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Inside Wilmington's budget

READ MORE: Inside Wilmington's budget

Wilmington, NC (WWAY)-- Last year the City of Wilmington had a total budget of $122.5 million. After factoring in the proposed 3.75 cent property tax increase the city will actually increase the total budget to $126 million dollars for the upcoming fiscal year.

Even though the tax will mean more money for the city some programs won't get funding. The Cameron Art Museum received a lot of attention for the $100,000 they've received from the city in years past. In the proposed budget, it won't get anything. And the museums not alone.

The Cape Fear Youth Soccer Association received more than $110,000 last year, and they won't see a dime either.

While there will be some major cuts in programs, employees will be able to keep their jobs. However 18 vacant positions will be eliminated, and once again employees will go without a raise.

For Wilmington residents, property taxes won't be the only thing going up. For the second year in a row the city has proposed a solid waste and storm water increase that will cost residents a little less than a dollar per bill.

And if your visiting the city, bring some extra change. Parking may go up 25-cents per hour in January.

But all these cuts, and fees, and taxes will balance the city's budget, which right now stands at seven point five million dollars.

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tax increase

I guess the big, bad, bully wolf really scared people with the threat of selling Airlie. How about selling the convention center? Oh right, it's still not complete, and doesn't have a hotel. Well, shoot, let's keep pouring money into and maybe someday it will be operational.
LOL! I think I just lizzed!LOL!

County & City

OK people - there is a COUNTY government (schools, AIRLIE GARDENS, courts, etc.) and there is a CITY government. Both have their own budgets. Commissioners run the County. City Council runs the city.

Oh, and one more time, the Convention Center is NOT coming out of the city's budget. Taxpayers are not funding it (unless by chance you live in a hotel).

The Sales Tax increase, which is different than property tax, was proposed by the County NOT the city. In fact, the city will not receive any money as a result of the sales tax increase.

I suppose when the new

I suppose when the new revenue starts flowing in, all of them will go to Ruth's Crist (with spouses) to celebrate.

I'm glad to see...

the soccer association and art museum aren't being funded. However, the preliminary budget numbers show $5 Million for the Convention Center. Was the purpose of the room tax for construction only or construction and operation?

convention center

I think what happens is that the room tax money gets moved into the city's budget so that the city can pay the bills. The $5 isn't coming out of our taxes.

Saw that one coming

Well SUPRISE, SUPRISE, SUPRISE!!! How many of you can honestly say you didn't see this coming? THAT is why I voted NO on the sales tax increase...(as a property owner) send these sorry excuses for commissioners a message. When will they learn? When will all of you that voted YES learn? This county is in serious trouble, I hope you all can see that. Until we get a new commission, we are screwed and will continue to pay the price for their incompetence.


The City of Wilmington just proposed a property tax increase, NOT the county.

The county commissioners have not made a decision on property taxes (though they will probably be raised).

Do people not recognize the difference between the two? Talk about uneducated voters.

Tax increase

It's actually been reported that the county is considering a one cent property tax increase in addition to the sales tax increase.

City of Wilmington Budget

Once again the truth comes out. The budget actually increased, instead of decreased. Plus, a budget means little unless there is spending control, which apparently is still a problem. Cutting jobs that are vacant hardly qualifies as cost saving measure. They can just as easily be added back once the new tax money starts flowing into the coffers.