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Internet sales tax to take effect in North Carolina

There are new taxes for those who live in North Carolina and are users. North Carolina state legislature enacted a new tax last week that affects people who buy and sell on Users are subjected to the sales tax when they purchase items from Amazon. It also affects businesses who use the website to sell their own materials or services. One local woman who uses the site to sell her online art classes received a letter from Amazon stating the new law. In response, she wrote a letter to the state's senators describing how the tax will dramatically affect her business. Other local online businesses who are Amazon associates should expect to receive the same letter.

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NC The Land of Tax More and Spend Way More

I am retired and do not pay State income tax on my retirement because of the Bailey Settlement wherein NC tried to double tax teachers. Why would anyone want to move to a state where everyone is a tax collector: the Highway Patrol collects speed taxes; the Inspection Stations collect a tax from everyone who has to drive to work; the county tax office increases property taxes at will, eventhough home values are dropping; Onslow County ran off all the small businesses in the downtown area then filled up that area with large city and county government buildings that were built with taxes but which do not pay taxes;thus government thrives by destroying its tax base, which means it has to increase its extortion. At least the Mafia would keep the other crooks from stealing from you.

nc tax change forced small business owner to change...

For small or home business owners, Instead of giving up affiliate sales in NC using Amazon and other affiliates ( i received letters from over a dozen companies that discontinued affiliate sales in NC because of this taxx...) solution is to spend 500 or so dollars and incorporate your business in Delaware or somewhere. dont pay lawyer, do it yourself online

This internet sales tax is a

This internet sales tax is a great idea. I am all for anything will increase my salary and give me more money to spend. Yours Truly, TaxAndSpendLiberal

What do you expect when you

What do you expect when you elect democrat governor and congress? Did anyone really think they'd make the tax burden any lighter on us? In these troubled times, consumers are trying to survive on less, while the government is trying to tax the consumer even more. Talk about adding insult to injury. Lemon juice on wounds. ... and I won't be surprised if the same tax leeches get re-elected. More of the same.

What do you expect when you

Although the Governor in North Carolina is Democratic, the legislators who make the decisions are Republican.

Reply to "What do you expect when you..."

The only ones us "Democrats" are raising taxes on are those who make more money, and the only ones complaining about it are the Republicans, who for years have managed to skate out of taxes by all the loop holes the Republicans create to save their own. Quit whining and pay your fair share !

Frog Frocky! This is not

Frog Frocky! This is not about fairness! It is about getting more money to spend Democrats! I use to vote for some Democrats. But, the Dumbocrat party has been taken over by socialists bent on ruining our country! OK, Pam what are you going to do when we go bankrupt and you have not job and your money - what you have - is virtually worthless?

We do pay our fair share

We do pay our fair share... Then we pay for the lazy democrats out there who expect everything for free. Why don't you quit whining and get your lazy friends to stop asking for free stuff and start paying their way.

Amen to that

I am sick to death of busting my a$$ to try and pay the bills I have, as well as the bills of lazy people who walk around with their hand out all the time. This waste of leadership in Washington is just catering to those who want to do less and get more.

Just listen next time our "president" talks about anything job-related... I guarantee you he'll use the phrase, "and those who want to work" at least three times. Shows you his mindset.

This tax law is a joke and the idiots who passed it should be ashamed of what they're doing to small business owners. Can't wait until November... I've never looked forward to any election as much as I do the next few local/federal elections. You liberal wastes of space are out!


I buy just about everything online except food, household appliances and cars. We do not pay taxes on food either because we shop at Lejeune where there is no sales tax. I use Amazon a LOT. Not because they don't add tax but because they are cheaper (even with shipping) than anything I can get here (if I can even find it here). Why should I call or drive around town trying to find something when it is at my finger tips? Ebay is the same. Very few online retailers charge tax, I think QVC does and HSN. For people that never took 1 thin dime from the state we pay quite enough of our fair share each year. I always wondered when the IRS was going to show up at my door and bust me. Guess they do not need to if this passes.

NC taxes

No, you perhaps have never directly taken one thin dime from NC. But you do drive on the NC roads. You do have NC inspectors for bridges, roads, water, sewage, etc. You do have insurance regualators, You do have state building codes. You do get a benefit for living in NC that you do not pay for directly, but have them financially supported by taxes. Tell you what; move to another country where thay do not collect taxes, where you do not have to pay taxes to support the services [provided to the populace. I can guarantee you that your living conditions will be substantially worse than in NC or any other state of the United States. You apparently are a taker with no thought to giving for the benefit of all the citizens.

Unfair tax on Internet sales

If you own a car, you are automaticly tax for roads If you have auto insurance, you are automaticly taxed, to include funds for the poor who can't afford inssurance. My argument is: It is none of North Carolina's business what I buy and where I buy it. If New York for example does not tax me on a purchase I made through the internet to be mailed to me in North Carolina. Why should North Carolina expect me to pay them for something not made or bought in North Carolina! Pure greed and robbery is whats going on here! This is not the 14th century in some kingdom in Europe where we are owned by Lords! I already paid tax to NC on my income......and I'd be damned if I'm going to pay them another tax on stuff I bought tax free from another state or Country. NC even wants the difference in taxes. Say one state is 4%, NC is 7%. They want the 3% difference in tax! Greed!

Give & Take???

There is a differance between "Giving" (charity) and Taking (taxes). I guess your idea of "give & take" is the government "TAKING" from the productive members of society and "GIVING" it to the non-productive members of society

do what?

