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Inmates need money for new worship building

READ MORE: Inmates need money for new worship building
PENDER COUNTY -- Inmates at the Pender Correctional Institution are praying for more room to worship. Pender County Chaplain Jim Spirito-Santo says finding religion is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process. The problem is the prison's chapel isn't big enough for everyone. Sunday services are now held in the visitation area, which holds about 70 people. But each week inmates have to be turned away because there's just not enough room. Inmate Larry Knight said, "With a life sentence, it's the only hope that I have is within the lord and we're in desperate need of a larger facility." The prison needs to raise about $300,000 to build a new, larger facility. The chaplain says he's hoping to fund the project with donations from the community. Anyone can mail donations to: Pender Development Fund. P.O. Box 1058 Burgaw, NC 28425 You can find more info about the project at or by calling 910-663-3076.

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Thank God someone else sees

Thank God someone else sees the light in reference to how quick they seem to lose him after "finding" him when they get out. I agree that finding him sets well with the parole board. These people know how to work the system to get what they want, look at the Hilton they live in now and take a long look at the school system where our kids have to do fund raisers to buy computer equipment and playground equipment. While the prisoners have a top-notch weight/exercise room, color tv's, etc. I say there's something wrong with this picture, America. I say put the money to "good" use and use it in the schools for our children's education and "free" them from the fundraisers. What happened to "if you do the crime do the time" not go on vacation. I know these people miss their families, but they should have thought about that before they violated the law.

Prison church

They can raise their own money by going to work & donating their pay for their church. There's a great deal of trash around this county from billions of cigarette butts to fast food trash & construction debris. Why not put them out with trash bags everyday for the rest of their time in prison & all of their pay goes for the church & to pay restitution & leave nothing for their pockets. I believe in God & pray to him everyday to give thanks & to ask for guidance. They are in prison. Time to grow up & be responsible & work for what you want.

prisoner's pay

Do you really think the prisoner's make much money picking up trash, or anything else they do to get paid? Just volunteer there one day and you will learn the real truth.

Hold more services

Instead of asking for more money, just hold more services during the day. Maybe hold 4 to 5. That makes more since to me than to build a bigger facility to hold worship services.

Need Money???

These people must be crazy. While we are at church praying and out working, these guys are the ones out breaking the laws, selling drugs to our kids and killing each other. Now you're asking for funding so you can pray. Rethink that idea guys, you should have thought about that before landing in jail. Utilize your cell for prayer or better yet, go out in the yard look up and say a prayer. Pray for the lives of the people you have ruined, pray for your families that you have made sad and pray for the little ones you may have brought into the world that they don't grow up to be like you. Meanwhile, I'll say a prayer for you to stay right where you deserve to be.

I think what this pastor is

I think what this pastor is doing is great. And spiritual development is essential to everyday living. If alot more people were seeking God. Then this world would be a different place. Reading the responses below just confirms why people turn away from Church and God. Why people get out of jail and revert backwards. Because people never let them forget what it is that they did. Funny thing is the same ones that have so much to say...sin on a daily basis. Which means your telling a litte white lie, going to church on Sunday worshiping the Lord only to live like a heathen Mon-Sat. Puts you in the same catergory as the person you are condemning. Because in God's eye's it's all sin and just because you didn't commit a crime that got you put way does not make you any better than these people that did. People should stop being so hypocritical to others. People need to wake up...and stop being so closed minded about everything. Put yourself in their situation. It's easy to say what someone should have done. But when you don't know the circumstances you need to be mindful of what you speak. By no means am I condoning what they did. But we as people need to look at ourselves in the same critical manner that we judge others. Instead of speaking negative things into their lives...pray for them and speak blessings over their lives. Because if you sow good reap good seed. We need to uplift each other as people and stop tearing each other down. As soon as we do that this world will be on it's way to being a better place. Be blessed and make it a great day!


....and just because you didn't commit a crime that got you put way does not make you any better than these people that did. Wrong sparky, I am better than these criminals because I am a law abiding citizen, tax payer, job holder etc. Everything these criminals are NOT. Go preach to your mirror.

Sure thing, lady!

The recidivism rate is nearing 70% because "no one lets them forget." It couldn't be that they are simply no good vermin who don't give one hoot about God, and simply want to make a living by stealing from others, rather than working....could it? BTW, I'll gladly stand in judgment for my sins against theirs, ANY DAY. I highy doubt that God places anything I've ever done in my rather tame life on the same level as burglary, robbery, rape, or murder. I would hope that God has more common sense than that.


Ummmmm, no.

make sure

Yep, let’s make sure these criminals have much more than they deserve. I guess they missed the sign saying jail, not Hilton.

Yeah....they all find God....

...right about the time they hear that cell door lock behind them. For some reason, however, two-thirds to three-quarters of them seem to lose him as soon as they hit the street again. Oh, but the fact that "I've found God" sounds SOOOO good to the parole board. There's a simpler, CHEAPER solution than building a new facility: Run multiple services. Start one service at 0700, another at 0800, a third at 0900. That way all the born again rapists, robbers, burglars, and killers can tend to their spiritual needs....and parole preparation. Don't get me wrong - I know that there truly ARE sincere conversions and people DO find the Lord in prison, changing their lives in the process. But there's an easy way to tell the sincere ones from the fakes and phonies. See if they come back once they're released.....

Hey God is everywhere, can't

Hey God is everywhere, can't they just pray in their cells?

They would pray

I bet more of them would be praying for some cool weather if this state would bring back chain gangs and make them really work.