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Immigrants become US citzens in Southport

READ MORE: Immigrants become US citizens in Southport
Nearly 100 people living in eastern North Carolina can now call themselves US citizens. "I'm very proud right now that I will become a United States citizen," said Dennis Sarsozo. At Wednesday’s naturalization ceremony in Southport, 98 people became US citizens. For Rafael Torres and many others, citizenship has been a long time coming. “This is the end of the process today, after basically 1999 when I arrived in North Carolina." Along with the waiting period, these immigrants had to take several steps, in order to become US citizens. Jeffery Sapko of US Citizenship Services said, "We review their applications, do their background checks, the person needs to show that they can speak, read, and understand English, pass a test on civics, and make sure they are not any threat to the rest of the country." For those attending the naturalization in Southport, the benefits of citizenship far outweigh the long wait and extensive process. According to immigration experts, each year more than one million immigrants become full US citizens. In eastern North Carolina alone, around 6,000 people are naturalized every year.

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Congratulations to these new Americans.

That is the way

so many came to this Country legally and earned the right to be citizens. They also accept all of the benefits and challenges which accompany citizenship. Where this country has a problem is with the millions of illegal aliens. The direct costs, which this country absorbs annually is well in excess of $300,000,000. That's for all the entitlements, health care, and so forth which the illegals expect to receive while giving nothing in return. Add to that the millions of dollars which they send back to Mexico annually. And we can not forget the hundreds of millions of dollars which are spent annually to incarcerate the crimminal element which is here illegally. It's a disgrace that our Country not only does not agressively enforce our immigration laws; our Country will not even mirror the immigration laws of Mexico. If we applied the same standards, they'd be lined up at the Border heading south with no right of appeal or due process. Want to see the economy and budget improve. Send the illegal aliens home.

Stop blaming the undocumented

Get over it, the blaming game doesn't work with educated people, undocumented aliens have at least 5 billions unclaimed $ in Social security and other billions in IRS because of the lack of Social security #, you guys turn every report about immigration into you rethoric about "illegal aliens". The economy needs citizens that spend their money NOW and the immigrants are the first one online to do it, many other foreigners send money to their countries as happened with the Jews, Irish, Italians,etc. All this other nationalities were also a point of ridiculous accusations that end up been unfounded. You are probably upset because you have the first black president, well get used to it, segregation is gone and if you want to survive in this global society bring ideas to welcome people that only bring good moral and principles to this country, and finally GET IT, the vast majority of immigrant (99%) are hard working people and not criminals. Criminal immigrants should be deported, incarcerated or get them to a criminal process because most of immigrants dislike delinquents like apparently you do.

if they are undocumented, they are

crimminals. Why do they continue to remain undocumented? Beacuse of mamby pambies who feel they are downtrodded. How about this: let's mirror Mexico's immigration laws; let's apply the same standards to the undocumented and illegal that would be applied to any American found south of the border without proper documents. They won't go for that. How about they spend the $45 BILLION they send home in this country rather than send it home? You say you did your homework? Where? Tough times caqll for tough measures. Why should illegal immigrants be entitled to free health care? Food Stamps? Section 8 Housing? Free Education? Get Real


You are an ignorant, undocumented alien DO NOT qualified for any of those benefits is just a myth, now their children do if they are born here, free education is for then now the same that was for Italians and Irish, in the late 1800's and early 1900's an foreigner just showed up to an port of entry (Airport, Port, Border) and just enter the country, in the late 1800's the Chinese act was the first intent to stop immigrants because some felt treated by the Yellow race, in 1902 the first black was invited to the White House and people from the south was so mad that took another 28 years to invite the next black guest (Check the Biography channel, under White House special) Now an African American is the president, things change.

I would love to know where

I would love to know where you got your statistics. 99%, I don't think so. And for the ones here illegally, they are not spending their money here and now....they send their untaxed dollars back to their home.

UNC-Chapel Hill Study

UNC-Chapel Hill Study among other studies shows the numbers clearly, I did my homework do yours, and again usually immigrants pay with cash and not credit, and like I said other nationalities historically send money home as well as Americans that live overseas.

Thanks, but I have done my

Thanks, but I have done my homework. A majority of illegals in this country that happen to work for a living and not selling drugs or part of gangs do send most of their money back home to their families. Yes they buy things in the US and pay for it with cash but that doesn't change the fact that they send untaxed money back home to their families. Look at what happens when these illegals get in car has to pay for it? You will find 10 foreigners in a small trailer, nobody with a driver's license and nobody with insurance. The Americans have to pay the price for all that

Americans overseas

are there legally. Big difference

Not the argument

That is not the argument full, it's just family values ok, you will send money to your home country to take care of your love ones, and for you to know YES their is some undocumented Americans in some parts of the world. But I don't think they are there for the American Dream.

Congratulations and welcome

To the ones that came to this country the right way, now drop the hammer on the illegals.