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Insurance company drops coverage for coastal mobile homes

READ MORE: Insurance company drops coverage for coastal mobile homes

State Farm is cancelling more of its customers' polcies. It's no longer going to cover some mobile homes in the area.

State Farm announced earlier this month it won't renew policies on homes located on barrier islands along our coast. It's also dropping coverage on all mobile homes in the state at risk of being damaged by a storm surge during a hurricane. That affects almost 400 State Farm customers in North Carolina, many of them in Brunswick County.

Nationwide Insurance announced last summer it would do the same thing. Now Steve Chandler, who lives in a mobile home in Brunswick County, is concerned his insurance company might be next.

"If Farm Bureau says it's going to cancel your policy, I'm going to be perturbed," Chandler said. "Reason being we've been with them 17 years and we've paid all this money and just had one minor claim. So all that wasted money, we would have to go with somebody else, who'd obviously charge a lot more."

Like State Farm homeowners on the barrier islands, some mobile home owners may be able to get insurance through the state Beach Plan.

Policy holders will start getting notices in the mail march first.

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Mobile Home Insurance

Yes there is a mobilt market in this county. Check out Soundside on 421S before the Carolina Beach bridge-those are all double wides on permanent foundation. The neighborhood I live in in Ogden is all doublewides on permanent foundations. What about the mobile home park on Wrightsville Ave before you get to the beach and there are numerous other neighborhoods in the tri-county area because that's what developers did buy cheap build even cheaper which means mobile homes. I'm with Farm Bureau. These other insurance companies that are cancelling on mobile homes are putting people's lives in danger all for the sake of more profits. They learn from Wallstreet & all the other BIG companies that taxpayers bailed out. Money talks people suffer.


in itself doesn't tick me off...what TICKS ME OFF is the Insurance commissioner allowed them 20-30 percent increases for TWO YEARS IN A ROW to allow them to cover these types of that they have their money..THEY ARE RUNNING WITH IT...not just this..but most companies slapped on the flipping HURRICANE deductible...which is TOTALLY BULL CRAP. THE ONE time I will most likely need help...and they screw me to get covered!

Guess Again

the Insurance Commissioner has no right to deny an insurance carrier a rate increase.

When an insurance company, or the NC Rate Bureau which represents most insurance companies, files for a rate increase, they have to back it up with a ton of specific loss data.

At that point, the Commissioner can challenge the rate increase request. In that scenario, a court hearing is held; both sides make their case; and a judge issues a ruling based on facts.

Anyone who thinks the Commissioner is a diety with all encompassing power in the insurance world, needs to check again.

Insurance Companies drop Mobile Homes

State Farm is not the only Insurance Company that does not insure Mobile Homes. Go try to purchase a Mobile Home policy. This area does not have a mobile home market. No Insuracne company wants that risk, not just State Farm or Nation Wide. Foremost Insurance Company is one of the few that will write them, and you pay thru the nose of the coverage. It is not what kind of damage you will have from a loss, it is how big the total loss will be. ALL mobile home fires are total losses. Why take the risk when as a insurance company you know it only takes 2 minutes for a trailer to burn. It doesnt matter how good they are built, they are still a mobile home which is made with less quality than a stick built house. The Insurance Companies can only do what the Insurance Commissioner allows them to do. Vote smater next time.

Someting has to be done

Someting has to be done regarding the insurance companies.. I have been told by my agent that when I receive my wind and hail policy it will be going up almost 40%. Thats just nuts.. I have never made a claim. so I will be paying close to $2500.00 on that policy alone.. Then regular homeowners, and flood.. It's becoming that a person can't retire in this county anymore..

Good Business Sense

I believe this is considered GOOD business sense. Why in the world would a company insure a tin box in a region where Hurricanes hit? If you have to tie your home to the ground don't expect to get it insured. Same as insuring a 90 year old with life insurance. It's just bad business.

Mobile Home Insureance

I have a doublewide on a permanent foundation and have been insured with Nationwide since 1996. Never had a claim. It is a REQUIREMENT to have homeowners insurance on your primary residence. I'm sorry you're so snooty that you can't see that.

Isn't insurance required? At

Isn't insurance required? At least on the MH's that are financed? What are people supposed to do?

I get that you don't like them, but for alot of people, it is the most affordable form of home ownership.

Re: Good business sense

Yea, and I can't understand insuring a little tin box running up and down the highway at 60mph

i don't understand why so

i don't understand why so many people are against mobile homes...they can and are great places to live in...i think about when there are house fires a wood or brick home can go up in flames just as bad as a mobile home people need to get off of their high horses and not look down at those of us that live in mobile homes...we all pay taxes and we have a choice when it comes to what we want to live in.

Insurance company drops coverage for coastal mobile homes

Nationwide is dropping their mobile home coverage this year too

last year they doubled my premium

yea last year Nationwide almost doubled my premium from $700 to $1300 a year and me NEVER filing a claim in 2 years on it. Now I won't have insurance, and if my mortgage company puts insurance on it for me I can't afford my house payments then. right now they're $667 a month and I can just barely make them now

insurance fraud

hmmm lets see , the insurance companies run the state of north carolina. and instead of helping people in the U.S. we should send more help and money to haiti,, and let us keep getting screwed more and more . the insurance industry can do anything it wants in the state of north carolina thanks to the great politicians we have.

All that wasted money?

Insurance isn't an investment or a wager. You paid premiums for seventeen years and in return you received protection and peace-of-mind for seventeen years. Just because you had only one minor claim doesn't mean the money was "wasted." It means that you were very lucky.

I am curious

how Mr. Chandler could refer to premiums paid as "all that wasted money"?

Anyone who buys insurance, pays a premium. That premium is in exchange for the Insurance Company's promise to provide insurance coverage for a specific time frame referred to as the policy term.

When the term ends, you pay a "renewal" premium for a new policy term.

Not much different from buying a pair of trousers at Belks. When they wear out, you buy a new pair.

By his own admission, they paid a claim on his behalf. They did what the policy called for.

Now they have decided they do not want to provide coverage in coastal areas. That's a business decision. No more; no less.

He paid his money; he got what he paid for.

The thing that gripes me is

The thing that gripes me is an insurance company cancelling your policy when you have a legitimate claim. This is not right, but it happens. I know they are all in the business of collecting premiums and not paying claims, but they should not be allowed to cancel a homeowner when the claim was a covered item.


read the article in its entirety. They did not cancel him as an individual on the basis of one claim.

They made a business decision to no longer insure manufactured housing in ooastal counties.

His claim had no impact on the decision. He was not singled out.

What was the point of your post?