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Indictment delayed for Anthony Pierce

READ MORE: Indictment delayed for Anthony Pierce
The grand jury decision on whether to indict Anthony Pierce has been put off until Tuesday morning. Pierce was driving the vehicle Wilmington police officers were chasing the night Officer Rich Matthews crashed his car and died. Matthews was responding as back up, and now prosecutors are trying to indict pierce on charges in connection to Matthews' death. At the very least, Anthony Pierce will be charged with felony fleeing to elude arrest, but prosecutors say those charges aren't enough. Just before pierce pulled his vehicle over for officers, they say he or his two companions threw contraband out of the car window. Now, Pierce may be facing more serious charges than the already serious felony fleeing to elude arrest, and possession of marijuana. "Charges through a grand jury, just like verdicts in trial cases, have to be based on the facts and the law,” said DA Ben David. Cameras aren't allowed in the grand jury room, but WPD officers and members of the District Attorney's Office have been in and out of the room for most of the day. Witnesses testified one by one, providing evidence in the case against Anthony Pierce. The DA's office could not confirm exactly what charges they are pursuing, but one North Carolina law that could apply in this case is felony murder. That comes into play when someone loses their life attempting to stop a felony from being committed, which could be argued was the case with Officer Matthews.

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Thank God

Thank God for Ben David, many wrongs are done in this community, this being one. At least he cares about what's going on and has the mind to show these criminals he is for justice and not just looking to try a case. I am quite sure this played heavy on his mind and therefore, a Grand Jury will now decide what more can be done to see that justice will prevail in this case. Had it not been for the drug dealers running, the police would not have been chasing and Matthews would still be here, case closed. Take comfort knowing that your DA is looking out for the community as a whole and not just himself. Mr. David has my vote of confidence, I am thankful for what he stands for and praise him for the tireless hours he gives to this community.

Indictment By Grand Jury


North Carolina has a

North Carolina has a felony-murder doctrine. That means you do not have to intend to kill someone in order to be charged with murder, if the death occurred during the course of committing a felony (see possession of marijuana and FELONY fleeing to elude arrest charges above). If you rob someone of their wallet, and during the robbery that person has a heart attack and dies, you can be charged with murder in NC. At the very least the suspect should face a manslaughter charge.

I might have missed it

I might have missed it somewhere, but has it ever been established that the box was thrown by someone in the fleeing car? What was in the box? It could have been in the road for hours before the persuit. If it had been a dog, cat or deer, would the end result not have been the same? Many a driver has wrecked to avoid a small animal or debris in the roadway. Sometimes it is best (especially at high speed) to continue on a straight course and hit whatever is in the road. Seems like this is the case here. I sympathize with the officer's family, but , like all of us have done at sometime in our lives, he made a decision in a split second and it was not the right one. Things could have been much worse had another car been going in the opposite direction where he crossed the median.

Sounds like the DA is acting

Sounds like the DA is acting with a little malice himself. If this man is charged in connection with Officer Matthew's death, this will open a major can of worms. Many times when an officer responds to a call, if something happens to him enroute, someone else could be held responsible. This is nonsense.......this is his JOB.

Officer's Death

Officer Matthews job description does not include that he must give up his life chasing three lowlife drug dealers!!! His job is to Protect & Serve the people from the sleezy drug dealers! This guy Pierce should pay and pay heavily for his crimes! Officer Matthews RIP.

High speed chase

Why would you be in a high speed chase for a possession of pot charge anyway?

It wasn't simple possession

It wasn't simple possession of was a felony charge. Learn the facts before you post. Well, in the first article it was reported that he was being charged with possession with intent which is a felony. Now the article says possession. This is one reason why I can't stand this paper

why run?

The better question is why did this brain surgeon run from the police if all he had was some pot? The police don't know why somebody decides to run, and the job is to stop criminals, not raise your children, fix the problems you have created in your life or hold your hand. He ran, they chase.

I think that it is not right

I think that it is not right at all that the DA is trying there hardest to put the death of Officer Matthews (R.I.P)on the passengers they had no control of that vehicle THAT THE OFFICER WAS DRIVING!!!! And to blame the passengers with drug charges isn't right as well! No matter what the cops say they have no proof that the passengers in that vehicle had anything to do with any of it! The driver can try and put blame on the other two guys all he wants but in the end the truth will be told and charged! Justice needs to be in that court room and not the DA or the cops just trying to have someone to blame for a death THAT WAS JUST A ACCIDENT!!! The cop that died was behind his own wheel and lost control not anyone else but himself so stop with the blame game it is a crock of non-sense if you ask me! If it had been just a regular person like you or me do you think for one second it would be on the news or paper???? NO!!!!!!! And that is the truth! And does the cops or DA ever think they could have a innocent man in jail??? NO cause all they are out to do is be so quick to put blame on the fault of one of there on! THINK ABOUT IT! I am sure it happens all the time but no one ever see's that! IT'S NOT A FARE SITUATION FOR THOSE BOYS AND I FEEL SORRY FOR THEM AND THERE FAMILIES!

the last paragraph is a

the last paragraph is a ridiculous misstatement of the law in this state

Actually that last statement

Actually that last statement is right on for the laws here in NC. But thanks for trying

No... really?

This is really disturbing to me. I really feel awful for the Matthews family losing their loved one in this tragic accident. But that's exactly what it was, an ACCIDENT. I realize that Pierce was fleeing from the police, and that is wrong. But he is not responsible for the death of Matthews. It's like saying that a convenient store robber is guilty for the death of a tv helicopter crashing from the sky. I understand that loved ones and co-workers would like to see someone guilty for Matthews death, but it was an accident.

Speed caused the accident

Speed and lack of control caused the accident. The suspect could not out run the police radio if it was used properly. the event was not planned and still only an auto accident.

It has been said

that officer Matthews had wrecked a few cars before this one...maybe that is why he was in a crown vic instead of a new car.... Bottom line he shouldn't have been going so darn fast...speed killed him not that drug dealer.

You are right SPEED killed

You are right SPEED killed him not the dealer. The radio is faster then the cars. If someone would have pulled out in front of him and he killed them to what would happen then. There isn't ANY reason for him to be driving over 100. They are Adrenalin junkies and this was another cast of it.