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Inmates get a new "leash" on life

READ MORE: Inmates get a new "leash" on life
Some Pender County prison inmates are giving dogs a new leash on life. For the next eight weeks, inmates will train stray dogs that have been rescued by a local animal shelter. Program officials say this gives prisoners something to do and a feeling of accomplishment. Seven prison inmates are embarking on a new program at Pender County Correctional Institution. It is called New Leash on Life and it is a dog training program for rescued pooches. Jeffery Lane, an inmate, said “It feels awesome. This is my first time participating in this program, and I'm really looking forward to it.” Lane is serving the remainder of his twenty year prison sentence in Pender County. He is excited about spending time with his new K-9 friend, Delta. “This is important because we're giving these dogs a second chance to enjoy life in spite of the abuse that was brought upon them.” Five dogs will stay at the prison throughout the eight week course. From sun up to sun down prisoners will teach dogs basic house training skills. The inmates will get help from volunteers from Monty's Home, a pet rehabilitation facility. “These five dogs will get a lot of attention and they will get the correct way to do everything. The correct way to crate train them, the obedience training and potty training and all of the things needed to be a good family pet.” said Barbara Raab of Monty’s Home. Program leaders say six-hundred dogs across the state have gone through the program. 95 percent of them are adopted once the training is complete. Bobby Middleton is also an inmate. He said, “This program and this opportunity gives me a chance to experience some personal growth, practice some responsibility and show some unconditional love.” Out of the 78 prisons in North Carolina, 18 of them take part in the New Leash on Life program. Five other prisons are considering adding it.

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this is good for the dogs and inmates.

ima doing a senior project on animal therapy which is similar to this. i think that this is great for the dogs to have a new chance at life and get to be with a family that will love them and take care of them. its also great for the inmates so they can show people there loving, caring side of them and show that theres not only a bad person in them that theres also a good side of them and it seems like they showed it.
i think that this should ahppen in every prison and juvnile so they would all ahve a chance to love and care for a living thing.

Prison Pet Training

We have the same successful prison training program here in Guilford County for dogs. It is so rewarding to know that a few dogs destined for euthanasia are being saved and placed in good homes.

New Leash On Life

I have one of these prison pups that was trained by an inmate at Bladen Correctional Center. Burt and I have been together for almost three years, and he's a wonderful Yellow Labrador who is a loving and faithful companion. Since I also work for the NC Division of Prisons and at a prison who has the same program, I've seen the differences in inmates who handle these dogs. It also makes a difference in the morale of other inmates and staff as well. It's great to see these dogs being trained. It brings a smile across the faces of us all!

New Leash on Life Program

I think this is a great program and am so glad they are helping to rescue some of the many unwanted dogs in the shelters that would otherwise be euthanized. This is also a great thing for the inmates to learn patience, self-control and how to interact socially and to be shown an unconditional love every day. I think that every prison should implement this program. Dogs are great therapy and can get through to even the hardest heart over time and give them something to look forward to.