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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Interim Sheriff explains why deputies were not sworn in

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Interim Sheriff explains why deputies were not sworn in

ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) -- Bladen County has a new sheriff, but five fewer deputies. Former Sheriff Earl Storms was sworn in this morning as interim sheriff, but when it was time to swear in 10 deputies, five were left off the list. Storms tells WWAY he needed more time to get enough information about the deputies and could reinstate them down the road.

The list of deputies left out includes Chief Dep. Phillip Little and Eric Bryan, who narrowly lost last month's run-off for the Democratic nomination for Sheriff. Storms says he had a long talk today with Little about his future with the department.

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The best candidate should win the election. It is not a good example to say that one person should win to get back at another. If Ward felt so strongly about the issues, then I feel that he should have put his name on the ballot in the begining. This entire run off is outrageous. The people have already spoken!

What ever

Yea the people spoke when eric bryan got the 41% of the votes in the first election he should have been put in office because he was the top vote getter.

P.S. I am not irrational

P.S. I am not irrational but I personally have known Phillip Little since I was a child. He is an Honest and Hardworking person who does alot behind the scenes that the Sherriff's Department will miss. I WILL NOT under any circumstances support a campaign (Bentson's) whose principal supporters are responsible for having Mr. Little and the other 4 officers fired simply for supporting another candidate. I hope the voters make their voices heard in the election (not the primary) in November.

yes, I had some dealing with

yes, I had some dealing with Phillip Little, too. He investigate the death of a close relative, years ago, come out of the house with a baggie containing white powder. Telling everyone it was an over dose, cocaine in the baggie. The substance was send to the lab, which turn out to be baking soda. It was just simpler to say over dose instead of investigating the death, the way it should have been

You know a different One

You must know a Different Phillip Little than I have known for 20 plus years. He blows his own whistle at what ever the cost.

Eric showed how much of a man he was the night he LOST the LEGAL Election.

I also hope you were

I also hope you were referring to the Run off between Bentson and Bryan and not the upcoming general election between Bentson and Ward because Bentson has not won anything but a democratic primary. The people have not spoken because the republican/independent voters have not had a voice.

I agree, it is outragous. I

I agree, it is outragous. I think the right candidate won on the first election day. However, one of the same loopholes that allowed a run off to be called by the original loser is the same way that Billy Ward was able to get his name on the ballot. I think this whole election stinks and is a political game. I think Mr. Ward is a better candidate at this point simply because he will turn the establishment on it's head. Mr. Storm has already started his "term" by lying about why/how the 5 deputies were not sworn in. I know this firsthand because they were told 15 mins before swear in by one of the sherriff's cronies that they could leave or stay for the ceremony but they were not being sworn in. THAT STINKS!

New Hanover or Bladen?

At first I thought you were talking about New Hanover County. . . but then I realized it was Bladen County. My Bad Same story in New Hanover. Hard to tell the difference!