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Inauguration moments captured all over the web

READ MORE: Inauguration moments captured all over the web
The world witnessed history in the making Tuesday, and the television was not the only place millions tuned in. Every moment of the inauguration was captured on the internet. Blogging was one way people were documenting history. From the time the gates opened at National Mall to the moment Obama took oath, millions shared their thoughts and experiences on the web and became part of history. The moment Barack Obama was sworn in as our 44th President, the White House internet staff was ready. Instantly, titled him officially, President Barack Obama. Blogs immediately followed, announcing plans for change. Anxious bloggers hurried to be the first to post their opinions and comments about the historic event. Some comments came directly from the millions swarming Washington. One man strolling down Columbia Road posted this blog on "Yes, there's a clinking of glasses and small talk about the next four years, but mostly there's talk about the tickets." Another mentioned the crowd at the National Mall, The line to enter stretched around the corner". Popular blog spot Twitter gave advice to those fighting the traffic and cold conditions at the National Mall. CNN teamed up with Facebook, to help people share their experiences, and thoughts heading in to the new administration. Bloggers used their iPhones or PDA's in Washington to stay in touch in cyberspace. Watching the inauguration simultaneously on the internet and on television, there was a slight delay as the video streamed in. CNN had such a high volume of users trying to watch it on their site, people were actually put on a waiting list, to view the footage. Other sites had video temporarily cut out, but no major problems to report.

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I loved the plea for unity...

When I was broke a few days before payday, I always wanted "unity" with my buddies who still had money, too. So as a sign of our unity, the hard working, productive members of society will see their taxes rise substantially, likely see their Social Security means tested soon.... ...and the people who are collecting EIC, WIC, TANF, Medicaid, Food Stamps ....the people who currently pay no income taxes at all...the people who spent a lifetime in public or Section 8 housing...what will THEY sacrifice to show their unity? Absolutely nothing. Two of the first stimulus agenda items are increasing tax cuts for people who pay no taxes (in other words, greater EIC)and bailing out people who are behind in their mortgages. Let's celebrate our newfound unity by joining hands and singing Kumbayah as the waves lick at our feet while the ship sinks around us. What's another trillion when you're already in so far in the hole that you can't see daylight?

who PAID for the neighborhood ball

guess what fellow tax payers, we paid for the neigborhood ball and other parties the new president attended... how ya like that


I blame all the racist idiots in this country for wasting our taxes on security for his inauguration. He would not have needed so much security if it wasn't for them.


We always pay for that type of thing. $45 mill was raised privately to help cover the whole shebang. Guess you didn't vote for him so you think your tax money shouldn't go for the inauguration festivities.

But for the most expensive in history? Now?

$150 million? Over three times the cost of the last one? Think of the TRUE leadership he would have shown by saying, "No parade, one ball, please stay home and watch the ceremony on TV. You'll be warmer and we won't be burning through another $150 million. It still represents a dream fulfilled, I'll still be your president. We need to get down to the business of fiscal responsibility right now, today."

Three Times the cost?

"Commonsense" obviously gets some of his figures from FOX news. The previous calculations for Pres. Bush's inauguration was not calculated the same way. If the same costs were factored in, both cost about the same, with President Obama's being slightly higher.

Here are my figures

Obama - $150 million Bush (Second) - $43 million Actually, the figures came from AP and MSNBC. Let's see your numbers, and tell us all about the costs not being computed the same. That's always an interesting game that people who hate math try to play. But I'll keep an open mind.

A quote from the New York Times

"In 2005, Mr. Bush raised $42.3 million from about 15,000 donors for festivities; the federal government and the District of Columbia spent a combined $115.5 million, most of it for security, the swearing-in ceremony, cleanup and for a holiday for federal workers." This is from This is separate from the 42.3M raised by Bush backers. I hate math, but this is not a game.

Even if we accept the NYT's figures...

How much private money did Obama raise for festivities? AP and MSNBC may have low-balled the $150 million quote. Maybe it was much higher. But even if we disregard ALL private money, your figures are still $150 million for Obama, $116 million for Bush (2nd)? That's still quite a spread. You're right, it's not a game, so don't get lost in minutia. Re-read my post and try to grasp the main point. How much more impressive and responsible would it have been to say, "Whoa, this is crazy. We're broke. Let's trim this down and have an austere day." Heck, even *I* might have said something nice about him if he had led off with that example.

