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Information on Lyme disease

Each year in America there's almost 20,000 cases of people infected with Lyme disease. You get the disease from a tick bite. If you are bitten and get the disease, you will get a round red rash around the bite and that can spread to different areas of your body. To avoid being bitten wear bug spray outdoors and try to stay out of the woods. If you are bitten be careful when you remove the tick. Infectious disease specialist Charles Schleupner, M.D., said, "Make sure to remove the head of the tick because it still contains bacteria." If you get a rash after being bitten by a tick, see a doctor. A couple of weeks of taking antibiotics should clear up the disease.

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Lyme Disease Diagnosis

I was born a raised in Wilmington NC. It has been several years since I first had the target rash. I was traveling from NY back to NC when I first noticed the rash on my left leg. I did not seek medical treatment at the time because I did not know what it was, and I did not have medical insurance. When I finally went to the doctor years later with slight symptoms, I was blown off - and by several different doctors. They all told me the same - that I was tested, and it was negative. When I questioned the results, I was aware of the false negative readings. I was told not to worry, there were no reported cases in NC. When I told them I was out of state when the bite occured, they did not seem too concerned. If I only knew then, what I know now - I would have taken a photo of my rash. I have found it hard that the medical community does not take its patients serious. Now it's nearly been 9 years later, I have even more symptoms, and the average doctor would think that I am a hypocondraic. Most recently, I suddenly forgot (and still cannot recall) my debit pin number that I use daily. I have mood swings, fatigue, swollen joints and pain, and skin rashes that seem to be allergies or sentivites to food dyes, preservatives, and even after handling some plastics. I have been diagnosed with IBS, and have GI upsets daily. I am now in the process of shopping for a expert doctor in the feild of Lyme that is recommended by the Lyme Disease Assoication, a part of ILADS. I have found that the closest one that meets this crietria is in Ashville NC, almost 6 hours away. I urgently need to find a doctor that cares enough to get down to the bottom of what is going on with me, so that I can get on with my life. I know that I cannot be alone in this battle.

Jennie, you were very

Jennie, you were very fortunate the "target rash" or "Bulls eye" rash appeared.
Unfortunately for many Lyme sufferers, the "Bulls Eye" rash only shows up about 30% of the time. The other 70% never show any outward sign of being bitten by a tick and simply suffer at the hands of Physician that are unwilling to diagnose otherwise, not because they don't want to help, but because they do not have an understanding of the disease. This is a researchable fact although many area doctors will attempt to tell you differently. Also, unfortunately, I know this from first hand experience.


Jennie...Who was the doctor in Asheville who was a specialist? My mother has had severe medical problems since November, has tested negative for Lyme, but we're not ready to stop looking into that yet. I'd appreciate your help. Lynne

I have been dealing with

I have been dealing with some similar symptoms since 9-11. We had built a house around the time and cleared a wooded lot. i do not remember being biten nor a bulls-eye rash. Many things happened to me at the same time and a psygologist said a had post dramatic stress disorder. I took the perscribed medicine but still to this day have many of the same symptoms. I ask mt gynogologist about myself and he said I have Premenstral dysforic disorder. Now I do notice around my menusis that I have more headaches but I have many of the same symptoms still. I read on the internet of a medicine mesosilver to take for Lymes disease. Did you try this?? I think I will go to the doctor and see if I have lymes disease. The forgetfulness is terrible, like a fog in my mind. I also feel sick all of a sudden and start to loose touch with people around me. very hard to focus. Did you get this???

Long term antibiotic

Long term antibiotic treatment is usually required to combat Lyme Disease and it is EXTREMELY doubtful you will find a Physician in the Wilmington, NC area that will be willing to go that route.
Also, check on the possibility of a co-infection (from the same tick) Babesiosis/"Cat Scratch Fever"/and other tick born complications.

Lyme, Tick fever

My son was sick for about 2 weeks 7 years ago. He was fine all day but at night he would get a fever between 100-102 and feel really bad. It had been going on a week before I knew about it (he was 16) I finally realized this was not going away and took him to the emergency room. We were there for 8 hours. They did many tests on him and they were having a hard time figuring out what he had, finally the Dr. got an idea and had the lab check him for "Tick Fever" and thats what it was. He was given a very expensive antibiotic which cleared him up. He did not remember having any ticks on him but the Dr. said all they had to do was bite him and drop off.

Lyme disease

Your report claims that you must have a bullseye rash. This is not true for everyone. I have been dealing with the remnants of this insideous for 15 years and I never had a bullseye, mine was a red raised area that itched like crazy. PLEASE BE CAREFUL....LYME DISEASE CAN BE A KILLER !