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International Day of Climate Action pedals through Port City

READ MORE: International Day of Climate Action pedals through Port City

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Some people believe the world's climate is changing. For those who do, today they proved it where the rubber meets the road. It's all for the International Day of Climate Action.

They were definitely in need of hyrdation afterwards, but those who participated in a bike ride from UNCW to the river say despite the long haul their spirits are held on high because they are spreading a message they feel rings true...and its something they passionately believe in.

"It's really inspiring that the Wilmington community joined with thousands around the globe there are over 7000 events happening around the globe today in the name of adressing climate change and its good the community is taking action to protect our community," said Brinkley Hutchings who is a UNCW student and an organizer for the event.

Some of the riders have been involved in events like this before...for others, this was their first time...but they don't mind.

"I just came to Wilmington and I got this note saying hey we are doing this bike ride and we would love for you to join us and its something im passionate about so here I am!" said rider Aaron Tharp.

It's a cause these UNCW Eco students hope continues to be fought for on a grassroots level and a politcal level.

After the bike ride was over there was of course plenty of water to go around, but they also snapped a picture to send to - an international campaign seeking to rally the world around solutions to the climate crisis.

The number 350 is a reference to parts per million of CO2. It's believed that if we can't get below that scientists think the damage we're already seeing from global warming will continue and accelerate.

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My question is why do so

My question is why do so many people that global climate change is a myth? The evidence is there people wake up. Small things can make a difference, ride the bus or carpool to work once a week, walk or ride a bike to work, or school, change your thermastat from 72 in the summer to 78 and from 72 in the winter to 68. Unplug cell phone chargers when not in use, swich to led lights if possible or at least CF bulbs. If we all did these little things it would make a huge difference to the environment, not to mention the money you would save on fuel and electricity. I ride my bike to work nearly everyday which saves me tons on fuel costs. I spend about 20-25 dollars a month on fuel for my jeep. What a huge savings.

Because it's a load of bovine droppings?

There are far too many cases of conflicting data that has been omitted, supporting data that has been exaggerated, and all data that has been misinterpreted. Even the UN had to admit that their "Bible" on global warming was a bunch of hooey.

Plus, far too much talk is dedicated to wealth redistribution from industrialized nations to Third World dumps, proving that "climate change' is more about Socialism than science.

BTW, here's a few items for you - chargers that are not in use consume a ridiculously small amount of power. It is measured in miliamperes. If there is no LED, it can drop into the micro-amps. If everyone unplugged their chargers when not in use, Progress wouldn't even notice a difference in their transmission load.

CFLs are actually not as efficient in the Winter when the heat from incandescent bulbs helps warm your home, reducing heating requirements.

I admire and ecourage your walking or riding your bike simply because it does save you money and is far healthier than riding in a car. Trust me, however - a cursory study of Earth's history and geology shows that we have gone through innumerable heating and cooling cycles over billions of years. MAN is not causing any current global warming.

We are simply along for the ride. If we are indeed entering a warming cycle, as a species we will adapt and survive or we will become extinct.

Well I must say your attempt

Well I must say your attempt to make compelling arguments only further proves my point that most of the public is ignorant to the real findings and data about the current climatic conditions. Yes there are some flaws in data measurement that have a raised due to increased technology that has allowed us to gain more accurate information. The controversy that comes into play is when the researchers failed to note in their findings that they changed their proxies. And yes we are currently on a cycle of warming on our planet, however we are reaching levels of CO2 faster then we have ever before and we are quickly approaching the highest level of CO2 ever in our atmosphere. In the past when we have seen these levels we have also found evidence of some sort of major catastrophic event such as a major volcano eruption or a large meteor impact. Neither of has occurred to the levels which would cause this type of raise in CO2.

As for unplugging items, use a little common sense yourself. Think about it, let's say a typical person living alone has a cell phone, ipod, computer, mircowave, dvd player, even a vcr, modem. This is not to mention what ever else they may have that has a power brick, but all of these items continue to draw small amounts of power even when turned off. So if everyone was to unplug these items when not in use then we could see a drastic change in power consumption. When I started doing this and changed my bulbs to CFLs in the dead of winter I saw a 20% decline in my electric bill. So for you to say that there would not be a significant change I believe you are wrong. I say let's put the theory to the test and everyone make all these small changes and see if progress energy notices anything, what's the worst that could happen people lower their monthly bills.

You are right we are not the sole cause of global warming but we are definitely not just along for the ride. The warming cycle is going to happen, how quickly and how warm it gets is a result of what we are doing.