Give & Take said :"You apparently are a taker with no thought to giving for the benefit of all the citizens". Wow... how you pulled that idea from what I said is beyond me. Do you think I shop online to avoid taxes?? Duh, if they charged them I would pay them. Lejeune doesn't charge tax as a BENEFIT to my retired military husband who served this country for 22 darn years. NO thought to GIVING?????? try serving your country for 22 years, then get back to me. Perhaps you are one of the sponges in line to take what WE give (which is quite a bit, probably MORE than you pay in a year). Wish I had seen your reply sooner.

Are you nuts

We pay taxes on everything we buy local. You talk about the roads and bridges. Next time you buy gas, you might want to look at the highway taxes you are paying. This money was to be used to pay for roads and bridges. The people are taxed to death. Every time a politician wants to build something they think the best way to get the money is to tax the people. The convention center is one of them. How many times did we tell them through voting no that we didn't want it. What did they do. They starting charging more taxes on motel and food. They told us the visitors to the area will pay for them. Did I receive a card in the mail that I can use when I go out to eat that shows I am a local and not charge me the food tax... NO, I didn't and neither did you...

"amazon purchase tax"

Please quote the statement from Amazon. It says the affiliate program has stopped and therefore, the 'nexus' status does not apply. NC purchases from Amazon ARE NOT taxed. Please get you facts strait before reporting inaccurate information. This all could have been avoided if NC had simply enforced EXISTING Use Tax law on the consumer. They chose not to, as the consumer (voter) would surely vote the legislators out. An even better solution is for the State to reduce spending, just as the average household has had to do.

From what I understand, this

From what I understand, this has not become law yet. It's in the proposed budget, which includes nearly 800 million in new taxes. It could happen this week though. Folks, it's time to call your reps and tell them that we won't stand for more taxes.

internet commerce vs. local merchants

Lets say you buy a book or a set of brake rotors off of Amazon instead of a local merchant. So you've sent your money out of the community (and likely the state) without paying any tax like you would have if you'd kept it local. Taxing internet commerce only makes sense in our economic system. Maybe more people will keep their purchases local now!


Why doesn't the State come up with a way to tax the tax you pay on top of the other taxes that are stacked upon each other.

Taxing the tax

My friend, they already have that covered. Take the North Carolina College Fund program. It supposedly gives you a break on investing in education for the future. The state can change the rules whenever they want. But....if you don't comply with all the rules and regulations, you pay state, federal taxes, and substantial penalties. Look into it...just like the end of a car commercial with the 12,000 word a minute guy spouting out the small print.


Were we not all taxed on the income we accrued to make these purchases? Were we not taxed on the computer we bought from Best Buy? On the car we drove in to buy it? The gas we filled the car with? The registration/ inspection/ license fees? Taxes on the electricity we plugged the computer to? Enough is enough. Everyone should be demanding a flat tax, and we would probably save billions lost in the administration of all the above listed taxes.


Of coarse this tax makes sense. Why should anyone that buys anything not be taxed? Our good Democrats have a lot more votes to buy with our tax money, so get busy and send it in.


NO..if I buy a book from a merchant in Michigan...MICHIGAN should get the tax, NOT NC...that is why the Feds have stated you cannot collect taxes in that manner because it is a burden on the individual selling. I don't think this article is correct in the way it says the tax works. The tax is taxing what people MAKE from Amazons referal service..NOT items you buy from Amazon which will remain tax free if it is purchased from a reseller outside of NC. and NO I wont buy local if the price is need to compete if you want my cash!

NC Sales tax is by

NC Sales tax is by definition a Sales and Use tax. If you purchase an item here it is a sales tax. If you purchase it somewhere else (internet), but use the item here in NC then you owe NC the USE tax. When you purchase an item out of state and don't pay a local sales tax to that state, like on internet purchases, you actually are supposed to report these purchases and pay the tax on your NC income tax return each year. However, most people either don't know about this provision, or just ignore it. The state see this as them losing tax revenues because people don't voluntarilry report these transactions as required by NC law. They're trying to close this loophole in the law and put the burden on the internet merchants, similar to how they make local merchants collect the sales tax when you buy something, and then have the merchants remit it to the state.


SILLY politician...I don't HAVE to buy online from Amazon...First, Amazon is going to end up suing..and winning...second..I won't buy from them if I get taxed...I'll buy from SOMEONE ELSE ONLINE... THUMB..NOSE...AT GOVERNMENT..

Amazon sued in New york and

Amazon sued in New york and LOST! Appeal was dismissed too. New York collected $48 MILLION dollars from 33 out of state merchants as a direct result of the internet sales tax from June1 2008 to Dec 2008. I heard they will collect over $75 million this year the first full year of the tax. Consumers are supposed to pay this tax anyway. Would you rather the governemtn come after you? If people paid it like they should they wouldn't have to pass this law.


How far is it going to go? Are they going to tax us for the air that we inhale?

good idea - tax on air

Yes, if we breathe out carbon dioxide, we are increasing carbon footprint. the more air we breath and exhale, the more we should get taxed. Why haven't they done this yet? Soon, I'm sure

re: Tax Tax Tax

"How far is it going to go? Are they going to tax us for the air that we inhale?" Of course not, Allen. That would be wrong. They will tax us for the carbon dioxide we release AFTER we inhale their air. Global warming you know. And we won't even mention the damage caused by the "other" gas humans sometimes pass into the atmosphere.

Tax Tax Tax

What a surprise in a state where taxes are more important than jobs. Maybe they could tax toilet paper usage after all that's where this state is, In The Toilet Hey, but the taxpayer is just the mule that pulls the wagon and doesn't get any say in how heavy it's loaded