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ILM adds cheap flights to Orlando

READ MORE: ILM adds cheap flights to Orlando

WILMINGTON -- Need a vacation? ILM has a new destination.

Airport officials announced this morning that there will soon be a non-stop flight from Wilmington to the Orlando area.

Allegiant Airlines will sell one way tickets from ILM to Orlando for $39 until March 8. After that the price goes up to $59.

There will be two flights a week, Friday and Monday.

ILM Director Jon Rosborough said, "It gets down to the more people use ILM, the better their service is going to be which is better for them."

Allegiant also has package deals as low as $144 dollars for roundtrip tickets to Orlando and three-night stay at a hotel.

Flights will start April 4.

A spokesperson for Allegiant Airlines says the company is waiting to see how successful the Orlando flight is. If it's a big hit the company will consider adding a nonstop flight from here to Tampa and St. Petersburg as well.

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said it best earlier Thursday: the MVP of the Super Bowl always gets to go to Disney World, but now Wilmington residents will be able to as well -- and for a pretty good price.

John Fenyes with Allegiant Airlines said, "Our research tells us that the number one market here is Orlando, Mickey Mouse. We know that the $39 dollar fare is going to create demand."

Pam Ardell works as a travel agent in Wilmington. Birgit Allen is a local mom. Both women predict the Orlando flight will be a huge hit.

Allen said, "Absolutely, and we'd probably take the kids friends too. That's a phenomenal price and Orlando is a great place. Sea World, cruises."

Ardell said, "There are a lot of families moving into Wilmington and there are a lot of families already in Wilmington. And flying into Orlando will be excellent because it'll be a great jump off point to go to cruise ships and other parts of Florida."

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False advertisment

This flight does not take you to Orlando, it takes you to Sanford. Sanford is about an hour from Orlando and you'd have to take a shuttle or rent a car from there to get to Orlando. Also, the total cost, once they charge you on every little thing is much, much more. For 4 of us the total was 462. BS all the way!!!!!

For a 7 day stay, and

For a 7 day stay, and getting a $39 ticket price (per person) either way coming or going isn't a bad deal, as long as the pilot/co-pilot aren't wearing bib overall's :-(

Wilmington Flights

It costs the airlines money to operate, and the airlines are not public conveniences. Fuel costs are higher now. And I would hope as a passenger you would want an excellent maintainance program. Even though the government pitches in on the extra security, I would not be surprised if the airlines now spends more on security. The personnel always want more compensation. So should you expect to fly for next to nothing? Do we want to skimp on air safety to save a few bucks? Give the airlines a break, so they won't!

One way flight to Orlando

I'm glad to see that Wilmington is growing and the airport is adding new flights. Now, I also see a solution to 2 of our big problems in town here. We could send the homeless and the violent criminals on a one way trip to Orlando... it's a long walk back. Wouldn't cost as much as trying to contend with them here. Oh, before you start that violation of their rights crap... make me the City Attorney and when things start to get ugly I will resign and move to (an armed compound) in Costa Rica with the severence pay. You can live like a local politician for $20,000 a year in Costa Rica. Large.

Flights (One Way)

I hear that the rates for the one way flights are even cheaper if when you get to the counter you tell them you are a Yankee moving to South Florida permanently!

Get on one

Sound like you've been checking into them.


The word "cheap" and airline just scares the poo out of me. The major airlines have enough problems but a low cost one may have more, what are they skimping on to offer you the cheap flights? A close relative handles the ground crews at ILM. I hope that the new cheap airline has competent crews, not sure if his guys will take that airline as well as the one they handle. I will pass on that cheap flight.


I say BS!!!! I am taking a cruise that second week of April so I decided to look up the price for 2 adults and 1 child. I selected to leave on April 4 and return on April 11. The April 4 price was $109pp and the return flight was $89 per person. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's the $39 flight???

The reason that there are no

The reason that there are no $39 fares for those dates is because not every seat is the same price. US Air does the same thing, lets say on their 126 seat Boeing that flys out at 12:55pm every weekday, 26 seats are a $50 fare, well, then they have another 30 seats at $65 bucks, then the other 70 seats are a full $130. They put these special promo fares on each flight to at least sell a few. More than likely the $39 and $89 fares on the April 4th flight to Orlando are taken, hence the full $109 fare, and the return still has some $89 fares left. This airline also charges for everything. Want to check a bag, even just one? Thats a fee. Want one beverage on the flgiht cause your child is thirsty and TSA wont let you take your soda to the plane? Oh, that will be $X dollars please, may be cheaper to buy a soda from the resturant past the security checkpoint! For fifty cents your you can get ice and a cup to! (I made the Ice and Cup part up, but we get the idea)

ILM should be embarrassed

It should be reported that there are only a select number of seats available for that price. I've flown several times and most of the time I was able to select the seat I wanted and the price was the same no matter where I chose (except first class of course). I called this airline, which didn't have a toll free number listed on their website, and asked them about the prices. The two people I spoke with would not tell me how many $39 seats they had on a flight. So in other words, they could say they sell tickets for $39 even though they may only have one $39 seat. And yes, they charge for EVERYTHING. $10 to book a flight online, $10 to call their reservation number to book a seat, $10 per bag checked in, and who knows how much drinks and nuts would cost during the flight. This airline is a rip-off. ILM should be embarrassed to offer such services

The snacks and stuff aren't

The snacks and stuff aren't even overpriced. They might charge you extra for a lot of things but once you add it all up, it's still cheaper than other airlines. But if you'd rather book through US Air or something and pay about $100 more and have to connect in Charlotte, fine by me. Just leaves more availability on the cheap direct flight.

Not just Orlando

i think they should make it cheap for everywhere to not just Orlando.