It's obvious that you didn't read the article.

The headline says how much he raised. My numbers are suspect, but yours are honest-to-God-etched-in-stone? Admit it. Your "three times" figure is a number that somebody started via sloppy reporting, and everybody else just picked up. I understood your main point when I read it the first time. Your condescending tone will not convince me or anyone else of the validity of anything you have to say. My point is that your number is false, either due to laziness, or axe-grinding. Now that I have proven you WRONG, the polite thing to do is apologize. You said: "Let's see your numbers, and tell us all about the costs not being computed the same. That's always an interesting game that people who hate math try to play. But I'll keep an open mind." Open mind, indeed.

The headline said how much he had raised... of that date, two weeks before the actual event. I'm sure that it was far more by the Twentieth. The numbers I provided were from AP and MSNBC. (Thank you for pointing out that as long suspected, no one can trust MSNBC.) Since there is no paucity of information on the web regarding the fact that AP, MSNBC, ABC News, Fox, and others reported the "three times figure," why would I apologize? I will simply say thanks for setting the record straight. Now back to that main point that you seem to be ignoring....

157M for Bush

That's what you get when you add the figures. You appear to be one of those people who will search high and low for whatever negative thing you can to say about the President and see if it will stick. You should apologize for repeating a lie. One Hundred and Fifty-Seven Million Dollars is not one third of $150 Million.

stop hating on the president

stop hating on the president you all are just mad because a black man won you might as get over it,because guess what there is nothing that you can do about it.


You don't have to have hate in your heart to know that some of what he "preaches" can't be done without raising the taxes that "some" of us already are paying that are too high. Democrats always raise taxes and that is historically proven!! I don't hate Obama...just have no respect for someone who has backed up on his campaign promises even BEFORE he was sworn in as president. He is a more than typical politician....tell you anything to get your vote and then do what he wants to do once he gets in office. I could care less if he was purple....I just don't want my taxes increased and I want more people to get off their lazy butts and go to work and quit draining the system dry by taking advantage of the system. I want the illegals here to either go back home or start paying taxes. They work here in a lot of places and don't pay any taxes at all but yet they go to the emergency rooms and get free medical care because they don't have insurance, yet I work and have to pay for my insurance through my employer and pay taxes!! The ones working are paying for the rest of those who sit on their tails!!!! Does that sound like UNITY to you????


A. I could care less what color he is. B. He's just as much White as he is Black. If you can call him Black, I guess I could call him White, but why bother? See "A" above.

Common, give up

You will never convince them that his color is a non-issue. You also can't convince them that your NOT a racist if you speak negatively about him. Guess us whiteys have to clam up for the next 4 years or be labeled haters, racists & anti-American. Funny thing is these same folks didn't give a hoot about politics till now.


Security was most of the cost. Gee wonder why? I knew this would be the case and I knew it when he announced he was running. Racism brings out the nuts and we get to pay for it for the next 4 years. But I knew that when I voted for him so don't even start with me again. :) I agree that 10 balls was WAY over the top and the whole thing was ridiculously over done.

Security isn't THAT expensive, IMO

It takes about $250,000 to completely lock down a couple of city blocks for an hour, in the US at least. It takes about two hours for the team to get set and clear this area for the president/ambassador/whatever. So lets say you have 24 hours with 4 alternating teams of about 150 guys (Blackwater types) clearing buildings, using dogs, setting up sharpshooter coverage... That's roughly $1 million an hour, so $24 million. Let's add in another $25 million for added street presence and to cover all the "know it all's" added expenses I'm bound to hear all about... Now subtract the $48 million Bush spent last year... OUCH. The part that hacks me off is that Bush had headlines last year saying his $48 million inaug. was lavishly expensive and one even said he had this insanely expensive inauguration while we were being killed in Iraq in unarmored Humvees. Well our humvees still blow and our body armor sucks... So where are the headlines?