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ILM on list of airports considered at risk

READ MORE: ILM on list of airports considered at risk
Wilmington International Airport has landed on a list of 100 regional airports considered at risk. A study conducted by the Business Travel Coalition says the skyrocketing cost of fuel could have devastating effects on smaller airports across the country, including ours. The study ranked Wilmington as one of 100 communities most likely to lose airline service. It is based on proximity to other airports and the ratio of business to leisure travelers, among other factors. The study says that airline service is in jeopardy because of rising fuel costs. But officials at ILM said don't worry, bookings are up. ILM deputy director Julie Wilsey said, "ILM has been growing at better than 20 percent in the past few years, and currently for calendar year 2008 we're six percent over where we were last year in 2007. So, business is still -- we're still growing." ILM added the low cost carrier Allegiant Air early this year. Wilsey said its Monday flight was more than 90 percent booked, inbound and outbound. A spokesperson for U.S. Air told WWAY today that the airline has no plans to cut flights. The only way it would do that is if the supply didn't meet the demand, and that is not the case at ILM.

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honeymoon a year ago. from

honeymoon a year ago. from wilmington to tampa 495 dollars. from raleigh to tampa 295 dollars. why? because it was a direct flight from raleigh, but from wilmington we had to reconnect in charlotte. and that's why its more expensive. more flights out of wilmington need to be direct flights.

The humor I see in all of

The humor I see in all of this is ILM being called an International Airport! (LOL) I look down the terminal from one end to the other at ILM, and it equals a small chunk (a small one) of (i.e.) one terminal at Atlanta. Call it Regional...because it is one. I will agree that their long term parking rates at ILM is for the birds!


As long as a plane can land at ILM from another country, and the passengers go through customs, it is an international airport.


Don't forget the cost to park at RDU or Myrtle Beach! Between gas, parking and time it would have to be a huge savings!

to LAx thru Char SAME price

I just checked Expedia.... a round trip to LAX thru Charlotte from here and RDU is $474.00 ....same price. BUT you can connect thru another city for less. To get from here to RDU or vice-a-versa is $510.00. This is for the shortest flight of 4 hr. 6 min. with a connect in Philadelphia. Now if you want the 11hr 38mn flight its only $297.00 with connects in NY and Boston.

Catering to the Rich

Close it. Thanks to the ILM airport officials, there is no competition at this airport. They receive federal tax dollars for improvements from the entire tax paying public, but the only people to benefit from it are the rich. The average price of a plane ticket from ILM is probably more than an average middle class person's weekly paycheck. There are many small airports in the country that have competitive fares. ILM has never been one of them. With the current board of directors in place, it will probably never be. You can also thank our friendly airport officials for the outrageous parking fees that border on price gouging. ILM charges about the same to park on a flat piece of asphalt as Raleigh charges to park in a multi-million dollar parking deck.


Excuse me, my husband and i just flew out of ILM last month on a 3 week trip to the UK. We are by no means rich. BUT, we are good with money....Many people use ILM of all incomes. ILM does not set the ticket prices. To avoid parking , get a ride there and back, duh.

ILM Prices

Most the people I know fly out of Raleigh or Myrtle Beach because of the prices at ILM, only business travelers and a very few locals use Wilmington. ILM always cost at least 200 to 300 dollars more to fly out of Wilmington. Now with gas prices at 4 dollars a gallon it will probably cost the same to drive to Raleigh or Myrtle Beach to catch a flight. With the extra added cost people aren't going to travel as much.

How do you figure?

I purchase a round trip ticket to Chicago one week ago. I found a mid morning flight out of ILM for $90 on US Air and a return in the morning for $184. It would cost me right at $120 in gas to fill up and drive round trip to RDU. Then I could save, $20 on my return trip thus sepnd $160 extra to drive to Raleigh to catch a flight. Depending on where I fly (And I use US Air web site to find and purchase tickets)There is LESS that a $100 difference (usually less than a $60 difference) on my total round trip price. SO again, HOW do you figure it is cheaper to DRIVE to RDU and THEN catch a flight? Your comment absolutely makes no sense. I will give you that it could change in the future, but for now, gas is to expensive to drive to RDU and does not offset the cost. I get no discount for flying frequesntly on my purchases. I pay the exact same as you would using the US Air Web Site.... Cheaper to drive..... HUH!


I feel bad for driving to Raleigh to fly out somewhere...but when the prices are usually HALF the cost of flying out of here...IT'S WORTH IT!!

where are you going?

i haven't seen a big difference between rdu and ilm for over 10 years. it's been much better to fly from here... less hassle, and a nice airport.

If you really do...

a lot of flying, and there is no way you do, then you know how ridiculous this statement is. I do a lot of business flying and going to Myrtle Beach or RDU saves a ton of money hands down.


ME? You must work for ILM... Here is an example I JUST plugged in...flight from RDU to ICT and flight from ILM to ICT RDU to ICT 194.00 ILM to ICT 413.98 SAME days, SAME length of time....

It isn't that simple.

It isn't that simple. Destination has a TON to do with fare prices. Yeah - you save $220 by going from RDU to ICT instead of leaving from ILM. However if I were to fly Delta to SLC I save a grand total of $8 by driving 2 hours to RDU (Which will then be lost on gas and time). I fly at least once a month. I spend a great deal of time looking up flight information. In some cases it is absolutely cheaper to fly out of RDU (including the cost to drive there) but in just as many cases it is a nominal difference. With gas prices the way they are now it really needs to be $200+ cheaper to fly out of RDU to make it worthwhile and I'll be honest - out of 15 trips I have taken this year only 1 has been worth it to drive to RDU.

re: are you kidding?

I did a flight from ILM to LAX. $358 from ILM, $318 from not worth driving 2 hours, paying for gas and paying for parking to save $40. I'm sure you picked a few different flights until you found one with that huge of a price difference.


NO I didn't...would you like some more numbers ILM to LAX 378 RDU to LAX 198 ILM to ATL 178 RDU to ATL 468 Should I keep going doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the trend here...ILM is TWO HOURS closer to Atlanta...yet IS over TWICE as expensive....I'll drive JUST FOR SPITE and to make a point!


Maybe the same day but you spend at least five hours longer driving to Raleigh and home again, plus gas and parking.


I don't go to Kansas for business so I would not know. But NY, Chicago, DC, Miami, Philidelphia (places that are on the East Coast that I travel to.. ) It is MUCH cheaper to fly from ILM.. sorry I'm not from Kansas toto.. It'd also be more for me to fly from ILM to Moscow, but I'n not using that as an anti-airport campaign entiher.... Since ILM is not a hub.. then duh.. It will cost more to fly out to the West Coast and South West...


not from Kansas was random...look above and your theory doesn't hold true even for a flight from ILM to Atlanta, GA...YOU FAIL...try again. Again...just for SPITE I would drive the two hours to RDU..more to do in that airport too while I wait. I fly from this part of the country ALL OVER the US, including outside the continental US..and its the SAME THING just about EVERY time.