Ignorant or Stupid

You called another poster "ignorant," while being plain stupid. Get a life - get the FACTS on the harm that illegals do!!

Hate is not a solution

Jesus was a liberal - he sat down with lepers and prostitutes and tax collectors and he did not call people roaches. You may not be Christian but you are human, so start acting like it. We cannot solve problems with hate. I am not a Christian nor a liberal, but I am decent human being and I support the death penalty. Don't single out an ethnicity when you suggest execution of criminals. I like the 30 day appeal idea and execution immediately thereafter for murderers, rapists, and child molesters. I am all for deportation and a huge impenetrable fence along our border. However I see many people working hard and earning a living and paying their taxes when many other non-minorities are not. Learn to live with other people and be a little more open minded. And remember WE have to live with YOU.

Jesus was a conservative. He

Jesus was a conservative. He taught people to fish so they could sustain themselves. He didn't take from one person by force and give it to another. He asked and received of people's free wills.

Meredith Everhart, Brunswick

Meredith Everhart, Brunswick County Assistant District Attorney said,[Quote] "If we had just deported them immediately then we have no way of assuring that they serve time. Then they serve no time and there's no consequences for the crimes that they have committed." [Unquote] Maybe Mexico can send us a check on a monthly basis for keeping their dangerous criminals here in the USA and too keeping them from doing crime and time in their country. Sounds good to me :-) All in favor raise their right hand.

I agree we should be billing

I agree we should be billing Mexico for keeping their citizens in our prison system. These illegal immigrants are costing us billions of dollars a year no wonder America is going broke we're giving too many people a free ride.

their crime

I could care less what happenms to them when they get DEPORTED. Our country needs to step up and NOT LET THEM BACK. Listen, these "people" don't belong here, they change their names every week, they drive nice cars, they have thousands of children like roches and they get into everything...just like roches! Matter a fact, they live and eat with roches...I know, have first hand sight of it. Why do I know of a crimnal that spent 5 years in georgia prison then got out was sent back to mexico and was back in this country within a week under a different name? He has had 10...yes 10 dwi's that's what got him there in the first place, and guess what He lives in SHALLOTTE and HAS A JOB! and drive a nice new car! Please, save your stories.

illegal aliens

those roaches need to be fumigated and executed immediately and not send them back. they are crawling all over the countries and taking all the benefits for themselves and their families and they still want equal rights and protection. what do they think, are we that stupid, maybe our government officials think so,they turn on a blind eye and not fixing this huge problems of roaches. it's time the people stands up and voice their disenchantment on this illegal problems.


what happened to the law that when a illegal immigrant was caught they were quickly DEPORTED back to MEXICO? Another bunch of crap our system sold to us so we would think they are all doing their jobs so well. Why in the paper can you read all about the MEXICANS that got busted...why are they still here? Politics suck and is ruining our country! Since the jails are so full of them why don'e our lawmakers offer them a place to stay? They already do by letting them stay here and giving them benifits to boot!


Illegals should not be here, and they should all be deported. Simple. Arresting & deported is not so simple, especially when the same illegals return many times over. One easy thing we can do...STOP BENEFITS. Must our elected representatives extend these benefits, intended for legal citizens, to illegals and their families? It costs the taxpayers billions in dollars each year, overburdens the systems, and is a dangerous and wasteful direction for our country. Voters and concerned citizens need to take action...with their votes!

illegal immigrants

you are right on the money. stop all benefits and automatic citizenship for illegal immigrant babies born in the u.s. we have to do something, take care of our own people before you take care of illegal aliens.

That's not as simple as it sounds

Most of the benefits we make available to illegal immigrants have been ordered by whacko, left-wing federal judges. Once that happens, a state has a choice to comply of face a very long, bitter fight in federal court. Since all governors have backbones with the strength of overcooked linguine when it comes to standing up to Washington, we simply place illegals on the TANF and Medicaid rolls, and start printing our official documents in Spanish. Unless we amend the Constitution to require native birth AND both parents being here legally, the problem of "anchor babies" complicates the issue and makes chances for reform even slimmer. After all, that baby IS a citizen, so he or she immediately rates WIC and food vouchers, Medicaid, etc. Most meaningful reform must start in Washington, but when you talk about amending the Constitution and all federal law to the detriment of illegal aliens, the majority of politicians will balk. The Democrats want their votes and the Republicans want their cheap labor. Until we break the stranglehold the two corrupt parties have on our nation, nothing will change.

Democrats "Double-Dip" On Illegals

Hey, Democratic business owners are just as apt to use illegals for cheaper/dependable labor as Republicans. Get real on this one. The way I see it, the Democrats double-dip with illegal the "Demos" hire the illegals, AND then pander the Latin community for votes. So it's a win-win for Democratic politicians/business owners, but a lose-lose for the average citizen/taxpayer. But some benefits are simply handed out to illegals because citizens don't say "NO!" By the way, many countries consider a baby born to illegal immigrants, a citizen of the country where the parents are actual citizens. Sounds right to me!

Two separate issues

We have to realize that this article is talking specifically about illegal aliens who commit state or federal crimes and load down our prisons. That's a byproduct of border security and immigration policies that have totally collapsed, but the issues shoudln't be lumped together, the lines blurred. This is a distinct problem, far more serious than some guy simply hopping the border to find work. So ask yourself this question: What's the practical difference when Raleigh Central releases an American born felon (who now wanders the streets freely) or we deport a released illegal immigrant felon who is then free to slip back over the border whenever the mood strikes him? Both of them are either going to commit another crime or they're not, and the simple fact is that two-thirds of them WILL commit another crime. This is a crime control issue, not an illegal immigration issue. So while you're writing to your senators and congressman to demand they fix our broken border security, write a letter to the governor, your state senator and local assemblyman demanding a three-strikes law that will lock ALL violent felons up for life without parole, regardless of immigration status. Tell them that you don't mind paying higher taxes to build a few more prisons, as long as people that go to them stay for a long, long time. We CAN defeat the good ol' boys lawyer network and lock their dangerous cash cows up for good.

