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Injuries common at new skate park


CAROLINA BEACH -- Sprains, fractures, contusions and abrasions are all common injuries for skateboarders.

NewsChannel 3's Theo Wong went to a local skate park to see if kids are taking the right steps to stay safe.

Skateboarding takes balance, coordination and speed. And can sometimes result in serious injuries.

One local skateboarder said, "It felt like a bunch of knives going into my arm, it just hurt so bad."

Nearly 26,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year for skateboarding-related injuries.

According to the US consumer product safety commission, six out of every 10 skateboard injuries happen to kids under 15.

Cory Allen, 14, is one of them.

Cory said, "I've broken my elbow and I hurt my leg and I was trying to do this rail, trying to go big."

That's something 17-year-old TJ Chavarria knows all too well.

TJ said, "I've broken my wrist, ankle and I've blown out one of my knees."

Several factors contribute to accidents. Lack of protective equipment tops the list.

Skateboarder Casey Gonalakis said, "I just don't really wear it. I mean I'll wear my helmet if I'm trying something stupid, but not knee or elbow pads -- they bother me when I skateboard."

Cindy Edman goes to the skate park to watch over her kids. She says more parents need to be more proactive.

Edman said, "There's a big problem. You'll get the young ones that come out but don't have on their equipment. That's where their parents need to step in and be parents."

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons offers a few safety tips.

  • Wear slip resistant shoes, helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and gloves
  • All skateboards wear out over time, so be sure to check for broken or cracked parts, and sharp edges
  • Look out for bumps and holes -- try to find smooth pavement, or a supervised skate park
  • Parents, talk with your kids. Set rules and emphasize common sense and understand that peer pressure may strongly influence your child's choice to wear or to not wear protective gear

Of course accidents will happen, so talk so your kids, and make sure they know what to do in an emergency.

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skateboarding is not for you. its for me. go regulate football.

go visit enoch skateshop in leland near the new walmart on highway 17. just want to say that under 18, kids, sure tell them what to do i guess. but if your an adult which society says u are at 18. you should be able to do what the sign posted at just about every skatepark says SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! im 23 been skating for close to 9 years thats longer than some people trying to enforce the rules have been conscious to skating. And really if anyone can tell me why people seem to think u need a helmet, elbow, and knee pads. who in the world started saying "yup thats standard gear" -trying to regulate a "sport" that is so independant and so free spirited. if anything ..might as well make us where shin pads and heel cups. ive had and known more skaters to have BUSTED up shins. bruised heels and bruised balls of feet. ive only hit my head when wearing a helmet cause it adds all that thickness and believe it or not when i fall i know where my head is so i keep it up. a helmet makes u slam it when keeping that margin of safe space. falling straight on your knees and elbows honestly neva seen it in person... forget about it.. only some bustas fall on them. half pipe dudes intentionally fall on knees with pads cause its less effort too run it off. so with all that said 18 + let em be. sign a waiver or something .like anything else. u go snowboarding u sign a waiver saying basically if i die on this mountain. well thats on me not the resort......hmmm. o and shoes falling off may be to do with the expense of sneakers that wear out about monthly and laces that rip constantly. ive had it too where i couldnt tie another knot with what was left. none of the views expressed are necessarily the views of enoch skateboards and affiliates. ...just mine. thanks for reading please visit

you are right

i agree with you they can't tell what to do it's at our OWN RISK