3 strikes should result in

3 strikes should result in execution not long sentences that are paid for by taxpayers

It isn't just Brunswick

It isn't just Brunswick County that has this problem it is the good old USA. We need to track them down at the grocery store when they are getting about 12 out of a van or at a party in Cloverleaf MHP. The walk in and no one cares until they do a crime then the jails are full of Mexicans. The law all over need to start cleaning out the states and the Judges need to send them back on buses with just sandwichs. We shouldn;t have to feed them 3 square meal a day. And the Food Stamp people need to stop giving them stamps and people need to turn them in when they find out they are here without the proper paperwork.

Stopping the plague

Get rid of the open-borders criminals, including the Governors, Mayors, judges and city administrators and all those who out to appease the illegal immigrant advocates. Those who aid and abet illegal immigrants including local government officials should go to prison. Everybody is crying about the Economy? But do you realize the amount of money taxpayers are contributing to the lifestyles of illegal aliens.Not just 12 million as you hear in America? That number was given 6 years ago? Today it's probably between 20 & 30 million and climbing! You are supporting their free health care, education and more than the unsuspecting taxpayers realizes. Assign to you by the parasite employers all around us. Both Presidential candidates are going to deliver to their corporate donors and special interest groups AMNESTY! That will lead to OVERPOPULATION, because the census estimates we will another 120 million more mouths to feed in just twenty years. A 50% increase in people. But what about the millions, just waiting to scramble across our undermanned border? The SAVE ACT (H.R.4088) is our last chance. 80 percent of the American population are NOT easily going to be swayed, by either Obama, McCain to give the 13 to 20 million illegal aliens any kind of Amnesty.? By any name they want to call it? It has to be voted by house, Senate, and THE PEOPLE and that will have major hurdles, if not impossible? Everybody who doesn't have the right papers, know they are intentionally breaking the law. Their is no malice by the agents; just a duty to the American people and those who came here legally. The 'Rule of Law" must be observed by every person in the United States. LAUREL, Miss, a manufacturing plant where 600 illegal aliens were arrested this week, shows the astronomical cost of this problem? The federal agents declined how many agents were involved in the raid, but said they acted on a tip provided by a union worker. You cannot tell me for one minute, that the CEO, Directors on mahogany row didn't know about the illegal workers? Ice has a Tipline: 1-866-DHS-2ICE for intelligence to locate illegal aliens, or predatory businesses that employ them. If we can only pass the Federal SAVE ACT (H.R.4088) that Democrats are trying to keep away from the public eye. Its funding will build a massive force of interior ICE agents, including 20.000 border patrol enforcement to root out the culprits and the E-verify data base that is 90.5 percent effective. NUMBERSUSA, CAPSWEB



The U.S. GDP for 2007 was $13.8 Trillion

Money flowing out of the country (the largest portion of which goes to India, from LEGAL visa-holders) was slightly over $100 billion. China comes in second. Mexico is third, at just a bit over $25 billion. The Philippines is fourth, France is fifth. But look at those numbers... $13.8 Trillion GDP $100 Billion leaving the country $25 Billion heading to Mexico One-trillion is one-thousand billion, so you do the math, Albert. It's a drop in the bucket. I'm all in favor of fixing the illegal immigration problem, but let's not be "intentionally economically challenged" when coming up with reasons.

Maybe once our elected

Maybe once our elected officials do something to keep them from getting welfare benefits, WIC, free education, free medical care etc., they'll stop coming here. Oh, yeah, I forgot. Those same elected officials need the cheap labor the immigrants bring. How will they line theirs and their cronies pockets of they actually did something about this problem?

"EASY FIX" for office

"easy fix" are you running for president? if so I am voting for you

Deport them

Deport them "illegal's" and we should end up with fewer in our prisons, schools, hospitals, jobs, and in every facet of our society burdening tax paying citizens while our economy suffers.

easy fix

this is a perfect example of a waste of time and money. this is an easy fix. if you come to this country(illegally) and do FELONY crimes. EXECUTE them. no sitting in prison for years. give them 6 months(max) to plead there case. them be done with them. thats it. if we would be harsh on the (illegal) ones. them they would start acting like the had some common sense or be DEAD. that would send a message to the world. if you want to come here, we welcome you. do it legally and follow the rules of the country.

easy fix

I would add shooting anyone crossing the boarder illegaly. It sounds harsh but it would solve the problem very fast. I would vote for easy fix too but he has too much common sense and therefore is unelectable.

Come on tell us the real you

Deportation,Execution,Felony,etc. Look a the choice of words you used. If tomorrow all the immigrants come to this country legally, you'll still look for ways to denigrate them, because you are a bunch of Racist renegades, get it over the south lost the civil war, many things happened after that, you'll will have a president that is black with an arabic last name or a women as VP. Get used to the changes because by 2050 the Whites will be a minority, You will prefer to deal with an educated majority then like we minorities do with the educated white men (today's majority) with no fears. Criminals are everywhere and the statistics reflect that most criminals are natives. Ahhh and if you are not a Native-American your ancesters came here as foreigners, and don't tell me they came here legally beacuse it was not such a thing, people used to show up in port of entries (Ports,Airports,Borders,etc) and enter this country extremly easy.